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Na, the, that;-eet, perhaps;-jupetschi, until now, till here;-shacki, so far;-tchi, so much; untschijey, from thence.
Nacha, three.
Nachapachki, three hundred.
Nachawikan, three fathoms.
Nacheleney, three-fold.
Nacheleneyachgat, three different sorts.
Nachelii, together with.
Nachen, three times, thrice.
Nachenachke, thirty.
Nacheneyit, third.
Nachenol, three.
Nachenum, raccoon; (usually espan. A.)
Nachgiechen, contrary, against.
Nachgihhilleu, it stops.
Nachgohuman, to sing.
Nachgohumewagan, hymn.
Nachgoman, to answer somebody.
Nachgundin, to agree with one another.
Nachgundowagan, agreement, bargain; covenant.
Nachgutem, to answer.
Nachk, hand, my hand.
Nachkala, Z., my forehead.
Nachogunak, three nights.
Nachohalemin, to be alone.
Nachohanneu, alone; (nachoha, I am alone. A.)
Nachoheteu, the house is empty, there is no one at home.
Nachpangoman, to salute somebody with a present.
Nachpauchsin, to possess, to have, to enjoy.
Nachpauchsowagan, conversation, familiarity, fellowship.
Nachpi, with, together with.
Nachpikin, to be by nature.
Nachquoawe, anything.
Nachwena, thereupon, after.
Nachxummawan, to enlighten somebody; to kindle a flame within one.
Nachxummen, to kindle, to light.
Nada, yonder to thither; toward here.
Nadan, a float; nadano amochol, the canoe floats (pithin, afloat. A.).
Naga, according to.
Nagajek, by and bye, in a little while.
Nag'atamen, to trust, to confide in, to rely upon.
Nagelawendewagan, comfort.
Nageuchsin, to hope.
Nageuchsowagan, confidence, trust.
Nagewitti, in a little while.
Nagisgamen, to meet.
Nagisgauwan, to meet somebody.
Nagisgawachtin, to meet each other.
Nahanne, so, so it is.
Nahih, down stream.
Nahihillaan, to go down the water.
Nahimen, to sail down the stream.
Nahiwi, down the water.
Nahoochwen, to go down stream.
Najuman, to carry somebody.
Najundam, to carry a load.
Nakewi, a little while.
Nal, fetch.
Nalambeso, to gird.
Nalauchsin, to be fetched.
Nalauwi, heedless.
Nall, that, at last;-nan, that one; netchi, it is so much, that is all;-tchen, that is all.
Nallahhemen, to sail up the water.
Nallahih, up the stream.
Nallahiwi, up the river.
Nallahoochwen, to go up stream.
Nallowauchsowagan, heathenish life.
Names, fish.
Nan, that, that one, so; -wtenk, finally, at last; hereafter.
Nanachpauchsohen, to keep in fellowship.
Nanachxotawan, to mock somebody, to deride someone.
Nanatschitaquik, those that have the care of some business.
Nanhillowet, the one who takes care of the dead.
Naninga, a double plural termination denoting deceased persons.
Nanne, this one; that; so;-Ieu, that is the way of it, thus the matter stands; it is certainly true; -talli, through there, that way, even there; -undachqui, thitherward; toward where? -untschi, from thence, therefore; -wentschi, for this reason, therefore, because;-woak, as also.
Nanni, this, that.
Nanquon, heel.
Nanungihhillan, to tremble, to shake; (nin'gihilla. A.)
Napenaflan, to seize somebody, to take some one prisoner.
Natachtu, he fetches wood.
Natasu, fetched.
Natchaquen, to fetch wood; (to go after wood. A.)
Natchen, it is all gone.
Naten, to fetch; (properly, to go after something. A.)
Natenan, to take somebody.
Natenummen, to take, to accept, to receive, to perceive, to discern, to know.
Natenuxowagan, fetching, reception.
Natenuxu, received.
Nathogen, to fetch over.
Natholan, to fetch somebody over in a canoe.
Natoochton, to inquire.
Natschiton, to engage in, to take care of, to be of opinion; (out of use. A.)
Natschuwallen, to fetch a load.
Nattawoapandamen, to look for, to seek.
Nattawoapin, to look for something; (to look around. A.)
Natto'namak, son-in-law (my).
Nattonamen, to seek for somebody.
Nauwaquepin, to hang down the head; (out of use; present form, minquoquepu. A.)
Nauweechinke, afternoon; (present form, lauwauqueu. A.)
Nawalan, to pursue somebody, to follow some one.
Nawalittin, to pursue each other.
Nawehhelleu, afternoon.
Nawochgen, to follow.
Nawotallauwin, to hunt by the way.
Ndappoanum, my bread.
Ndauwat, scarce, rare; rarely, seldom.
Ndeloiqui, etc., so as I, etc.
Ndellan, I tell somebody.
Ndelli, etc., that I, etc.
Ndoniken, to seek.
Ndoochtawachtin, to inquire of each other.
Ne, (pl., nek) the.
Nechasin, to be careful, to be watchful.
Nechink, the third time.
Nechit, third.
Nechnutschinget, nurse.
Nechochwen, to travel alone, to walk alone.
Nechoha, alone.
Nechohalennin, to be alone.
Nechohanne, to be alone.
Nechoheteu, the house is empty.
Nehellatank, the Lord, (nehellalwit. A.)
Neichgussin, to be seen, to be manifested.
Neichquot, apparent.
Neichtin, to see each other.
Neka, he, she, it.
Nekama, he, she, it.
Nekamawa, they.
Nekti, the only one, single.
Nektilennin, to be quite alone.
Nektinquot, one-eyed.
Nelema, not yet.
Nelemago, not yet.
Nelemata, not yet.
Nelinill, these.
Nelowauchsin, to lead a heathenish life, to be a heathen.
Nelowauchsit, unbeliever, heathen.
Nemen, to see.
Nemoagan, sight.
Nemochwitschet, the main sinew of the leg.
Nenachgistawachtin, to hearken to one another, to listen to each other.
Nenajunges, horse; (from najundam, to carry burdens on the back. A.)
Nenajungeshammen, to ride on horseback.
Nenapalek, unworthy, good for nothing.
Nendawagan, torch, lamp.
Nendawen, to carry a lamp, to go with a torch.
Nennachgallit, stammerer, stutterer; (nachnachqueu. A.)
Nennawipoquot, right tasted.
Nennemawahan, to find somebody out.
Nenostammoewac,yan, understanding.
Nentsitasin, to appear; (not in use. A.)
Nepe, I also; I too.
Nepene, we also; we too.
Nescalenk, or, Nesgessit Lenape, Z.. black man, negro (lit., black face. A.).
Neschuk (used after negat.), but.
Neshaki, so long as.
Nesquo, not yet.
Netami, first, the first.
Netaniiechen, first, the first.
Netainiechink, first, in the first place.
Netopalis. warrior, (menetopalis, a scout or skirmisher. A.)
Netopalowewagan, war.
Netichtin, to see each other.
Neweleney, fourfold.
Neweleneyit, fourth.
Newen, four times.
Newentschi, therefore.
Newinachke, forty.
Newo, four.
Newopachki, four hundred.
Newowikan, four fathoms.
Ngachkenumen, Z., the break of day.
Ngagebinque, etc., I am blind, etc.
Ngagepchoa, etc., I am deaf, etc.
Ngagiguwe, etc., I am lively, etc.
Ngaginche, etc., I am.
Ngaltin, to quit each other.
Ngamuin, to keep a feast in Indian style.
Ngattummen, to leave behind, to bequeath; nga'ttammen, Z. (to abandon, not to bequeath. A.)
Ngemewi, always, constantly.
Nguttachtschessowen, to lay up one treasure only.
Nguttapachki, one hundred.
Nguttelendin, to be of one mind, to have one object.
Ngutteleneyachgat, a single one.
Ngutteli, one, single; singly.
Ngutti, one.
Nguttitehen, to be of one heart and mind, to agree.
Nguttitehewagan, the being of one mind; unanimity.
Nguttokuni, one night.
Nhakeuchsin, to hope, to trust.
Nhakeuchswochwen, to go in hope.
Nhakewelendamen, to hope, to trust.
Nhakewelendamoagan, hope.
Nhakey, myself.
Nhittami, at first, the first.
Ni, I.
Nianque, Z., a wild cat.
Niechin, to come down.
Nieskeu, Z., dirty.
Nigani, before, foremost, beforehand; (out of use; nichala, I outrun him. A.)
Niganigapawin, to stand foremost.
Niganit, the foremost.
Niganitawan, to run before somebody, to outrun some one; to come before somebody.
Nihillachquen, to kill a bear.
Nihillalatschik, subjects, people.
Nihillalquonk, Lord, master.
Nihillan, to strike somebody.
Nihil'lan, to kill somebody.
Nihillapejuwagan, redemption, ransom.
Nihillapeuhen, to make free, to liberate, to redeem.
Nihillapeuhoalid, my Redeemer.
Nihillapewi, free.
Nihillapewin, to be one's own master, to be free.
Nihillapewit, freeman.
Nihillasohen, to make free, to deliver.
Nihillasowagan, freedom, liberty.
Nihillatamen, to own, to be master of.
Nihillatammoewagan, right, privilege.
Nihillatschi, self, one's own person.
Nihillowen, to put to death, to murder.
Nihillowet, murderer.
Nihillowewi, murderous.
Nik, these, those.
Nikik, these, those.
Nil, these.
Nilchgussin, to be struck dead.
Nilchtin, to strike each other dead.
Nilum, my sister-in law; (or brother-in-law, in opposite families.'A.)
Niluna, we (including only the party speaking).
Nimat, my brother; (used also as friendly salutation between distant relatives. A.).
Nimawanachen, to make provision for a journey (from nimawan, a lunch. A.).
Nimenees, fish hawk.
Ninachtak, my brethren.
Ninutachpin, to be from the beginning.
Ninutschi, at the beginning, before now.
Nipachton, to raise, to set up.
Nipahwi, by night, at night.
Nipahwochwen, to go by night, to travel at night.
Nipawin, to stand, to stand up.
Nipen, summer.
Nipenachhen, summer hunt.
Nischa, two.
Nischapachki, two hundred.
Nischasch, seven.
Nischasch tcha pachki, seven hundred.
Nischasch tche nachke, seventy.
Nischekat, double.
Nischeleney, twofold, two sorts.
Nischen, twice.
Nischeneyit, second.
Nischinachke, twenty.
Nischink, in the second place.
Nischitquin, to kneel down; (nishitquihin. A.)
Nischitquitawan, to kneel to somebody.
Nischogunakat, two days ago, day before yesterday.
Nischogunakhake, two days hence, day after tomorrow.
Niskachgelunen, to lie abominably.
Niskachgelunewagan, an abominable lie.
Niskalamuin, to make an ugly noise, to cry.
Niskallogen, to do dirty work.
Niskallogewacan, nasty work.
Niskandamen, to taste nasty.
Niskassisku, muddy, miry.
Niskelan, ugly weather, rainy weather.
Niskelendam, to loathe.
Niskenolhand, miserably lazy.
Niskeu, nasty, dirty; (niskaloje, Z., it is dirty.)
Niskiton, to dirty; to bedaub.
Niskpatton, to make wet, to throw water.
Niskpeu, wet.
Nisktonhen, to be noisy, to talk nasty.
Nisktonhewagan, noisy, lying, nasty talk.
Nitaton, to be able to make something, to know how to do it; n'nita, I can.
Nitaus, sister-in-law (my brother's wife) (not in use. A. ).
Nithuv, Z., the navel.
Nitis, friend, companion.
Nitsch! my child (exclamation of fondness).
Nitschan, my child, my friend; (my child) (not friend. A.)
Nitschantit, my little friend.
Noch, my father.
Nocha, my father.
Nochan, my father.
Nochgoatamen, to lick; (I lick. A.)
Nochnutemaliuwet, watchman, keeper; (mechnotaliwet. A.)
Nochnutemexetschik, shepherds.
Nodhittamen, to come into danger; (to meet by accident, lucky or unlucky. A.)
Nohenopenowagan, Z., the ague (lit., the sickness that recurs again and again. A.).
Nohulentschik, those who give suck; (error; it means the infants who suck, A.)
Nolemelanden, sultry weather; (the word means somethin pleasing or agreeable, hence, warm weather. A.)
Nolemiwi, invisible, unseen; (properly means, not seeing, or not looking. A.)
Nolemutees, silk worm.
Nolhand, lazy; (out of use. See gichtammen. A.)
Nolhandewagan, laziness.
Nonagan, milk; (error; it means the nipple or mamma of a woman; no native word for milk is known. The English mellik is used. A.)
Nonetschik, sucking babes.
Nonohellaan, Z., to give suck.
Nonschetto, Z., a doe.
Nosawoapamen, to gaze, to look steadfastly at something.
Noschhokquin, to go over the ice.
Nosogamen, to follow; (to imitate a person's conduct. A.)
Nostamoewagan, understanding.
Nostawachtin, to understand each other.
Notamaeishican, H., a fishing spear.
Notchan, to come to somebody.
Notschingen, to nurse.
Nowahan, to know somebody; (dub., n'nennawa. I know him. A.)
Nowaton, to know.
Nowoaktschochwen, to go a crooked road.
Nowoawelendam, to be certain, to be sure of; (out of use; m'majawelen'dam, I am certain of it. A.)
Nquistook, my sons; an old form; modern form, n'quisak. (The syllable to is still inserted in certain formal addresses. A.)
N'schinai, etc., I do it unwillingly.
Ntiasohen, to feed, to pasture; (out of use. A.)
Ntite, for.
Ntite, I think; (nditeha, I think. A.)
Ntitechquo, for, because.
Ntitechto, for, because.
Ntutemawachtin, to question each other.
Nukachtachemawachtowagan, last will, testament.
Nukachtummen, to forsake, to leave.
Nukalan, to forsake somebody, to leave some one.
Nukti, once more; only one.
Nuktoaunak, one night.
Ntiktoouni, only one night.
Nummahauwan, to perceive somebody, to be aware of some one.
Nuna'gan, Z.. the breasts of a woman (see above).
Nundahemewagan, want, scarcity.
Nundajelensin, to be discouraged, to be low-spirited, (more exactly, I do not feel equal to it. A. ) Nundajelensowagan, humility.
Nundajelensuochwen, to go humbly.
Nundawi, wanting, less.
Nundehhellan, to want, to be in need.
Nundehhellewagan, want.
Nundejek, wanting, deficient, defective.
Nundewi, wanting, less.
Nungachtschin, to shake for cold, to shiver.
Nungihillan, to tremble, to shiver.
Nunoiwi, trembling.
Nunscheach, she-bear.
Nunschetto, doe.
Nutachgamen, somebody calls from the other side of the river, he wants to be fetched across.
Nutamemensemin, to have children.
Nutamemenseu, child's nurse; (a companion of a child. A.)
Nutemalan, to watch somebody.
Nutemekiset, shepherd.
Nutiken, to keep watch; (rather, to mind a house. A.)
Nutiket, watchman, a guard.
Nutindam, to watch a place.
Nutschi, at the first, at the beginning.
Nutschihhillachsin, to be frightened.
Nutschihhowe, night walker, witch.
Nutschinaffitin, Z., to begin war.
Nutschingaat, Z., a nurse.
Nutschisquandawet, doorkeeper.
Nutschque, in vain, to no purpose; (not in use. A.)
Nutschquehend, innocent sufferer, martyr.
Nuwingi, I like it, I am willing, etc.
N'wingi, etc., I do willingly, etc.

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