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Kaak, wild goose; (kaag'. A.)
Kajah! wonderful! exclamation of wonder.
Kakey, thyself.
Katschi, don't, let it alone! (doubtful. A.)
Katschiwoak, besides, further, again.
Keecha? how much?
Keechen, a few times.
Keechi? how much? (how many? A.)
Keechitti, a little.
Keechoguni? how long?
Kehella! yes! exclamation of approval!
Kekschittek, a stove.
Kepe, thou also, thou too.
Kepene, we also; (kilonawitsch, the form ke in these words is not in use. A.)
Kepewo, ye also, you too.
Kepoak, they also.
Ki, thou.
Kichgematgeu, Z., a thief.
Kichkinet, Z., a guide (from kichkican, a mark or sign; kichkinet, one who understands the marks. A.)
Kigin'amen, to know, to be acquainted with.
Kiginolewagan, sign, token.
Kigischgotum, green grasshopper.
Kih! exclamation of pain.
Kihhican. Z., a boundary (a line, a mark. A.)
Kihneu, sharp, biting, harsh, jealous; (means sharp, only. A.)
Kihnhammen, to sharpen, to grind.
Kihnhanschikan, grindstone; (kihnhican, A sharpener. A.)
Kihnsu, sharp, biting, harsh, jealous.
Kikape, a single man; a bachelor.
Kikechum, the mother (of beasts); (properly, a female animal without a mate. A.)
Kikehuwet, physician.
Kiken, to mend in health, to grow better.
Kikewagan, cure, life; (lit., the means of getting better in health. A.)
Kikey, old aged; (kikes, adults, older people. A.)
Kikeyihen, to lend; kigaihil, Z. (not in use. A.)
Kikeyin, to be old, to be aged.
Kikeyjumhet, elder, chief man.
Kikeyochqueu, elderly woman.
Kikochques, a single woman.
Kiluna, we (including the party speaking and the party spoken to).
Kiluwa, ye or you.
Kimi, secretly.
Kiminachsin, to murder secretly.
Kiminachsoagan, murder, assassination.
Kiminachsu, a secret murderer.
Kiminalitten, to assassinate.
Kimiwipengeen, Z., to commit adultery (lit., to sleep secretly together. A.)
Kimixin, to go from some place secretly.
Kimochwen, to steal away privately.
Kinhican, Z., a grindstone.
Kinhochkus, pike fish.
Kipachgiminschi, upland hickory; (species of oak. A.)
Kitschganinaquot, convenient.
Kitschgansowagan, convenience, commodiousness.
Kitschii, verily, truly; (great, very. A.)
Kitschikele, yes, it is true; (incorrect; ele is a superlative form, and could not be used with kitschi. A.)
Kitschinipen, summer, June.
Kitschitachquoak, autumn month, September.
Kitschiwi, certainly, truly, verily.
Kittachpanschi, spar, rafter; (any large piece of timber; from pantschi, timber. A.)
Kittahikan, great sea, ocean.
Kittakima, great king; (the word sakima, of which this is a compound, is no longer used. A.)
Kittan, great river; (arch., kitseepu would be used now. A.)
Kittapachki, thousand.
Kittaptonen, to affirm, to assure.
Kittelendam, to be in earnest.
Kittelendamwagan, earnest.
Kittelinsch, thumb.
Kitthukquewulinschawon, thumb.
Kittoaltewall, great ships.
Kittuteney, great city.
Kiwikaman, to visit somebody.
Kiwiken, to visit; (lit., thy-house-going; not now used. A.)
Klahikan, trap.
Klakaptonaganall, Z, an amusing tale.
Klakauchsowagan, divertisement, light-mindedness; (from gluxsu, he laughs.)
Klakelendam, to be rakish, to be extravagant, to be dissolute, to be a good-for-nothing fellow.
Klamachpin, to be quiet, to sit still.
Klamhattenamin, to be of a calm mind.
Klamhattenamoagan, calmness of mind.
Klammiechen, to be still, not to progress.
Klampeechen, still water.
Kloltin, to quarrel, to contend; (to use bad words to each other. A.)
Kloltowagan, quarrel, dispute.
Klunewagan, Z., a lie, a falsehood.
Knattemihi, Z., lend me.
Kolku, what, something; what? -cet, what may it be? tani? what then? -untschi, for what reason, why; wuntschi, why; (queq! A.)
Kombachquall, leaves, foliage.
Komelendam, to be free from trouble or care; (not in use. A.)
Kommot, to steal.
Kommotgen, stolen.
Kommothaken, to steal something out of a field.
Kopachkan, thick.
Kopachkisse, thick.
Kotschemunk, out of doors, out of this place; without; abroad; (quotsch' mink. A.)
Kpahasu, locked up, shut up, caught.
Kpahi, shut the door; (kpah'hi'. A.)
Kpahikan, stopper; a cover or lid.
Kpahon, door.
Kpahotink, prison; (keh'pahotink. A.)
Kpaskhasu, stopped.
Kpatten, frozen over; frozen shut.
Kpiktschehican, Z., a cover, a lid.
Kpitschchikan, breech of a gun.
Kpitscheu, unruly, foolish behaved.
Kpitschewagan, foolishness.
Ksakpatton, to make wet.
Kschachan, the wind blows hard.
Kschahepakandamen, to beat hard.
Kschamamquo, grievous, troublesome.
Kschamehhellan, to run fast.
Kschaptonalan, to use somebody ill, to abuse someone.
Kschatey, tobacco; achwan
Kschatev, strong tobacco.
Kschatteechen, beaten road, path.
Kschiechanittowit, Holy God.
Kschiechauchsowagan, holiness, innocence.
Kschiechek, clean.
Kschiechelendam, to think one's self from stain; to think one's self sinless; to think that one is holy.
Kschiechelensin, to believe to be blameless, to believe to be holy.
Kschiechen, to wash.
Kschiechen, clean.
Kschiechgochgihillen, to bleed fast.
Kschiechhensin, to wash one's self.
Kschiechi, clear.
Kschiechihin, to make clean.
Kchiechpecat, clear water.
Kschiechsin, to be clean.
Kschiechton, to wash. to cleanse.
Kschihillen, to go fast, to go swiftly.
Kschikan, knife; (pachschikan. A.)
Kschilan, it rains hard.
Kschilandeke, summer.
Kschilandeu, very hot weather; (lit., much sunshine. A.)
Kschipasques, green grasshopper.
Kschippehellen, the water flows rapidly; strong current.
Kschipsin, to have the itch.
Kschipsit, one that has the itch.
Kschite, broth, (kschite, the i long. A.)
Kschitten, warm, hot.
Kschiwineu. it snows very thick.
Kschochwen, to walk fast.
Kschuppan. blunt, dull.
Ksinachpin, to be at leisure.
Ksinelendam, to be easy, to be without care.
Ksinhattenamin, to be of an indifferent heart and mind.
Ksinhattenamoagan, indifference, calmness.
Ksukquamallsin, to be perplexed, to be in anguish of mind; (ksakquelendam, thou art perplexed. A.)
Ksukquamallsoagan, perplexity, mental anguish.
Ksukquinaquot, heavy, in a manner.
Ksukquon, heavy, hard, difficult.
Ktakan, another; otherwise, in another manner.
Ktemakauchsoagan, poor, miserable life.
Ktemaki, poor, miserable, infirm.
Ktemakiechin, to lie sick in a poor condition.
Ktemaque, beaver, (amochk. Z.)
Ktemaxin, to be poor, to be miserable; to be poorly.
Ktschihillalan, to betray somebody.
Ktschillachton, to make known, to make manifest, to speak the truth.
Ktschimine, as soon as.
Ktschin, to go out; (acktschin, impers. A.)
Ktschinquehhellen, the sun rises.
Ktschiqwagan, gun drawer.
Ktscholtin, to come out of church.
Ktschukquihhilleu, it moves, it stirs.
Ktschukquilques, Z., grasshopper (lit., it moves in the grass. A.)
Ktukin, to turn back; (probably an error for k'tokkin, to wake up. A.)
Kulluppi, Z., to convert (lit., to turn. A.)
Kunhaffun, Z., to polish, to grind, to sharpen.
Kutschin, to come out of the house.
Kuwe, pine; (see Cuwe.)
Kuweuchak, pine wood, pine logs.
Kuwewanik, red squirrel.

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