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Ta, no, not; am, not at all; haschi, never.
Ta, how; eigilen, how large; elgiqui, how soon; -elinaxit, what color; hatsch, how will it be; Iinaquot, what is it like, nehechen, how then, how is it, segek, how long; shaki, how Iong, chen, how many; how many times; -tchi, how much.
Ta. where; talli, whitherwards; undachqui, whereabouts, towards where; -untschi, whence, wherefrom;-wo, towards where.
Ta, then.
Takeeche, some; a little;-keechen, so often.
Talikhikqui, at what time.
Tapemi, about, about this time.
Taan, where;-a undachqui, which the; -ha. how then.
Taat, as if, like.
Tachan, wood; piece of wood, (arch., A.)
Tachanigeu, woody, full of wood.
Tachpachaxu, little, mean, low, humble; (tachpeachxu, gives a general notion of condition, humble, exalted, etc. A.)
Tachpachelensuwi, low, little, humble.
Tachpachihflla, in the afternoon.
Tachpachiwi, humble, modest; little, low.
Tachpachsu, low; (indefinite term referring to condition. A.)
Tachpamsin, to be less, to be lower.
Tachpatamauwan, to keep or preserve unto somebody.
Tachpawewagan, advice, commandment.
Tachquahamoakan, parched meal.
Tachquahoakan, mortar, mill.
Tachquahoakaniminschi, guin tree.
Tachquahoaken, to pound, to grind.
Tachquallonikan, pair of scissors.
Tachquambeso, tied together.
Tachquatten, frozen; (frozen together. A.)
Tachquihilleu, it joins close together.
Tachquinschehikan, pair of pincers.
Tacliquipoagan, feast.
Tachquipuin, to hold a feast; -ahoaltuwi, to hold a love feast.
Tachquiwi, together.
Tactiquoak, fall; aututmn; tachquogike, Z., next fall.
Tachquoakcheen, fall hunt.
Tachquoakches, fall skin.
Tachqtioakike, in the fall.
Tachquoch, land turtle.
Tachquondikan, pair of pincers.
Tachsigiu, it hails.
Tachtakan, thick, stiff.
Tachtamse, now and then, often.
Tahakan, paddle oar; (always with the possessives, n', k', w,' etc. A.)
Tahunnan, to arrest somebody, to take some one prisoner.
Taiachquoan, bridge; attatajachgonewi? Z., is there no bridge?
Takachquiminschi, white wood, linden tree.
Takachsin, lead.
Takan, (pl., ik), another, other.
Takanilaku, moderately warm evening.
Takanipikat, moderately warm night.
Takeet, perhaps, I don't know.
Takindamen, to count, to read.
Takomen, to come from some where.
Takpeu, wet, damp, soft, soaked; (ta'hokpeu, he is cold from wet, A.)
Takquak, (pl., ik), other, second, the rest.
Taktani, I don't know, I don't know where; somewhere perhaps; be it where it may.
Taktaundachqui, anywhere.
Taktauntschi, from somewhere.
Talakat, cracked, split.
Talala, white cedar.
Talattauwoapin, to behold, to view.
Talawachto, how dear is it?, what does it cost?
Taleka, crane.
Tallachpaje, cold moming.
Talli, there.
Tamse, sometimes, now and then, perhaps;-nall, once, finally;-ta likhikqui, once, sometime or other;-tamse. now and then.
Tandachgitechton, to shake off.
Taneek, perhaps, I don't know; (takeet. Z.)
Tangaman, Z., to thrust, to stick.
Tangamikan, spear.
Tangandikan, spear.
Tangawachto, cheap, low-priced.
Tangawachtohen, to cheapen.
Tangeemhoantit, little spoon.
TangeIendam, to think little of one's self.
Tangelensin, to be lowly minded, to be humble.
Tangelensochwen, to walk humbly.
Tangelensowagan, lowliness of mind.
Tangelensuwi, humble, modest.,
Tangenindin, to vouchsafe, to condescend.
Tangetto, short, small.
Tangitehen, to think little of one's self.
Tangitehewagan, humility.
Tangitehewi, humble, modest.
Tangitti, small little; (tanghotit, Z., a little kettle.)
Tani, where; how; (used in questions) then;-Ieu, in what manner then.
Tanikaniminschi, white beech.
Tankalinschawontit, little finger.
Tankhakan, basket.
Tankhakanachen, to make baskets.
Tankhannen, little creek; (especially the narrows of a stream. A.)
Taquatschin, to freeze, to be cold.
Taquatten, frozen.
Taquiechen, join together.
Tassenahamohen, to stone.
Tassenahamolan, to stone somebody.
Tatamse, often, sometimes;-ne leep, there was more done.
Tatandachgoquehellan, to shake the head.
Tatandachgoquehellewagan, shake of the head.
Tatask, sled.
Tatchen, little.
Tatchendo, but few, very little.
Tatchittu, very little.
Tatchuppekat, shallow water.
Tauchechin, to listen privately.
Tauchsittam, to hear privately.
Tauwachsin, to bum, to use for firewood.
Tauwatawik, an uninhabited place; (achtawawek. A.)
Tauwatawique, in the wilderness.
Tauwiechen, open.
Tauwinachgechi, open arms.
Tauwinipen, beginning of summer, May.
Tauwiquoakan, key.
Tauwunnasin, to be buried.
Tauwunummen, to open.
Tawonnalogewagan, labor in vain.
Tawonni, although.
Tawwunasin, Z., to bury; tauwundin, burial place (lit., to put under, ie., the ground; it begins with aq, q'tau. A.)
Tchen, times.
Techi, quite;-matta, not at all, absolutely not, by no means (-taku).
Techthunnentschik, prisoners, captives.
Techtummischikan, candle snuffers.
Tehek, cold.
TekaLiwontowit, the patient, meek, mild God, Lamb of God.
Tekauwussitawan, to show somebody favor.
Tekene, woods, an uninhabited place; (tekenink, H., in the woods.)
Tellamasgeek, Z., a cedar-swamp.
Tellen, ten.
Tellentchentchapachki, one thousand.
Temagehikan, water pail.
Temahikan, axe, hatchet.
Temiki, any; single; something-koeku, anything, something, a single thing.
Temitehemen, to cut off.
Tengameiid, pierced, stabbed.
Tengandasuwi, pierced through.
Tenoettik, little.
Tenktitit, little.
Tenktschechen, open; (burst open, broken open., A.)
Tepalachgat, deep enough.
Tepawachto, reasonable, not too dear, fair price.
Tepelendam, to have enough, to be satisfied, to be content.
Tepelendamoagan, sufficiency.
Tepelook, enough of them.
Tepi, enough.
Tepihilleu, it is enough, it answers the purpose.
Tepiken, ripe, full grown.
Tepilawechoussin, to be satisfied, to have received satisfaction.
Tepilawelian, to satisfy somebody.
Tepilawen, to satisfy.
Tequipin, to hold a feast.
Tesquachtaminschi, shiver hickory.
Tesquoalintsch, the little finger.
Tetanktitit, little one.
Tetauwiwi, between.
Tetawonkhillentschik, those who have been deceived, misled; (out of use. A.)
Tetawonkhillowet, deceiver.
Tetpissin, to be in a like manner, to do in a like manner.
Tetschpihillen, split off, separated from one another.
Tetuppalachgat, rifle; (refers to the groove inside the bore; from tuppeu, spiral, circular. A.)
Tetuptschehellak, wagon, cart; (from tuppett, referring to the wheel. A.)
Teu, it is cold.
Tgauchsin, to be good, to be kind, to be meek, to be friendly, to be good natured.
Tgauchsu, good, mild, gracious.
Tgauchsuwaptonen, to speak civil, to speak kind.
Tghauchsuwi, good, kind.
Tgauwitti, soft, mild; slowly, by little and little; also tgaitte.
Tgauwiwi, slowly, gently.
Thagitti, a very little while.
Thaquetto, short.
Thiechumin, Z., to bathe,
Thinaquot, Z., cool (anything that looks cold. A.).
Thitpan, bitter; (tiechtpan, astringent, puckery. A.)
Thitpanihm, white hickory nut; (the root of an herb is called tiecht'pan. A.)
Thunnan, to arrest somebody; to take somebody prisoner; (tach'hunnan, A.)
Thuppeek, spring, well; (means simply cool water. A.)
Tigamikat, cold house; (cold room. A.)
Tihilleu, it is cold.
Tilaku, cool evening.
Timmeu, wolf; (out of use. A.)
Tinajappawe, cold morning.
Tindeuchen, to make fire.
Tindey, fire.
Tinnohagan, first finger.
Tipas, hen, fowl; (not in use; kikipisch, at present. A.)
Tipasigawan, hen coop; (kikipshican. A.)
Tipatit, little chicken.
Tiskemanis, little fisher bird.
Titpanunschi, bitter hickory tree; (titpanim. Z., hickory nut.)
Titpikat, cold night.
Togenan, to waken somebody.
Togendowagan, wakening.
Togihillan, to arise, to awake.
Tombikan, crab apple, wild apple. Tonldonechin, to open the mouth.
Tonktschechen, the door is open.
Tonktschechton, to open the door.
Tonktschenemen, to open.
Tonktschequoakan, key.
Tonquihilleu, open.
Topalowagan, war.
Topalowilenno, Z., a warrior; pl., netopallisak.
Topalowoagan, Z., war-time (scout, skirmisher, A.).
Topan, white frost.
Topi, Z., the alder tree (Alnus rubra?).
Towin, Z.. to wade, to ford (towen, he is walking in the water. A.)
Tpisgauwi, just alike, even.
Tpisgauwiechton, to do something just so, to make it alike, to make it even, to make it right.
Tpisgauwihhilleu, the time is at hand; it falls upon.
Tpisqui, just alike, even, just so; against, over, opposite; (tipiskawi. A.)
Tpisquihilleu, the time is at hand; it falls upon.
Tpittawe, altogether; all together.
Tpoku, last night; (arch., A.)
Tpoquik, by night; (tipocuniwigischuck, Z., the moon.)
Tschachgachtin, stump; (properly, a crooked limb torn off. A.)
Tschachoihilleu, torn off, broken, slipped off; (niach-gihilleu, wrenched, violently torn; tschachgilleu means straightened out, something crooked made straight. A.)
Tschachquochgamen, short day.
Tschallaan, Z., an Indian bedstead.
Tschannauchsin, to be blamable, to sin, to transgress.
Tschannauchsowagan, misbehavior, fault, trespass.
Tschannelendam, to consider, to be in doubt, to scruple.
Tschannelendamoagan, doubt, scruple.
Tschannilissin, to do wrong, to make wrong.
Tschannindewagan, difference, disagreement.
Tschanninquanukgun. my eyes were kept from discerning.
Tschannistammen, to misunderstand.
Tschannistammoewagan, misunderstanding.
Tschansittamen, to hear wrong.
Tschansittamoewagan, hearing wrong.
Tschemamus, Z., a hare.
Tschepsit, stranger.
Tschetschpat, otherwise, differently; it does not join together.
Tschetschpenammen, to separate.
Tschetschpi, different, unlike; asunder, apart.
Tschetschpiechen, asunder, to separate.
Tschetschpihilleu, split, split asunder, broken off, it cracks, it split asunder.
Tschetschpissin, to disagree, to wrangle.
Tschibhattenamin, to be indisposed in mind.
Tschiechachpoakan, roasting spit.
Tschiechliammen, to comb; (out of use; nowwuliechquammen. A.)
Tschigantschi, wholly, entirely, full, enough, all; -likhiqui, as soon as.
Tschihoapekelis, bluebird.
Tschikachpoochwe, sled.
Tschikenum, turkey; (arch., A.)
Tschikhammen, to sweep; (tschikikkammen, A.)
Tschikhikan, broom.
Tschilchwehamen, Z., to castrate.
Tschimakan, paddle, oar.
Tschimalus, bluebird.
Tschimamus, rabbit.
Tschimhammen, to row; to paddle.
Tschinga, pike fish.
Tschingalsu, stiff, unbending.
Tschinge, when.
Tschingteung, Z., south side of a hill.
Tschinque, Z., a wild cat (nianque. A.)
Tschipelendam, to think disagreeable; to be unpleasant.
Tschipelendamoagan, strangeness, oddness.
Tschipey, spirit, ghost; (also applied to the dead body. A.)
Tschipilek, strange, wonderful.
Tschipileu, strange, bad accident; awful.
Tschipinaquot, it looks strange, it looks disagreeable.
Tschipinaxu, he seems strange, uncommonly unpleasing.
Tschipisin, to have a fit, to get fits.
Tschipsoagan, uncommonness.
Tschiquoalale, a muscle; (a snail, refers to the spiral form of the shell, A.)
Tschiquoalaletit, little muscle; (a small snail, see above. A.)
Tschisgihilleu, wiped out, rubbed out; (scraped, applied to the skin when scratched, etc. A.)
Tschisgokus, robin. Tschiskhammen, to wipe off, to blot out.
Tschitatinambeso, tied fast.
Tschitanatten, hard frozen.
Tschitatiek, fast, strong.
Tschitanennan, to hold somebody fast.
Tschitanessoagan, Z., authority, power.
Tschitaneti, strong.
Tschitani, strong.
Tschitaniechton, to make fast, to make strong.
Tschitanigachen, established, firm, sure.
Tschitanissin, to be strong.
Tschitanigapawin, to stand fast.
Tschitanissohen, to strengthen.
Tschitanissowaoan, power, capability; strength.
Tschitanissowaganit, he who is strength.
Tschitahitauwan, to strengthen somebody.
Tschitahitehen, to stand firm in mind; to persevere.
Tschitgussin, to be silent.
Tschitqui, silent
Tschitquihilleu, he is silent.
Tschitsch, again, once more; yet, still; still more; -tchen, again as much.
Tscholens, bird; (not in use. See Awehelleu. A.)
Tscholentit, little bird.
Tschoskin, Z., to ford. to wade.
Tschukquilques, Z., a locust (insect).
Tschuppik, root; (tschappik, root generic, also medicine. A.)
Tschuppinamen, it seems odd, it looks strange.
Tschutti, Z., a comrade, a friend, n'tschit, my friend.
Tsiheniken, to milk.
Tskennak, black bird: (now tschlikqualle. A.)
Tspat, different, unlike, strange, unusual; separately.
Tspinaquot, it looks quite otherwise.
Tspinaxu, he looks strancle.
Tspiwi, separately.
Tsquall, frog.
Tsqualligischuch, the month in which the frogs begin to croak, February.
Tukauwussowaaan, favor. kindness.
Tulpe, turtle, water turtle.
Tumb, brain; (always with the possessives, n', k', w',etc. A.)
Tumhican, Z., an axe; see Temahican.
Tuney, beard (weichtuney, chin beard., A.)
Tunktonechin, Z., to gape, to open the mouth.
Tuppehelleu, it flows out, it runs out; (ktuppe'helleu, A. )
Tuptschehelieu, it roils, it revolves.
Tutaam, to set on, to set at, to incite one to do something.

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