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Gachene, if, whether.
Gachgamun, roasted com; (alludes to the noise made in eating by crunching the grains, A.)
Gachgamuniminschi, hoop-ash.
Gachgenummen, to break off.
Gachhachgik, wild bay.
Gachkappawi, soon, early.
Gachpallan, to pull somebody out of the water; (gochpenna. A.)
Gachpattejeu, southeast; (there are now no expressions for such divisions of the compass, A.)
Gachpattejewink, toward the southeast.
Gachpees, twin.
Gachpilgussowagan, binding, tying.
Gachsasu, dried.
Gachsummen, to dry.
Gachtalquot, it is to be wished, it is desirable.
Gachtelawossin, to be dry for thirst; (gachtoseu. A.)
Gachten, dry.
Gachti, almost nearly; close by; wsami, almost too much.
Gachtin, year.
Gachtingetsch, next year; (gachtinge'. A.)
Gachtonalen, to persecute, to seek to kill; (gachto signifies wish or desire. Like gatotamen. A.)
Gachtonquoam, to be sleepy; (radical is quoam, referring to sleep. A)
Gachto'tam, to desire, to lust.
Gadhammawachtowagan, last will, testament.
Gagachgelunen, Z., to tell lies.
Gagachti, almost, very near.
Gagiuhokewagan, deceit.
Gagiwanantpehellan, to be dizzy; to be giddy in the head.
Gagun, stocking; (leggings. A.) Gahan, shallow; low water (not in use. A.)
Gahowes, mother; (g'ichk, ny mother. A.)
Gakelunenhen, to make to a liar.
Gakloltowagan, quarrel, dispute.
Gakpitschehellat, Z. a madman, a fool(a fool. A.)
Gamenowinenk, on the other side of the great sea.
Gamuck, over there, on the other side of the river, over the water; (gamink. A.)
Ganhatton, to hide, to conceal; n'dabthallen hackey, Z., I hide myself in the earth.
Gandhikan, setting pole; (a pole with which to push a boat. A.)
Gangamattok, bad action, bad behavior; (out of use. A.)
Ganschala'muin, to cry out.
Ganschapuchk, big rock; (boulder. A.)
Ganschapuchken, rocky, full of rocks.
Ganschalogan, to do great wonders.
Ganschalogawagan, wonderful work.
Ganschelendam, to wonder, to be surprised.
Ganschewen, toroar, to make a great noise; (guanschewell. A.) Ganschiechsin, to cry aloud.
Ganschilallogen, to perform a miracle.
Ganschinaquot, it is surprising.
Gashikan, dishcloth; (a skin or cloth for rubbing. A.)
Ganschhittaquot, it makes a terrible noise.
Gasihhillen, to decay, to fade.
Gaskhamen, Z. To notice.
Gatatam, to want, to desire, gatotamen, Z., to long for.
Gaton, to hide, to conceal.
Gatschiechtowagan, mystery, secret.
Gattamen, to desire, to long for.
Gattati, come! be willing well!
Gatti, near, almost.
Gattonachsin, to persecute, to seek to kill.
Gattopuin, to hunger, to be hungry.
Gattosomuin, to thirst, to be thirsty.
Gattungwam, Z. Sleepy, drowsy (arch., A.)
Guwin, to sleep.
Gauwoheen, to lie down to sleep.
Gawi, Z. The hedgehog; pl., gawiak.
Gawunsch, Z., briars (gawinsch. A.)
Gawuschuwitschik, gooseberries.
Gebtschaat, foolishfellow, clown.
Gechgelandamink, bidle-bit.
Gechkschutteek, Z., an oven (a stone. A.)
Gechpilgussowoagan. Z., a knot.
Geeschtek, hot.
Gegachxis, lizard (not ill use. See tueclique. A.).
Gegauwink, bed.
Gegekhoat, thy chosen. thy elect.
Gegekhuntschik, the elect, the chosen.
Gegepchoat, the deaf; a deaf person.
Gegepinquot, blind, a blind person.
Gegeyjurnhen, to rule, to reign.
Gegeyjumhet, ruler, governor. head chief.
Gegeyjumhewagan, rule, government.
Gegochbisik, Z., a belt, a girdle, (gochbisink. A.)
Gekschiechtigehend, washing tub.
Gektemagelemuwi, merciful.
Gektemagelowagan, mercy.
Gelackelendam, Z., levity.
Gelantpepisit, tied about the head.
Gelelendamen, to be of opinion.
Gelen'nin, to take hold, (or, to hold in the hand. A.)
Gelieclihammen, to sow, to stitch.
Gellenummen, to take along.
Gelohittamen, to disbelieve.
Genachgihan, to take care of somebody; (genachgeha. A.)
Genachgihat, overseer, preserver.
Genachgiton, to take care of.
Genam, to thank.
Genamoagan, thank.
Genarnuwi, thankful. grateful.
Gendachgussin, to climb up, (gelacligitsi. A.)
Gendatehundin, to drive in a nail.
Gendellernuxin, to be condemned.
Gendelemuxowagan, condemnation, damnation.
Gendelendarn, to condemn.
Gendefinget, he that condemneth.
Gendowen, Sunday; (literally, a day of worship. A.)
Gendowewagan, week.
Gendowewuniwi gischquik, Sunday.
Gendsitaja, ball of the foot; (hollow of the foot. A.)
Gendsitat, ball of the foot, (as above. A.
Gentgeen, Z., to dance (gintkaan. A.).
Gentsch, a little while ago:-Iinitti. just now, not long ago.
Geptschat. H., a fool: pl., schik.
Geschiechek, pure. Holy; (lit., washed; not used now in a moral sense. A.)
Ceschiechsit, pure, holy ; (as above. A.)
Geschiechton, to wash.
Gesclitek, ripe, done. cooked.
Geskundliak, pumpkin: (out of use., A.)
Getaam, Z., the hazel nut.
Getanittowit. Great Creator. God: (rather, the great spirit. A. )
Getisgamen, to drive out: (ge'tsche `gamen. A.)
Getschachgenummen, to loosen. to untie.
Getschihillalan, to betray somebody; (out of use, A.)
Getschihillalittin, to hetray each other.
Getschihillalowet, traitor.
Gettemageleman, to help somebody, to relieve some one, to compassionate some person.
Gettmagelemuxowagan, the being shown mercy, favor. tenderness.
Gettemagelensi, to be humble.
Gettemagelensit, one that is humble.
Gettemagelensitawan, to humble one's self before somebody.
Gettemagelensuwi, humble.
Gettemagelentin, to be kind to each other, to be merciful toward one another.
Gettemagelin, to be merciful.
Getternagelowagan, mercy.
Gettemagelowaganit, lie who is merciful.
Getternageluwi, merciful.
Getternaki, poor, miserable.
Gettemakitschitanengussin, to be a miserable slave.
Getternaxin, to be poor, to be miserable.
Getteminak, fortunate, happy; (not in use. A.)
Getteminakuwagan, felicity, happiness, gladness.
Gewit, sleeper.
Gicligehhelleu. a fowl with young ones.
Giclitamen. Z.. to be lazy. (gichtameneu, he is lazy. A.)
Giechgi, near by, close by, toward.
Giechgigawachtowagan, nearness.
Gigauwinasu, Z., borrowed (not in use. A.)
Gigischquik, this day past.
Gigitowalan, to speak with somebody, to talk to some one.
Gigitschimuis. summer duck.
Gihim, to encourage, to admonish
Gihiman, to admonish somebody, to exhort someone.
Gilkissin, to laugh: (achgilkissin. A.)
Ginanikamen, to have sharp teeth.
Gintsch, a little while ago. it". (after negat.) unless. except. -linitti, a little while ago, directly, presently.
Gintschglennin, to push.
Gintschimuin, to sound, to crow.
Gintschtschingussit, messenger.
Gintschtschinman, to send somebody;
Gischachgeniman, to judge somebody.
Gischacligenindewagan, impeachment, accusation.
Gischachgenutasti, concluded, settled, determined.
Gischachgenuternen, to conclude.
Gischachpoanhe, the bread is done baking.
Gischachsoagan, enlightening, shining.
Gischaclisunirnen, to enlighten.
Gischachtek, clear, light.
Gischachteu, it is clear, light.
Gischalo'gen. to finish a work.
Gischambeso, bound, tied.
Gischamocholheu, the canoe is finished.
Gischapan, daylight, daybreak.
Gischatschiniolsin, to have resolved, to have deal.
Gischeleman, to create with the mind.
Gischelemuxit, creature.
Gischelendam, to hatch or meditate something or bad; to lie.
Gischelenclamen, to make, to cause.
Gischenaclik, the fence is finished.
Gischenaxin, to be ready, to be prepared.
Gischgu, day.
Gischguniwi, by day, in the daytime.
Gischhakihen, to be done planting.
Gischhatteu, ready.
Gischhittelawan, to hit somebody.
Gischiechen, to be ready, to be done, to be finished.
Gischigachink, grounded.
Gischigin, to be born; (to ripen, to mature. A.)
Gischigu, born.
Gischihan, to create with the hands, to make something.
Gischikenammen, to increase, to produce fruit.
Gischikewagan, Z., procreation, reproduction.
Gischikheu, to finish a house, to make a house ready, to put a house in order.
Gischileu, it has proved true.
Gischipenauwelendam, to have considered to have made up one's mind, to be ready.
Gischitelien, to be determined.
Gischiton, to make ready, to prepare, to finish.
Gischkschagokan. saw.
Gischkschagotamen, to saw. Gischkschasgkan, scythe, sickle.
Gischkschummen, to cut with knife.
Gischquik, day.
Gischquike, by day
Gischuch, sun, month.
Gischuchwipall, sunbeams, rays of sun.
Gischuteu, warm.
Gischuwewickwam, warm house.
Gischuwikwamikat, warm house.
Giskhammen, to chop.
Giskhaquen, to cut with an axe, to chop.
Gispuin, to be satisfied, to have eaten enough.
Gissa! exclamation of indignation.
Gissai! exclamation of indignation.
Glakelendam, to be merry, to make sport; (to be excited. A. )
Glatten, frozen.
Glelendam, to be of opinion.
Glikatepi, hobble; (girth of a saddle. A.)
Glikatepiso, hobbled.
Glikenikan, sumach.
Glistam, to hearken, to listen.
Glittonepi, bridle, (lit., tied in the mouth. A.)
Gloltowalan, to maltreat somebody; to use someone ill; (out of use. A.)
Gluphokquen, to look back; (from root glupk, back (adverb). A.)
Gluppiechton, to turn about.
Gluppihilleu, turned about.
Gluxu, Z., he laughs; gluksowak, they laugh.
Gochgachgaschowin, to swim over.
Gochgahhellen, to overset.
Gochpelolakan, canoe rope, boat line.
Gochpiwi, from the water.
Gochquoapetechin, the pulse; (k'hokpetechin, the rebounding, the pulsation. A.)
Gock, wampum, money; (keekq'. A.)
Gohan! yes!, (exclamation of approval)
Gojachti, for the most part, mostly, nearly; (arch. A.)
Gokhos, owl; (generic for any owl. A.)
Gokhotit, little owl.
Gomuus, Z., the neck (arch., now use ochquecanggan. A.)
Gopens, about, thereabouts.
Gophammen, H., to shut close.
Goppachtenemen, to take out of the water.
Goquehemen, to reject, repel, push back, repulse; refuse, avert.
Goschgosch, hog.
Goschgoschigawan, hog sty.
Goschgotit, little pig.
Guhn, snow.
Guka, Z., mamma, mother.
Gulaqueen, good evening; (anixit gulaqueen, I am glad that you have lived till evening. A.)
Gull, shilling; (kquill A.)
Gulukochsun, Z., a turkey cock (refers to the upright position taken by the fowl, but not now in use. A. )
Gulukquihillan, to be lame; (out of joint. A.)
Gulukquot, lame; (with a joint, or jointed. A.)
Gunagen, to stay out long.
Gunalachgat, deep.
Gunammochk, otter.
Gunaquot, long, tall, high, (especially, high. A.)
Gunaweke, yet, awhile.
Gunaxin, to be long, to be tall, to be hich.
Gunaxit, long, tall, high.
Gundakan, throat.
Gundaschees, watersnake.
Gundassisku, deep mire, deep mud.
Gundassiskuju, deeply marshy.
Gunelendam, to think it a long time; to think a thing long.
Guneu, long.
Gunigischuk, daily.
Gunih, a long while.
Guninschu, trough.
Gunitpoquik, mighty; (not in use. A.)
Guntam, to swallow.
Guntschitangen, to exhort, to admonish.
Guntschitangewagan, admonition, exhortation.
Gutginquechin, to look back.
Gutgisgamen, to drive back.
Gutgu, knee.
Guthattachgat, single thread, untwisted.
Guttandamen, a taste.
Guttapachki, one hundred.
Guttasch, six.
Guttasch tcha pachki, six hundred.
Guttasch tche nachke, sixty.
Guttenummen, to take of, to pull off.
Guttgennemen, to return something, to give back.

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