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Wabiminschiaeu, Z., chestnut tree. See woak.
Wachejeu, Z., light. bright (wacheyek, light, brightness. A.).
Waclielachkey, fish scale; (walachkey, A.)
Wachganessu, Z.. lean (bony, from wochgan. A.)
Wachgutey, petticoat; (wachgotey, A.)
Wachschiechey, bird's nest; (wisawiamoe, wachschiechey, a wasp's nest.)
Wachtanquall, his brother-in-law.
Wachteneu, he has the belly-ache.
Wachtey, stomach, belly.
Wachtschangussin, to be enslaved.
Wachtschu, hill, mountain.
Wachtschuhatteu, it is full; (wa-chu-wateu. A.)
Wachtschuwi, hilly.
Wachtschuwiketo, mountainous.
Wachtschuwikeu, hilly.
Wachtuchwepi, body, flesh.
Wachtuchwepiwi, bodily, personal.
Wagagapoak, Z., they stand in a circle.
Wahh, egg.
Wahhellemat, wide, far; (it is a great distance. A.)
Wahhellemelendam, to seem to be far.
Wajauwe, see Wojauwe.
Waktscheu, crooked; (bent, warped. A.)
Waktschiechen, the road is crooked.
Walak, hole; (waleck, a hollow or excavation, not a hole which penetrates. A.)
Walaxiall, Z., entrails, cuts.
Waletittin, to advise one another, to inform each other.
Walha'ndi, Z., a ditch or trench.
Walliasu, buried; covered over with earth.
Walheu, he is digging a hole.
Waliechtschessu, a hollow tree.
Waloh, Z., a cave.
Wanachkwim, Z., an acorn.
Wanggwannelentsching, Z., a span.
Wangundin, to salute one another; wangomen, Z., to greet.
Wannessin, Z., to forget; in'wansi, I forgot it; Wannessowoagan, forgetfulness.
Wanquon, heel.
Wapahamink, back, backwards, behind; (at present pachhammink is used. A.)
Wapaleechen, white.
Wapanacheen, good morrow; (lit,, he has lived till morning, A.)
Wapaneu, easterly.
Wapanke, to-morrow.
Wapie'chquey, Z., a bubble (a blown bladder. A.)
WapieIukquon, Z., hail; a hail stone.
Wapintschachke, garfish, with a bill like a duck.
Wapsit, White person.
Wapsu, White.
Waputschies, Z., a homet (wapotis, from his hinder part being Whitish. A.)
Wasachtehella, to lie on the back; (means to tum on the back and then tum again; to lie on the back isWasachtehin. A.)
Waselandeu, clear sunshine.
Waseleechen, clear, light.
Waselenemen, to lighten, to kindle.
Waselenikan, light, candle.
Waselenikanin, to bum.
Waseleu, clear, light.
Waskejek, thin; (comp. scheye.)
Waskeu, thin.
Wassandeu, clear day.
Wattengiin, milt, spleen.
Wattenkginem, colic.
Wauchtamsin, to tarry.
Wawangoman, to salute somebody.
Wawangomgussowagan, the being saluted; greeting.
Wawangundowapn, salutation.
Wawikan, the back.
Wawikanin, to have backache; (wawikaninen. A.)
Wawinuwen, to beg; to ask for.
Wawoachepingus, lightning bug, firefly.
Wawulamallessin, to be always Well.
Wawulauchsin, to live orderly, to live blameless.
Wdallachgummenanink, in our midst.
Wdallachpihewon, the net inside the belly; (the diaphragm. A.)
Wdallachquelendam, to grudge, to be unwilling to give; (to give with hesitation. A.)
Wdallemuns, tame beast; (see Dallemuns.)
Wdallemunsin, to have cattle.
Wdallemunsit, the owner of cattle.
Wdaliewussowagan, power, might.
Wdallowelemuwi, excellent, precious.
Wdallowilissowagan, glory. Wdamemenshassin, to become a child.
Wdamemenshuwi, childlike.
Wdanis, daughter.
Wdapandewagan, commandment.
Wdee, heart
Wdehin, heart.
Wdehiwi, heartily, cordial.
Wdeleleman, to take some one to be, to consider somebody to be.
Wdelinamen, to imagine, to conjecture; (error; it means to mode of doing something, A.)
Wdellewunsowagan, name; (w'liwunsowwagan, A.)
Wdelsowagan, behavior, conduct.
Wditechen, to think.
Wdoon. the mouth.
Wdulhe, the breast: (the thorax, not the mamma. A.)
Wdulhewinewagan, pain in the breast.
Wdelschusowagan, grief, sorrow.
Wechwulammoehend, water pail.
Wechwtililawehtiwet, comforter.
Wehetiioalan, to mock at somebody, to make sport of some one.
Wehiwaliallauan, horse gear.
Welanittowit, the good, gracious God.
Welapassigan, good physic.
Welapensit, the blessed: (the fortunate, the lucky. A.)
Welaquik, last evening, last night.
Weiallchsit, an orderly, well-behaved person.
Welchos, stallion, boar.
Welemukquek, round hill; (arch., welumque, it is a knoll or mound. A.)
Welhik, good, (wellhik'. A.)
Welilissit, pious person.
Welsit, best: -mtschitschank, Holy Ghost.
Welsittank, believer in Christ.
Wemhundammen, to carry all.
Wemi, all; -auwen, everybody; -ta li, everywhere; -ta intschi, from everywhere.
Wemihan, to destroy somebody, to make an end of some one: (to destroy all. A.)
Wemihilleu, it is all gone, it is all spent.
Wemiten. to go all out.
Wemoltin. to go all away.
Wendachguttechen, where the road goes up the hill.
Wendachguttejek, up hill: (Iit., from below upwards, A.)
Wendamen, to fish with hook and line.
Wendaptonachga, of or from the word.
Wendasemowik, it shineth from thence.
Wendauchsin, by what to live.
Wendaucxowagan, reception, admittance.
Wengup, whence he came.
Wenhamma, almost, narrowly.
Wenigajek, trifle; (notin use, A.)
Wenitschanit, parent; (either father or mother or both; lit., the one who has produced the child, A)
Wentschi. because. therefore, for this reason.
Wentschijeyin, to belong to a place, to be from a place.
Wentschikin, to descend, to grow out of.
Wentschindewagan, call, invitation.
Wentschintin, to call each other.
Wentschipennassiechen, where the road goes down the hill.
Weschilematschil, his relation by marriage
Weschilemuk, my relation in marriage, (used by either spouse with reference to the family of the other. A.)
Weschumais, cow, calf; (out of use.)
Weski, a little while ago; sometime to-day; (anew, again. A.)
Wetachouppachtak, he that watereth or moisteneth.
Wetegakil, his messengers; (out of use. A.)
Wetochemuxit, Father.
Wetochwink, Father; (one who is a father. A.)
Wetschitschauquit, man; (ie., one who has a soul. A.)
Weuchschummuis, horned cattle.
Weuchsin, to know.
Weuchsowagan, knowledge.
Weuhokeyit, man; (ie., one who has a body, from hakey, body. A.)
Wewidhiken, to testify; (something without doubt. A.)
Wewidhikewagan, testimony.
Wewiechgukil, his acquaintance.
Wewikit, master of the house.
Wewingtonheet, Z., a babbler (one who likes to talk. A.)
Wewitschi, perhaps.
Wewitschinaquot, it is likely: probable.
Wewoapisak, guard, watchman.
Wewoatam, to be of good understanding, to be wise.
Wewoatamoewapn, wisdom.
Wewoatamowi, wise, prudent.
Wewoatamowino, wise man.
Wewoatangik, wise men.
Wewulatenamohaluwet, Saviour.
Wewundachqui, on both sides; opposite; wewundachqui'weu he lives opposite; (ie., we live on both sides, he on one, I on the other. The word means It on both sides" and not opposite in the ordinary sense. A.)
Whittangan, neck (lit., back of the head. A.)
Whittawak, ears.
Wiagasksin, to be unruly; (out of use. A.).
Wiagasksowagan,wantonness, unruly.
Wiakat, enough and to spare; plenty, abundance.
Wiaki, enough and to spare; plenty, abundance.
Wiakipuin, to have plenty; to have abundance to eat.
Wiamochki, among each other, mixed.
Wiaxowaaan, plenty, sufficiency.
Widhoman, to go in a canoe with somebody.
Wiechenin, to boil, to cook, to prepare food; (not in use. A.)
Wiechgawotschi, unexpectedly; unawares.
Wiechpongus, nettle; (wiechponganit, the bitter weed. A.)
Wiechquelinschepi, gloves; (lit., hands tied up; arch., A.)
Wiechquepiso, tied round; a bundle.
Wiechquepton, to tie around.
Wiguitik, bill of a fowl or bird.
Wigunacka, the point of an island.
Wihhinachk, birch tree.
Wi'hillaan, Z., to name; n'wihilluk. he names one, root, lunsi.
Wihitawemguppanil, those that had been with him.
Wihoman, to make an offering to somebody.
Wihundewagan, sacrifice, offering.
Wihunuemuin, to hold a feast.
Wihunaen, to make an offering, to sacrifice.
Wijagaskau, fickle.
Wikasch, the nail on hand or foot; fingers; claws; nikasch, my nail.
Wikat, leg; wi'ckaat, Z. (wihk'kaat; otenkhaat, hind leg. A.)
Wikathoos, an iron pot with feet.
Wikbi, Z., bast, the inner bark of trees.
Wikhakamik, end of the world.
Wikhetschik, builders.
Wikheu, to build; gischuchwikheu, Z., halo of sun or moon; (lit., the sun or moon builds a house.)
Wikiak, my house.
Wikian, thy house.
Wikimak, my wife; (out of use;
Witawemak, he or she who lives with me in the home, my house mate. A.)
Wikindewagan, marriage; (now, witawendewagan. A.)
Wikinditschik, married people.
Wikingen, to marry;
Wikingen, to marry; wiwu Z., he is married (lit., he copulates. A.)
Wikinget, married person.
Wikit, his house.
Wikiwon, nose.
Wiktschi, bottom of a keg, breech of a gun.
Wiktschiechak, butt end of a tree.
Wiku, he has a house.
Wikul, fat in an animal's belly,
Wikwahemunk, in the house.
Wikwam, house.
Wikwames, little house.
Wikwamhassin, to make an abode.
Wikwamtit, little room.
Wil, head.
Wilachkey, Z., male genitals.
Wilano, tongue.
Wilanoall, pumpkin seeds; (any leguminous seeds. A.)
Wilawi, rich, valuable, precious;(from wil, head wil, the idea as superior, royal. A.)
Wilawilihan, to treat somebody generously.
Wilawiochqueu, rich woman.
Wilawussall, his corn; his grain.
Wilinen, to have head ache.
Wilinewagan, head ache,
Wilooxi, warm thyself.
Wilsu, fat meat.
Wimachtendienk, Z., brotherhood.
Wimb, heart of a tree; (any core or center of a trunk, etc. A.)
Wimbeneman, to relieve somebody; (to sacrifice one's self for another; a strong expression. A.)
Winak, sassafras.
Winamallsachtin, to be a common sickness.
Winamallsachtowagan, sickness, distemper.
Winamallsin, to be sick, to feel pain.
Winamandamen, to feel pain.
Winamandamoagan, pain, sore.
Winamin, the corn is ripe; (when it is fit to eat. A.)
Winaminge, Z., the month of August; (lit., "time of roasting ears.")
Windamen, to mention.
Windasu, mentioned, named.
Wineu, it snows.
Wingachpin, to like to be in some place.
Wingachtochwilsit, lover of hunting
Wingallauwin, to hunt willingly.
Wingan, sweet, savory: good tasted.
Wingandamen, it tastes good.
Wingapue, oood, sweet broth.
Wingel, eatable.
Wingelawossi, it burns well.
Wingelendamoaaan, approbation, liking.
Winaeleu, it burns well.
Wingelewemen, to do a pleasure.
Wingewochqueu, a raven; (out of use. A.)
Wingi, fain, gladly, willingly.
Wingilauchsin, to live willingly in a particular manner.
Wingilaweman, to do somebody a pleasure.
Wingimachtek, odoriferous.
Wingimaquot, it has a good pleasant smell.
Winginamen, to delight in, to be pleased with.
Wingipendam, to hear willingly.
Wingochwen, to go willingly, to travel with pleasure; to like to go.
Wingsittam, to like to hear.
Wingsittawan, to like to hear somebody.
Winhattak, bad accident; (not in use. A.)
Winhattakuwagan, danger.
Winigischuch, snow month, November.
Winike, when it is ripe.
Winingus, mink.
Winktek, done, boiled.
Winkteu, done, boiled enough.
Winu, ripe; (ready to be eaten. A.)
Winunschi, Z., an onion.
Winuwelchittewagan, supplication.
Winuwewagan, petition, request.
Winxu, ripe (fruit).
Wipachsoagan, fear; (out of use. A.)
Wipantin, to eat with each other.
Wipasin, to be in fear.
Wipelachteu, soot.
Wipentin, to lie with each other, to sleep with one another.
Wipiechkeu, rotten wood.
Wipit, tooth.
Wipochk, bush; arub; (a bushy place, a thicket. A.)
Wipochsoagan, Z., fright.
Wipuelendam, to be fearful.
Wipundin, to keep a feast.
Wipungweu, Z., brown.
Wipunquoak, white oak.
Wipunxit, gray; (wapantpeulenno, Z., a gray-headed man.)
Wiquajek or Wiquek, the head of a creek or run.
Wiquajeu, the head of a creek.
Wiquaiungo, at the end.
Wiquajunquick, at the end.
Wiqualamo, to suffer hunger; (arch., A.)
Wiquenachk, the end of the fence.
Wiquey, box made of bark; bark trunk; (refers to birch bark, which is called wiquey. A.)
Wiquiechink, end, point; (wiquajunquik, Z., to the end.)
Wiquihillau, to be tired.
Wiquimemguke, on the end of the plain.
Wiquon, dull, blunt.
Wiquonummen, to make dull.
Wisachgak, black oak; bark canoe.
Wisachgamallessin, to feel sore pain.
Wisachgamallsoagan, bitter pain.
Wisachgank, rum, brandy; (from the sharp, biting taste. A.)
Wisachgim, wild grapes.
Wisachgirninschi, wild vine.
Wisachgissi, it hurts me, it burns me; (means simply to hurt. A.)
Wisamek, catfish; (arch., at present wahlheu, mudfish; Wisamek means "a fat fish." A.)
Wisaminschi, yellow-wood tree; (a species of oak, with a yellow bark used in dying. A.)
Wisawanik, red squirrel.
Wisawek, yellow; also, sulphur, etc.
Wisaweu, yellow.
Wischalau, frightened.
Wischalowe, rattlesnake; (the frightener. A.)
Wischassin, to fear; (wischasnagan, Z., fear.) Wischiki, busily.
Wischixin, to be active, to be brisk, to be nimble; to exert one's self (See Heckewelder, History p. 439.)
Wiseu, scar.
Wishaqtie. to notch a tree; (wis'haque, to tap a maple tree. A.)
Wismi or Wiswi, Z., the gall.
Wisohen. to fatten
Wisquon, elbow; tobacco twist.
Wisu, fat, fleshy.
Wisuwagan, fatness.
Witachpin. to live with, to dwell with; (to be with one at a place. A.)
Witaheman, to assist somebody, to relieve some one.
Witahentin, to help each other.
Witalamuin, to cry with; to sing in company with.
Witalouen, to work with.
Witamehhellen, to walk with.
Witatschimolsin, to advise with, to hold council with.
Witauclisall, her brother's wife; (dub., it means living together. A.)
Witauchsoman, to be in fellowship with somebody.
Witauchsundin, to have fellowship with one another.
Witauchsundowagan, fellowship.
Witawematpanni, who was with him; witawemat, Z., an aid, assistant (now used exclusively for man or wife. A.)
Witawentin, to be together, to live or dwell with each other.
Witchwi, Z., the navel.
Witen, to go with.
Witgochquall, her sister.
Witisin, to esteem; (not in use. A.)
Witochwen, to go with, to travel with.
Witonquoam, to lodge at one's house, to board with, to sleep with.
Witscheachgenimatpanni, one who helped to accuse him.
Witscheman, to help somebody; (witsch'man. A.)
Witschewan, to go with somebody.
Witschewot, he who goes, with him
Witschi, with, at the same time.
Witschindin, to help one another, to assist each other, to lend a hand.
Witschingen, to help along.
Witschu, calf of the leg; pl., wak.
Witschwochak, pine nuts; (out of use. A.)
Wiuchschachauwan, to load somebody with a burden.
Wiwasch, bundle, load.
Wiwaschin, to carry a load.
Wiwundhakamik, before now, in former time, very long ago.
Wiwunigagun, I am surrounded.
Wiwunigapawin, to stand all around.
Wiwuniwi, round about.
Wiwunochwen, to go all around; to go around about.
Wiwuntschi, before now, of old; (not in use. A.)
Wo! o! oh!
Woachejek, light.
Woachejekumin, to be light.
Woachejekumuit, he who is the light.
Woachejeu, clear, light.
Woagai, round about.
Woak, and also, as well as; -atta, neither, nor, -lappi, repeatedly, again.
Woakagapawin, to stand in a circle.
Woakawi, round about, anywhere around.
Woakhattimi, mulberry; (mint'quakin A)
Woakhattiminschi, mulberry tree.
Woakeu, crooked
Woaktschachne, a bend in the river.
Woaktschaquot, crooked like.
Woaktschiechen, crooked road.
Woaktschiechton, to make crooked.
Woaktschinni, bend it.
Woaktschochwen, to go a crooked road.
Woakus, the gray fox.
Woalak, hole in the ground.
Woalhen, to dig a hole.
Woapachpoan, white bread.
Woapachsaney, white blanket.
Woapachsun, Z., chalk.
Woapak, water beech; (not in use. A.)
Woapalanne, bald eagle.
Woapanacheen, good morning.
Woapaneu, morning.
Woapange, tommorrow.
Woapaniken, lime.
Woapank, tommorrow.
Woapaschapiall, white beads.
Woapassisku achsin, unburnt brick.
Woapasum, white sunshine.
Woapchwees, a marten.
Woapek, gensi root.
Woapelechen, it looks white.
Woapeu, white.
Woaphattaquall, white yarn, white thread.
Woaphokquawon, uray hair.
Woapim, chestnut.
Woapiminschi, chestnut tree.
Woapiiik, opossum, a wild beast.
Woapipen, wild white potato.
Woapsit, white person.
Woapsu, white.
Woaptioihilleu, pale.
Woaptiginquehelieu, broken eyes.
Woasgejeu, thin.
Woatasik, known; (weitwistasik. A.)
Woatauweju, it blossoms.
Woatawes, flower, (wachawes. A.)
Woaton, to know; (weiiwiton. A.)
Woaxachey, fox skin.
Wochcgalan, forehead.
Wochgan, bone.
Woclioanihm, seed.
Wochganiponk, hard burnt ashes.
Wochganissin, to become lean, to grow meager.
Wochgidhakamik, on earth, upon the earth.
Wochgitachtenne, top of the hill.
Wochgitaque, on the top of the house.
Wochgitschi, above, on the top, on the surface.
Wochaitschik, above, on the top, up there.
Wochkunk, above, at the top.
Wochpahellaii, to awake, to come to one's senses.
Wochpiechquey, bladder.
Wochtschuhatteu, full.
Woh! oh!
Wojauwe, Z., a chief; (wejiaweu, he is a chief. This is the word now in use in place of the older word sakima, A.)
Wolanniall, feathers of a bird's tail.
Won, this, this one.
Wonachgulinschall, tips of the fingers.
Wonacliquiwi, the top of anything.
Wonachxitall, tops of the toes.
Wonanno, cheek.
Wonatam, to be weak, to be impotent, to faint, to be out of one's senses; (wonachq'ten. A.)
Wonatammoagan, faintness.
Wonatamowi, weak, impotent, fanciful, out of one senses.
Wonipakquihilleu, the leaves come out.
Wonnessin, to forget.
Wonnissowacan, forgetfulness.
Wonspi, Z., sap of trees.
Wotscheanenk, by the way.
Wotschi, near by.
Wotschuwiechen, full.
Wottallauwin, to hunt by the way.
Wouchokquin, to cough; (wohoch'quin. A.)
Wowoatam, experienced, skilful.
Wowoatammoagan, wisdom.
Wowoatammowino, wise man.
Wsamgi, un, too big.
Wsami, too much.
Wsamiechen, too much.
Wschachan, smooth, glossy.
Wschacheu, slippery; smooth, glossy.
Wschachihillan, to slip.
Wschappan, thin.
Wscheechachquall, chips, shavings.
Wscheton, lip; (w'schej'toti. A.)
Wschewinaxu, painful.
Wschimuin, to fly, to run off, to escape.
Wschummo, horn; pl., wschumowall (arch., the usual word is wilawan, from wil, head, head-gear. A.)
Wsigau, sunset; (w'si'gau, A.)
Wsihotewagan, gain, profit.
Wsihotin, to gain a wager.
Wsihuwen, to gain, to win.
Wsit, foot.
Wsitak, handle.
Wsuppi, sap of trees; (see wonspi.)
Wtakanachen, moderately warm wind.
Wtakaneu, mild weather.
Wtakaquenimo, tough tree.
Wtakeu, soft, tender; (pliable. A.)
Wtakhammen, to divide.
Wtakhattenamoagan, softness, mildness.
Wtakigachen, it lies, soft.
Wtakolsin, to save, to preserve.
Wtaksu, soft, tender, supple.
Wtankhitton, to loose.
Wtappandewagan, advice, counsel, information.
Wtaspiwagan, ascension.
Wtauwachtojummenanink, in our midst.
Wtawongellowagan, loss, damnation.
Wtegauwan, to follow somebody.
Wtehim, strawberries.
Wtelgiqui, likewise, in like manner. so much so.
Wtelgixin, to be worthy; (not in use. A.)
Wtelgixowagan, worthiness, merit.
Wtellenahawanink, on the right hand; lit., towards the right hand.
Wtellewunsowac, an, name.
Wtelli, thus, so.
Wtellsin, to be so, to do so.
Wteltschenemen, to roll.
Wtenk, after, behind; thereon, thereafter; lastly, at last; afterward;-untschi, thereupon, afterward.
Wtitehan, to think, to conjecture; (now telitehan. A.)
Wtschagamique, in the earth.
Wtscheet, sinew; (u'tschghet. A.)
Wtscheyunque, within, inwardly.
Wtschitschank, spirit.
Wtschitschanquiwi, spiritual.
Wtukauwatsch, achtowagan, kind treatment, kind usage.
Wuhhala, Z., to protect.
Wulacans, Z., a basin (a bowl. A.)
Wulachen, to give up; (this word means "a fair wind;" probably an error for Wulachnummen, to loosen, to untie. A.)
Wulachneu, a stream without falls; (a pleasant, smooth stream; from anne, stream, and Wulit. A.)
Wuladhakawanik, good physic.
Wulaha, better.
Wulahellan, to have somebody, to possess some one; (to put a person or thing in safe keeping. A. )
Wulakamike, Z, bottom land (lit., fine land, good land. A.)
Wulakenimgussin, to be spoken well of, to be praised.
Wulakenimizussowagan. the being praised.
Wulakenindewagan, good report of somebody.
Wulakhelan, to take somebody in care.
Wulaku, evening.
Wulakuniwi, in the evening.
Wulalooewagan, good work.
Wulalowe, black fox; (lit., beautiful tail; this may be an error for w'halowes, bushy tail, which is the present name of the animal. A.)
Wulamallessin, to be well, to be happy.
Wulamallessohalid, he who makes me happy.
Wulamallessohaluwed, he who makes one happy.
Wulamallessohen, to make well, to cause to be happy.
Wulamallessuwi, well, happy.
Wulamallsin, to be well, to be happy.
Wulamat, fine ground.
Wulamehelleu, it goes well, it goes gently.
Wulamhittamen, to believe.
Wulamhittamoewagan, faith, belief; (rather, the proof or testimony. A.)
Wulamissowe, a little while ago; (out of use. A.)
Wulamoc, he speaks truly; true.
Wulamocan, Z., a calabash, a gourd (formerly used for the rattles in ceremonies. A.)
Wulamoe, long ago; (out of use; chiihnne is the present term. A.)
Wulamoehen, to convince of the truth.
Wulamoeii, truly.
Wulamoeju, true, right.
Wulamoen, to keep one's promise.
Wulamoewagan, truth.
Wulamoewaganit, he who is truth.
Wulamoewaptonamik, true word, true saying.
Wulampton, to tie well.
Wulamquoam, Z., to dream n'delungwam, I dream, etc, (to dream good things. A.)
Wulamsittamen, to believe what is said.
Wulandeu, fine day, warm weather, fine, clear weather.
Wulangundin, to be at peace with one another.
Wulantowagan, grace; (having a good spirit; wulit and manitto. A.)
Wulapamukquot, clear, well to be seen.
Wulapan, fine morning.
Wulapeju, just, upright, honorable.
Wulapejuwagan, uprightness.
Wulapendamen, to enjoy a benefit.
Wulapensohalan, to bless somebody.
Wulapensowagan, blessing; (lit., the things which we enjoy, prosperity, blessings. A.)
Wulaptonachgat, fine word, good news.
Wulaptonaelchukquonk, he speaks a good word for us, he advocates our cause.
Wulaptonaltin, to speak good to each other, to be reconciled to one another.
Wulaptonamik, good tiding.
Wulaptonen, to speak favorably.
Wulaque, yesterday.
Wulaquik, evening. Wulaquike, this evening.
Wulaskat, good pasture.
Wulatachkat, fine linen.
Wulatenamen, to be happy; (wulah'tenamin. A.)
Wulatenamoagan, happiness.
Wulatenamuwi, happy.
Wulaton, to save, to put up.
Wulatschahan, to use somebody well.
Wulatschimolsin, to treat friendly, to discourse in a friendly manner.
Wulatschimolsowagan, treaty of peace.
Wulattauwoapin, to have good sight.
Wulattauwoapuwagan, good sight.
Wulauchsowagan, good conduct, good behavior.
Wuleleman, to take or consider somebody to be.
Wulelemelendam, to wonder, to admire.
Wulelemi, wonderful; (not in use. A.)
Wulelemfleu, it is wonderful.
Wuleleminaquot, it seems wonderful.
Wulelendam, to be glad, to rejoice, to be joyful, to be merry.
Wulelendamoagan, joy.
Wulelendamowaptonamik, word of rejoicing, glad tiding, gospel.
Wulelendamuwi, joyful, merry.
Wulelensin, to be proud, to be haughty, to be high-minded (welelensin. A.)
Wulelensowagan, pride, high-mindedness.
Wulenensin, to dress; (not in use; Wulak'ko, to have a handsome dress; Waweesho, to dress carefully. A.)
Wulenschgansit, toe; (wuleshawesit. A.)
Wulensin, Z., attire, dress, omament (decoration rather than dress. A.)
Wulhaflan, to keep somebody, to take care of some one.
Wuli, there, yonder; (out of use; at present nellak, A.)
Wuliachpin, to be in a good place.
Wuliechen, it is good, it is well done.
Wuliechenummen, to take down; (this means to split into splinters; the proper form wuniechenummen. A.)
Wuliechsin, to speak plainly, to pronounce well.
Wuliechtagun, he makes good again.
Wuliechtschessu, hollow, rotten; (out of use. A.)
Wuligatschis, pretty little paw.
Wuligischgu, fine day.
Wulihan, to do somebody good.
Wulihilleu, it is good; (more exactly, it functions properly, it works well. A.)
Wulik, the good; handsome, pretty.
Wuliken, it grows well, it thrives well.
Wulilaweman, to comfort, to give satisfaction.
Wulilawemkewagan, our comfort.
Wulilawendewagan, comfort.
Wulileu, good news, it is a good time.
Wulilissin, to be good, to behave well.
Wulilissowagan, goodness, kindness.
Wulilissu, good, kind.
Wulinamen, he likes it, it pleases him; (arch., A.)
Wulinaquot, it looks well.
Wulinaxin, to appear well, to look fine.
Wulineichquot, it is plainly visible.
Wulinemen, to see very well.
Wulipendamen, to hear well, to understand well.
Wulipommissin, good walking.
Wulipoquot, it has a fine taste.
Wulisso, good, handsome, fine, pretty.
Wulissowagan, fineness, prettiness, beauty.
Wulistammen, to believe.
Wulistammoewagan, faith, belief.
Wulit, good, right, handsome, pretty; well.
Wulitehasu, well hewn, well cut, well squared; (wulih'tehasil, A.)
Wulitehemen, to hew well.
Wuliton, to make well.
Wuliweuchsin, to know well.
Wuliwiechinen, to rest well.
Wuliwoatam, to know well, to be of good understanding.
Wullamoc, Z., ancient.
Wuloamisowe, lately, some days ago.
Wulongachsis, a man's cousin; (out of use; it is fromwulonquan, wing. A.)
Wulonquan, wing.
Wulonquoam, to dream something good.
Wulowachtauwoapin, to look over, to look beyond.
Wulowinquehellan, to overlook, to take no notice of.
Wulumhigiechen, to squat down.
Wulummachdappin, to sit; (especially on the ground with the legs in front. A.)
Wulumqueu or Wulumquot, a round hill.
Wunachgin, thou hand !
Wunachk, his hand; his arm; (it means either. A.)
Wunachqualoje, a sharp point; (the extreme end. A.)
Wunachquim, an acorn.
Wunajumawall, he carries him.
Wunalan, to fetch somebody; (not in use; at present peschwan, means to bring some one. A.)
Wunattochton, to inquire, to search after.
Wunattonamak, his son-in-law; (or her; proper form is, wunattonomakwallA.)
Wundaman, to show to somebody: to declare unto someone.
Wundanglen, to die for some cause.
Wundangunsin, to pray for.
Wundanunxin, to be angry at, to be angry for something.
Wundaptonen, to speak of.
Wundchen, the wind comes from thence.
Wundchenneu, west, westerly; (out of use; the present word is elochsichgat, when the sun disappears. A.)
Wundchennewunk, westward.
Wundelemuin, to boast, to look upon as an honor; (rather, to put trust or confidence; it is from
Wuntschi, from; to rely upon what we expect from another. A.)
Wundelendamoagan, boasting, glorying in.
Wundenasik, where it is to be gotten from.
Wundeu, it boils.
Wundpeu, it leaks, it drops, it boils over; (kundpeau, it oozes out; wungiku, it leaks. A.)
Wundsowagan, misfortune; (not now used. A.)
Wundschun, the wind comes from a particular quarter.
Wundsummen, Z., to cook (properly, to boil some thing. A.)
Wunenachgistawan, to hearken to somebody.
Wunentsitawoaganit, his appearing.
Wunipachgihilleu, it buds, it sprouts.
Wunipak, leaf; (see Combach.)
Wunita, he can, he is able; (he knows how. A.)
Wunitaton, he can do it; (he knows how to do it. A.)
Wunspak, Z., juice ouice extracted by pressure; from wuiztschi, ie., that which comes from. A.)
Wuntschi, of, on account of, from, therefore.
Wuntschijeyju, where he belongs to, from whence he is.
Wuntschiman, to call somebody hither.
Wunutschi, he began.
Wuschgink, eye, face, sight.
Wuschginquiwi, face to face.
Wuskamamquot, new feeling.
Wuskchum, young creature, young beast.
Wuskelenape, young person.
Wusken, anew, latterly.
Wuskhaxen, a new shoe.
Wuski, new.
Wuskijeyju, it is new.
Wuskiochqueu, young woman.
Wuttoney, beard.
Wundamawachtowagan, declaration, message.

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