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Ma, here take it, there it is.
Maag, Z., female genitals.
Macheleman, to esteem somebody, to value someone, to honor some one, to praise somebody.
Machelemoachgeniman, to honor and praise somebody, to glorify some one.
Machelemoachgenimgussowagan, the receiving of honor and praise.
Machelemoachgenindewagan, praise, glory.
Machelemuwi, honorable, precious.
Machelemuxit, he that is honored.
Machelemuxowagan, honor.
Machelendam, to esteem, to value, to honor, to esteem in an honor.
Machelendamoagan, esteem, high value.
Machelensin, to be high minded, to be proud.
Machelensowagan, pride.
Macheli, much, many; (or, cheli. A.)
Macheu, great, large.
Machoachk, Z., a pumpkin.
Machgeuachgook, Z., copper snake.
Machiechsin, to speak loud.
Machkachsin; Z., copper.
Machkachtawunge, red bank of a river.
Machkachten, coal of fire.
Machkajappan, Z., the aurora, dawn (alludes to the redness of the morning sky. A.)
Machkalett, rusty.
Machkalingus, sunfish.
Machkametank, stream of a reddish color.
Machkanachkteu, twilight.
Machkasgachteyat, red-bellied snake.
Machkassin, brick.
Machkelechen, red looking.
Machkenummen, to pull off, to take off.
Machkeu, red; (machkipachgihilleu, Z., the leaves (of the trees) tum red (in the autumn). See Combach.)
Machkewehhe Hachtikan, flag, banner.
Machkhattachqua H, red yam, red thread.
Machkigen, Z., the white thorn.
Machkikeniminschi, thorn bush.
Machkipachgihhffleu, the leaves grow red.
Machkten, twilight; (redness of sky. A.)
Machque, bear.
Machquioen, plenty of bears.
Machquin, to swell.
Machquissin, to be swelled.
Machquissu, swelled.
Machtagen, to fight.
Machtageoagan, war, fighting.
Machtakeniman, to accuse somebody, to speak ill of some one.
Machtakenimgussin, to be ill spoken of.
Machtakenindewagan, bad accusation.
Machtalappajo, bad morning weather.
Machtalipachquall, bad shoes.
Machtallogagan, bad, wicked servant.
Machtallogasowagan, wicked act; sinful deed.
Machtalohumauwan, to direct somebody the wrong way.
Machtamllsin, to be sick.
Machtamellessuwi, indisposed, sick.
Machtando, devil; (machtan'to, a shortened form of machti-manitto. A.)
Machtandowagan, devilishness.
Machtandowinenk, Z, hell; (lit., among the devils. A.)
Machtapamukquot, dusky, dark..
Machtapan, bad, stormy weather; unpleasant morning.
Machtapeek, bad time, war time.
Machtapequonitto, evil spirit.
Machtaptonen, to speak uncivilly, to talk roughly, to use bad language.
Machtatenamen, to be unfortunate, to be unhappy, to be displeased; to be discontented, to be dissatisfied.
Machtatenamoagan, unhappiness, discontent.
Machtatenamohen, to make unhappy, to make dissatisfied.
Machtatenamuwi, unhappy, discontented.
Machtatschahen, to use somebody ill, to treat someone badly.
Machtauchsin, to sin; (lit., bad life. A.)
Machtauchsowagan, sin.
Machtauchsuwi, sinful.
Machtenalittin, to fight, to fight with each other, to fight a battle.
Machtississu, bad, ugly; dirty looking.
Machtissa, bad, ugly.
Machtit, bad, ill.
Machtitso, bad, ill.
Machtittonhen, to abuse, to scold.
Machtiwitt L very little.
Machtonquoan, to have a bad dream.
Machtschihillen, spoiled, corrupted.
Machtschikamik, hole, grave.
Machtschikamikunk, Z., a burial place. Maclitschikbiak, papaw tree. (lit.. red fruit tree. A.)
Machtschileu, bad action, troublesome time.
Machtscilissit. sinner.
Machtschilokes. leather string.
Machtsciluppoat. hypocrite.
Machitschiluppoewagan. hypocrisy.
Machtschimaquot. ill flavored. nasty smelled.
Machtschipak, shoe, (machtsin, whence moccasin. A.)
Machtschipoquot, ill tasted. of a disagreeable taste.
Machtschiteliewa-an. wickedness.
Machtu, bad.
Machtumbunk, dung.
Machxitachpoan, bread mixed with beans.
Machxummen, to dye red.
Magami. early: (majapowi, A.)
Mahallamagen, to sell.
Mahellis. flint,(mahales. Z.)
Mahematschellat, cock of a gun lock.
Mahonink,H., at the deer-lick.
Majauchsin, to be of one mind.
Majauchsolien, to make of one mind.
Majauchsowagan, union, unity, agreement.
Majauchsu, one person, a certain one; (one alone. A.)
Majauchsuwi, of one mind, united.
Majauchsuwin, to be of one mind.
Majawat, one, only one.
Majawi, right, straight, proper; alone, simple;-wulit, best.
Majawiechen, it is right, it is as it should be; it agrees, it suits. It harmonizes, it corresponds.
Majawiechton, to do orderly, to do properly, to compare.
Majawihillen, it is right, it is as it should be.
Majewelendam, to be fixed in purpose, to be settled in mind.
Makesinnan, to shoe somebody; (see machtschipak.)
Makhaquoakan, grubbing hoe.
Mlaksaweek, Aaron root (Rhus cotinus? Z.)
Mallachsche, as if, as it were, like unto.
Mallachxit, bean; (the ordinary tenn. A.)
Mallaluns, iron wood (a sort of beech).
Malliku, witchcraft (Oout of use at present; machtanha, one is bewitched, A.)
Mallikuwagan, witchcraft.
Mallsannuk, arrow, flint.
Mamachtachqweju, weakly.
Mamachtapewi, Z., naughty, bad.
Mamachtaptonagan, wicked language, vile talk; rough speaking.
Mamachtschiman, to revile somebody, to reproach some one, to insult somebody.
Mamachtschimgussowagan, the being insulted.
Mamalachgook, striped snake.
Mamalekhikan, writing, letter, book; (lit., incrooked lines or stripes; applied to handwriting. A.)
Mamalis, fawn, young deer.
Mamalunqtuan, sort of stinging fly.
Mamawon, eyebrow.
Mamchachwelendam, to suffer, to endure pain.
Mamchachwelendamoagan, suffering, torment.
Mamelandamen, to vomit.
Mamguckcu, Z., a plain without trees, a prairie (error: rather a plain with large trees. A.)
Mamiechanessin, to be ashamed.
Mamintschim, to praise.
Mamintschimgussowa(yan, the beina praised.
Mamintschindewagan, praise, raise, to give gIory.
Mamschalan, to remember somebody.
Mamschaloussowagan, the being remembered, remembrance.
Mamschaltin, to keep each other in remembrance.
Mamtschitsch, the last time, lastly.
Mamtschitschi, the last time, at last.
Mamukowagan, destruction, perdition; (refers especially to a fatal accident. A.)
Manachewagan, the cutting of fire wood.
Manask, second crop.
Manasuagan, Z., jealousy (especially sexual jealousy. A.)
Mandoman, to blame somebody.
Mandomgussin, to be blamed.
Mandundewagan, blame, imputation.
Manejeu, it profits little, it contains but little.
Maniton, to make; nin mattineto, Z., I make; kik'mallenito, thou makest (arch., nulitton, I am, kulitton, etc. A.).
Manitto, maker, Creator, God; (properly, spirit, not maker. A.)
Manittowah'alaan, Z., to bewitch.
Manittowihak, steel.
Mannachen, to chop wood.
Mannachet, wood cuItter.
Manoquen, to scalp. Manoquenasu, scalped (manoquala, one who is scalped. A.).
Manschasqueen, to mow, to reap.
Manschasquoakan, scythe.
Manschawileu, wonderful.
Mantowagan, spiritual power (from manitto.)
Manungalan, to treat somebody badly.
Manunxin, to be cross, to be angry.
Manunxuagan, Z., anger.
Manuppekhasu, skimmed.
Maqueleman, to be jealous of somebody; to envy some one.
Maschapi, bead.
Maschilamek, trout; (lit., "like a fish," not now applied to a trout. A.)
Masgichteu, may apple.
Maskek, swamp.
Maskekhanne, muddy creek in a swamp.
Maskequimin, swamp huckleberry.
Maskik, grass, herb; (maskequasq'. A.)
Masktin, Z., to ease one's self.
Massipook, the river drifts ice.
Matschachton, to carry away.
Matschalan, to bring somebody home.
Matschflissowagan, sinful behavior.
Matschin, to go home.
Matschinamen, to take ill; to be ill pleased.
Matschiton, to spod something, to make mischief.
Matta, no, not;-ta, nowhere;-tani, in no way.
Mattago, no.
Mattalan, to come up with somebody.
Mattameechen, cross roads; (where one road enters another, not a cross road. A.)
Mattaptonaltin, to speak bad to one another; to scold each other, to abuse each other by words.
Mattaptonen, to speak uncivil, to talk roughly, to scold.
MatteIeman, to despise somebody.
Mattelemuwi, despicable, contemptible.
Mattelemuxin, to be despised.
Mattelemuxowagan, the being despised.
Mattelendam, to be uneasy, to be troubled in mind; to despise.
Mattemigalan, to let somebody in.
Mattemigen, to enter in.
Mattochwen, to travel badly.
Mattonheen, Z., to curse (to give bad words. A.)
Mauchsu, one living thing; one.
Mauwallauwin, to go hunting.
Mauwi, go and tell.
Mauwikhattoak, Z., camped, encamped (collected together. A.).
Mawachpo, collector.
Mawachpoagan, tribute, tax.
Mawat, one, only one.
Mawemin, to meet, to assemble; (mawewi, Z., an assembly.)
Mawenemen, to gather, to collect, to bring together.
Mawewigawan, meeting house.
Mawingewagan, reconciliation.
Mawinhaken, to go to war.
Mawinsin, to gather, to pick up.
Mawottakan, famine, scarcity of provision.
Mawunappin, to be assembled.
Mawuni, assembled, collectively.
Mbeson, Z., brandy (spirits, from mbi. A.).
Mbi, water.
Mbiachgook, water snake.
Mbiachk, whale.
Mbidhitehemen, to cut one's self.
Mbil, Z., beer; mbilheen, to brew beer.
Mbisis, Z, a lake.
Mbison, Z., bait; tamaquei mbison, beaver bait.
Mboagan, death.
Mboawikcham, hiccough.
Mboiwi, mortal, dead.
Mbokquasquihillan, to break in the ice.
Mechakgilik, great, big.
Mechakhokque, the month when cold makes the trees crack, December; (dub., A.)
Mechamek, wild rhubarb.
Mechaquiechen, high water, freshet.
Mechasktschat, thick bellied.
Mechateu, deep snow; (arch., A.)
Mechawachto, dear.
Mechek, great, large.
Mechelgik, great many; multitude.
Mecheli, much; (a great many. A.)
Mechelit, much.
Mechen, big, large.
Mechgilik, the great, the big.
Mechhanneck, large creek, large river.
Mechinkhakihakan, large field.
Mechinkhakihen, to plant a large piece of ground.
Mechinqui, great, large, big.
Mechinquinaquot, it appears large, it looks great.
Mechinquitehewagan, self pride.
Mechitquek, great depth.
Mechiwilawanit, great sarsaparilla.
Mechmauwikenk, Z., camp.
Mechmenahikeak, scum ladle.
Mechoak, old tree; (the me, prefix, in these and the following words would be omitted at present. A.)
Mechoammowigischuch, shad month, March.
Mechohakihan, old field.
Mechouteney, old, dilapidated town.
Mechowasquall, old, dry grass.
Mechowi, old (in use); (chowi. A.)
Mechowijeyju, old from use.
Medhake, matter.
Medhapahin, to surprise.
Medhik, bad, wicked; evil.
Medsit, bad, wicked, evil one.
Meechgalanne, hawk.
Meechgalhukquot, red hair.
Meechgalowet, fish like a sucker; (red-finned sucker. A.)
Meechgapuek, ipecacuanha.
Meechxit, the red one.
Megucke, Z., a wide plain.
Megungi, wholly, entirely, purely, quite, alone.
Megutschi, wholly, entirely.
Mehakachtey, coal of fire.
Mehallamagen, to sell (error; to buy. A.)
Mehallamawachtowagan, merchandise.
Mehallamen, to buy, to purchase.
Mehamentschit, robber; (from amentschiechten, -arch., A.)
Mehemendowan, to entreat somebody.
Mehemendowen, to ask pardon, to beg on.
Mehemetan lowaaan, agony of death.
Mehihschiu, barren.
Mehittachpin, to be born.
Mehittachpit, begotten.
Mehittachpoagan, birth.
Mehittgus, twig.
Mehittschoak, barren tree.
Mehittschohawi, corporeal material.
Mehittuk, tree.
Mehokhokus, red cedar.
Mehokquami, ice.
Mehokquamileno, hail.
Mehokquik, bloody.
Mehokquiman, red bird.
Mehokquinewagan, bloody flux.
Mehokquitamen, to bleed at the nose.
Mehowimi, raspberry; (wild black raspberry. A.)
Mehuk, blood.
Mehukachoook, copper snake.
Mehukuwi, bloody.
Mejauchsit, one, a certain one.
Mejauchsoagan, Z., an alliance, confederation.
Mejauchsu, one person.
Mejauchsuwin, Z., to ally, to become one.
Meken, to give away, to surrender.
Mekeniechink, the end, the last day.
Mekih, corruption, matter; (error; giving it up; an error of the copyist for melih. A.)
Mekis, sheep, (metnekis. imitative of bleating, A.)
Melandam, to vomit.
Melanschpen, to take a vomit.
Melanschpewagan, vomiting.
Melichgawan, pillow, cushion.
Melih, corruption, matter.
Melihasu, mattery, putrid.
Mellaam, to smell.
Memachtakeniman, to speak evil of somebody.
Memachtschilan, to speak evil to somebody.
Memachtschilissit, sinner; (of evil countenance. A.)
Memajauchsit, each one, every one.
Memakochkus, red-headed woodpecker.
Memanunxit, Z., ill-natured, surly.
Memedhakemo, turtle dove; (mowichleu, the wild dove. A.)
Memeechxiteu, barefoot.
Memeechxitin, to be barefooted.
Memekis, sheep.
Memekschachey, sheep skin.
Memeu, woodcock.
Memoukek, plain; (not in use; schingek, level. A.)
Memhallamund, merchant, trader.
Memoschanigat, toothless.
Memsochet, traveller; (vagabond, idler. A.)
Men'achk, fence, fort; (menaclikhasu, Z., fortified place.)
Menachkah, fence rail.
Menachtin, to drink with each other, to tipple with one another.
Menachtin, Z.. to get drunk (lit., to drink together. not necessarily intoxicants. A.)
Menantachk, swamp; (with trees meeting above. A.)
Menantak, pine swamp.
Menantschiwon, left hand; menantschiwonunk, to the left hand.
Menasowagan, jealousy, suspicion.
Menatehewagan, envy.
Menatey, island; (menach'hen. A.)
Menen, to drink.
Menenachkhasik, garden.
Menet, drunkard.
Meneton, to spend in drinking.
Menewagan, drinking.
Menewi, in some place; (all together in a place. A.)
Mengiechsu, a swan.
Mengwe, H., an Iroquois; (lit., glans penis. A.)
Menhakehhamat, gardener.
Menhasik, skimmed; (scum. A.)
Menichink, congregation.
Menniwi, in some places, not everywhere.
Menpekhasik, skim milk:
Menuppek, lake, sea; (any enclosed body of water, great or small. A.)
Menutes, sack bag; (generic. A.)
Mequik, bloody.
Mequit, bloody.
Mesak, building log; (m'sagawon, Z., a log house.)
Mesaquem, ear of corn.
Meschagen, to sit down; (out of use. A.)
Meschakan, wound; (out of use; meschillawa, wound. A.)
Meschandamen, to taste.
Meschatamen, to remember.
Mescheki, whole, entire, every bit.
Meschiechen, to slip, to fall.
Meschikaan, to come nigh to me, to draw near to somebody.
Meschuppalan, to sprinkle somebody.
Mesim, hickory nut.
Mesink, Z., an idol.
Mesissachowak, large stinging flies.
Mesissu, whole; (the me in many of these words not in use. A.)
Mesittewall, corn boiled whole; (out of use. A.)
Mesittschejeu, wholly, altogether.
Mesittschewi, quite, whole, entirely.
Messasquall, straw.
Messikanelan, to hail.
Messipook, the river drifts with ice.
Messixu, naked.
Mesukhoakan, glue.
Metachan, firewood.
Metachgelonen, to have told a ready lie.
Metakhammen, to cover.
Metakhan, to cover somebody.
Metapewit, wicked man; (a thievish fellow. A.)
Metaptonen, to break off speaking (he has said all he has to say. A.)
Metekenis, leather string.
Metelensit, humble being, low-minded person; (one who despises himself; metauelensit, humble person. A.)
Metellen, ten.
Metenaxin, to be ready.
Meteu, doctor; (out of use; it is derived from meteohet, to drum on a hollow body; a turkey cock is sometimes called meteu, from the drumming sound of his wings. The ancient medicine men used drums. A.)
Metirnmeu, wolf; (arch. the word at present is wiechcheu; lit., hairy dung, from the character of the excrement. A.)
Metschi, ready; already.
Metschiechgoch to bleed to death.
Metsc n., to fall in; to vanish.
Metschihilleu, old, worn out.
Metschimhammen, to lock.
Metschimi, soon, presently.
Metschipachgihhilleu, fallen off.
Metschitehenemoalan, to design evil against somebody.
Metschitschank, soul, spirit.
Metschitschi, at last, the last time.
Mettachquohhemen, to cover.
Michalappotis, spider.
Michtquin'otees, Z., a basket.
Miechakanak, ash; (white ash. A.)
Miechanatamen, to be ashamed.
Miechanelendam, to be ashamed of one's self.
Miechanelendamoagan, self shame.
Miechanessin, to be ashamed.
Miechanimgussin, to be made ashamed.
Miechaninaquot, shameful.
Miechanissowagan, shame.
Miechasquigamik, cabin covered with grass.
Miechbowe, plume of fowls; (the down, inner soft feathers. A.)
Miechhaqul, moss on trees.
Miechheken, hair.
Miechinquawon, eyebrow.
Miechponkthey, light white ashes.
Mietachsquall, hay.
Migihillan, to bow one's self down.
Migitamen, to bow toward.
Migomi, put me in mind.
Migopoquoak, taste.
Migun, quill; (miquin, a quill, miquinuk, feathers. A.)
Miguntin, to remind each other.
Mihillusin, to be aged. to be old.
Mihillusis, old man; (mih'hillosis, A.)
Mihn, huckleberry.
Mihnachpoan, huckleberry bread.
Mikemossin, to work, to labor; (out of use. A)
Mikemossit, laborer.
Mikemossowagan. work, labor.
Mikindamen, to do. to make.
Milach, hair; pl.,mulchall; (achtuch weichewall, Z. deer's hairs; allum meichwgenall, dog's hairs) (wilach, etc. A)
Milan, to give to somebody (not expecting a return. A.)
Mileen, H., the giving.
Milit, he who gives to me: (also, the thing given, A)
Militak, father-in-law or mother-in-law: (error, aunt. A.)
Miltin, to give; (giving each other, mutually A.)
Miltowagan, gift (without expectation of return. A.)
Minall, Z., huckleberries, pl.
Mindawelendam, to be discontented, to be troubled: (expresses the feeling of discontent from unsatisfied hopes. A.)
Mindawewagan, discontentment.
Mingachsa, better, a little better.
Minschu, glad; (out of use. A.)
Minsi., one of the three tribes of the Lenni Lenâpe' or Delawares; (from min-achsin-ink, where the stones are gathered together. A.)
Miqui, quite; far, far off;-palliwi, quite different; -pili, otherwise, by far otherwise.
Mis, elder sister; n'mis, kmis, my, thy, etc.
Mischenahan, to touch somebody, to handle someone.
Mischenummen, to receive, to get.
Misseachpin, to be always abroad. to be seldom at home, to go a gadding.
Misseachpitschik, those who live scattered.
Misshakeuchet, frequent traveler, pilgrim.
Missochwen, to walk about, to travel about.
Mitachkaniechink, manifest.
Mitachkaniechiton, to make manifest, to be revealed.
Mitachpin, Z.. to be born (lit., to be seen in existence, in a place. A.)
Mitsuagan, Z. food, aliment
Miwelendam, to forgive.
Miwelendaman, to forgive somebody.
Miwelendamen, to forgive.
Miwelendamoagan, forgiveness.
Mlizewagan, food, victuals, provision.
Mizin, to eat.
Mochgamen, to find.
Mochimsunga, Z., forefathers. ancestors.
Moekaneu, dog; (see Allum.)
Mokdomus, lizard.
Mokum, blood, a vein (moch'kum. A.)
Monachgeu, ground hog; (from monham. H.)
Monhacaniminshi, Z., dog wood (error. it is the black haw bush or tree. A. )
Monham, to dig; (munhageen, Z., to dig a hole.)
Moochwes, worm, caterpillar (white grub. A.)
Moochwetit, little worm.
Mos, elk, cow: (applied only to deer and elk. A.)
Moschachgeu, bald, bare, clear, not turbid.
Moschakantpeu, bald-headed.
Moschanigeu, toothless.
Moschhakquat, clear weather.
Moschiwi, clear, luminous, bare, naked; clearly, openly.
Moschpekat, clear water.
Mosigawan, cow stable.
Moskdonamen, to kiss; (from word for mouth, arch., at present sissama is used. H.)
Moskimus, Z. a hare (the small gray rabbit. A.)
Motit, little calf, (dim. of mos. A.)
Muchigischunemin, to keep holy day.
Muchomes, grandfather.
Mucliwoapingus, opossum.
Mui, Z., dung, excrement.
Muiminschi, wild cherry.
Muiui, Z., to be excrement.
Mukoos, awl, nail.
Munhacke, Z., a badger (see monacque).
Munschemen, to shave.
Muschgingus, rabbit.
Machtschilissowagan, sin.

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