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Paalochqueu, Z., a coquettish girl.
Paan, to come.
Pabhaku, a pheasant; (pachpachko. A.)
Pachat, split; (pachhaque, to split. A.)
Pachelammen, to split wood.
Pachenikan, frow, splitting iron.
Pachgammak, black ash; (at present, pechpohammen, the pounded wood. Baskets were made from this, the strips being obtained by pounding. A.)
Pachgammakan, cutlass.
Pachgandhatteu, all is ready.
Pachgandikan, maul, hammer (moquil, maul, possibly a corruption of the English;pachgan- dikan is now confined to the flat piece of wood used in beating wash clothes. A.)
Pachganuntschi, white walnut; (at present, quinokquim, = oblong nut. A.)
Pachgeechen, where the road turns off.
Pachgelendan, Z. To anger (lit., to go from the right road. A).
Pachgen, to turn out of the road.
Pachgihillan, to break, to break asunder; (pachgee, one who leave the road; pachgi- hillan, to leave the road way one side, to run off the road. A.)
Pachhalqueu, noon.
Pachhamawo, Z., the wild red plum (pochgama.)
Pachhaquuoakan, iron wedge.
Pachihillan, to split, to crack.
Pachkam'an, to beat somebody, to strike someone.
Pachkamen, to let blood.
Pachkenum, dark; (should be pak'enum, as below. A)
Pachkschawen, to cut meat.
Pachkschikan, knife.
Pachkunimmen, to break off.
Pachpanaloje, broad axe.
Pachsachenikan, tinder; (punk. A.)
Pachsa'jeek, Z. A vale or valley; dim, pachsajetit, a gulley.
Pachschaquoacan, broad saw, board saw.
Pachsegink, H., in the valley.
Pachsenummen, to pull.
Pachtschukquilkees, grasshopper.
Pachtschuppeu, soft, mild; (doubtful; at present this word means tapering, pointed. A.)
Packcha'ck, Z. A board.
Pagachtschateu, full, filled; (arch., A.)
Pagachtschaton, to fill (Pagachtschuchpeen. Z.)
Pagachtschiechen, filled.
Pagachtschuppen, to fill (used of liquids, A.)
Paiachkhikan, gun, rifle.
Paihakquenzxin, to be glad to see somebody.
Pakachtechin, to fall to the ground; (to fall forward. A.)
Pakachtehellan, to prostrate.
Pakallohu, Z. To halloo, to shout.
Pakandamen, to beat.
Pakandaptonen, to finish a discourse.
Pakandhatton, to repair, to make whole.
Pakantin, to box with each other; (to strike with anything. A.)
Pakantschi, complete, full; fully, entirely.
Pakantschiechen, accomplished.
Pakantschiechtasu, finished, completed.
Pakantschiechton, to fulfill, to complete.
Pakenum, dark.
Pakenummuihhilleu, it grows dark.
Pakihm, cranberries.
Pakitatamauwan, to forgive somebody.
Pakitatainawachtin, to forgive each other.
Pakitatamawaclitowagan, forgiveness.
Pakiton, to throw away.
Pakquehellan, to desert.
Palaton, to earn, to acquire; (arch., A.)
Palenach, five.
Palenachtchapachki, five hundred.
Palenachtchegit, fifth.
Palenachtche nachke, fifty.
Palippawe, buck.
Pallachpin, to be innocent.
Pallachpuwagan, innocence.
Palialogasin, to sin.
Pallalogasowaaan, crime, evil deed.
Pallatschimuin, to speak otherwise than the truth, to prevaricate.
Pallawewagan, transgression, guilt.
Pallelensin, to be innocent. Pallenummen, to make wrong, to set about wrongly.
Pailhammen, to be unable to perform.
Pallhiken, to shoot amiss; (pallakhiken. A.)
Pallhittehemen, to strike amiss.
Palliaan, to go away.
Pallihillan, to miss the time.
Pallikteminak, unfortunate, unlucky.
Pallilennemen, to put elsewhere.
Pallilinaquot, otherwise.
Pallilisgawan, to drive somebody away.
Palilissin, to do amiss; (now means, to look different from what was expected. A.)
Pallilissowagan, transgression.
Palliton, to spoil something, to do it wrong.
Palliundachqui, somewhere else; where else?
Palliuntschi, from somewhere else.
Paliwi, elsewhere, otherwise; different.
Palliwochwen, to go elsewhere,
Palpateu, it boils over; (it overflows, from any cause; pallikamindeu, water overflows because of a fire. A.)
Palsachtin, to be sickly.
Palsin, to be sick; (arch., A.
Palsittamen, to disbelieve.
Palsowagan, sickness.
Pangepoantit, bit of bread.
Pangeschin, to cut a piece.
Pangewi, a piece; (anything broken off. A.)
Pankhanne, steep bank.
Pankpechen, drop.
Papabin, to play; (arch., A.)
Papaches, woodpecker; (papachko. A.)
Papachgillintsch, the flat of the hand.
Papallachwilsummen, to miss one's luck. to miss one's chance. Papalligeen, Z., to spoil; see palliton.
Papaisin. to be very sickly.
Papciiakhitehasu., bruised.
Papeek, Z. a pond.
Papenauwelendam, to pay attention to, to be concerned for.
Papen'damen, to hear by chance; (error; it is an iterative from pendamen, to hear, and means to continue to hear. The initial syllable pa, gives the iterative or continuing sense in this and most of the following words. A.)
Papesu. Patient; (a person who waits. A.)
Papiluwulissin, to be otherwise disposed.
Papohhamen. to knock at the door.
Papommeuchtum, to go about weeping.
Papomminin, to go about idle.
Pasachtaje, wind in the belly.
Pasalanges, locusts.
Pasawinchikan, yeast.
Passenummen, to deny, to disown; (pasuen. A.)
Passihillachgechquiminschi, swamp oak.
Passikachk, board; also packchack.
Passikachkhen, to make boards.
Passitechin, to stumble.
Pasteu, it rises (bread).
Patachwilsin, to gain, to get; (pachtachwilsin, to gain by working. A.)
Patahowen, to overcome, to subdue.
Patahowewagan, Z., wages, pay.
Pataman, to pray.
Patamauwan, to pray to somebody, to worship.
Patamawos, God.
Patainoelchan, to pray for somebody.
Patamoelchittewagan, supplication for each other.
Patamoelchittin, to pray for one another.
Patamoelchuwewagan, intercession.
Patamoewagan. prayer, worship.
Patamoewigawan, house of prayer, temple, church.
Patatammoewagan, merit.
Pawalin, the corn blossom falls off.
Pawallessin, to be rich.
Pawallessit, rich person.
Pawallessohen, to make rich.
Pawallsoagan, wealth, riches.
Pawinquehiken, to shell corn.
Pawunnen, to sieve.
Pawunnikan, sieve.
Pecho, soon, by and bye; linitti, directly, in a little time.
Pechot, soon, near.
Pechotschi, very near, near by, close by.
Pechotschigalit, neighbor; (pechwigalit, he lives near me. A.)
Pechpommauchsohaluwet, Saviour.
Pechuwat, nigh, near.
Pechuwelendam, to think one's self near.
Pechuwigamen, to be near somebody.
Pechuwihhilleu, the time is near.
Pechuwat, nigh, near.
Pechewelendam, to think one's self near.
Pechewigamen, to be near somebody.
Pechewihhilleu, the time is near.
Pechewwi, near.
Pedhakquon, it thunders.
Peechgaugatase, knee, calf; (dub., refers to the joint or bend of the limb. A.)
Peechgawinachgaja, calf of the elbow.
Pegenawan, to dress somebody, to clothe someone.
Pegenind, dressed.
Pegenink, darkness.
Pege, Z., by chance (error, it means to be tired of. A.).
Pegui, dressed, clothed; (equit, the clothing. A.)
Peguwoagan, clothing, dress, finery.
Pehachpamhangik, seafarers.
Pehawan, to wait for somebody.
Pehowen, to wait.
Pejat, he that cometh.
Pejeju, it comes.
Pejewike, it comes, it draweth nigh.
Pekandaptonen, to have finished speaking.
Pekandapanke, when it is quite daybreak.
Pekenink, H., in the dark.
Peki, perhaps then.
Pelachpit, one that is innocent, a guiltless person.
Pelsittank, unbeliever.
Peltowak, they are coming.
Pemachpin, to be present.
Pemachtiewit, any creature that lives upon grass.
Pemapanik, the heavens, sky.
Pemapuchk, rock.
Pemauchsohaluwed, he who makes live; Saviour.
Pemauchsoheen, to make live, to cause to live.
Pemauchsowaptonamik, word of life.
Pemetonhen, to preach.
Pemhakamik, earth; (the landscape within the horizon. A.)
Pemhakamixit, man; the world, mankind; (it rather means all living creatures, not man only. A.)
Pemhakamixitschik, mankind.
Pemhallachpen, to hunt in company.
Pemi, until now; about this time, at present.
Pemmetonhen, to preach.
Pemsit, he that walketh; walker.
Pemuteneyik, the towns round about.
Pendamen, to hear; to understand.
Pendameuhen, to cause to hear, to make known.
Pendaquot, it is heard.
Pendaskitquehelleu, a rising river which swells the water of a creek.
Pendawachtin, to hear one another.
Peneawan, to hear somebody.
Pengelaku, dusk; (from pange, piece. A.)
Penihillan, to fall off, to fall down.
Penipachgihhilleu, it falls off.
Pennahum, to break off, to knock down.
Pennamen, to see, to behold.
Pennassiechen, downwards, down hill.
Pennassin, to come down; pinasse, down hill (means now, to see, to look. A.).
Pennauwan, to look at somebody.
Pennauweleman, to consider about somebody. to be concerned for someone, to take care of somebody.
Pennauwelendam, to think, to consider,
Pennauwelendamoagan, consideration.
Pennawachtin, to look at each other.
Penquihilleu, dried.
Penquon, dry; (alludes to fabrics, clothes, skins, etc. A. )
Penundhiken, to testify, to bear witness, to show unto.
Penundhikewoagan. testimony, direction.
Petixumnien, to dry.
Pepachgamgussowacgan, beating, striking.
Pepachizank, calamus-root; sweet flag.
Pepachgekingil, branches; (twig, etc., anything that grows from the side,root, pach. A.)
Pepachgitshiminhis, manifold in the belly of animals.
Pepachkhamatunk, Z., a lancet (or lance).
Pepalistank. unbeliever.
Pepaisittaamen, Z., disobedient.
Pepenaus, looking-gIass.
Pepetelan, showers of rain: it rains now and then.
Pepguschikan, anger.
Peptukquekhikenk, compass; circle.
Pescngonk, nine.
Peschgonktchapachki, nine hundred
Peschgonktchenachke, ninety.
Peschuwat, near.
Pesoop, he waited.
Petachdonamen, to come to seek.
Petachgussin, to climb hither.
Petapan, daybreak; dawn.
Petapaniui, at break of day.
Petaquiechen, the water is rising.
Petaschowen, to swim hither.
Petasemowik, giving light, shining hither,
Petasummawan, to give light to somebody, to shine unto some one.
Petauchsin, to live until now.
Petauchsoheen, to cause to live until now; to preserve one's life until this time.
Petawoatamen, to expect.
Petekhamman, to write to somebody.
Petenumman, to be brought to somebody; (Pet'numawan, to reach something to some one. A.)
Peteuchtummen, to come weeping.
Pethakwonn, Z, a thunder gust. See pedhakwon.
Pethinquechin, to look hither.
Petisgamen, to drive hither.
Petiscyauwan, to chase or drive hither.
Peton, to bring.
Petschi, until, unto; until here, so far, (up to here., A.)
Petschihilleu, it draws near; he is coming on.
Petschimuin, to fly or escape hither; (error; it means to decoy animals, lit., to draw them hither. A.)
Petschitehen, to think so far.
Petscholtin, to come hither.
Peuchtowagan, patience.
Pichpemmetonhet, preacher, minister.
Pichtaweu, double.
Pidhitehemen, to cut one's self.
Pihm, to sweat; (n'dapipihm. H., I come from sweating at the sweat house.)
Pihmoakan, sweat house.
Pikihilleu, torn, rent in pieces.
Pikschummen, to cut fine.
Pilapeu, big boy; (a grown-up lad, not yet connected with a woman. A.)
Pilawessin, to be a boy.
Pilawetit, little boy.
Pilawetschitsch, boy; (the ordinary word for boy is skahenso. A.)
Pilewiechgussin, to be cleansed, to be made pure. to be sanctified.
Pilhik, clean, pure.
Pili. otherwise, another; auwen, some one else keku, something else.
Pililinaquot. it looks otherwise.
Pilkisch, peach.
Pilsin, to be clean, to be chaste.
Pilsit, chaste, pure.
Pilsohalgussowagan, holiness, purity.
Piluwi, clean. chaste.
Piluwinaquot, it looks cleanly.
Pimachtelinque, squint-eyed.
Pimenatan, thread; (n'bimenate. Z., I make thread.)
Pim'eu, slanting, oblique.
Pimiechen, slanting.
Pimiechton, to make slanting.
Pimihilleu, it is oblique.
Pimingus, red squirrel.
Pimoacun, Z., a sweat house. See Pihm.
Pimochkhasu, stirred, moved.
Pimochqueu, turned, twisted.
Pimochquikan, stirring-ladle.
Pindachsenacan, Z., tobacco pouch (cartridge pouch. A. ).
Pindalanak, white pine.
Pindassenakan, a tobacco pouch.
Pindawan, to clothe somebody, to dress some one.
Pindham, to put in, to fill.
Pindhasu, loaded, charged.
Pindhewachton, to put in a bag; (means simply to put in, as in a room, etc. A.)
Pindhikan, ramrod; sausage.
Pindpehellachtikan, funnel.
Pintschihillachtauwan, to put clothes on somebody.
Pintschihillachton, to put on; to make slip in.
Pintschixin, to creep in.
Pipaan, to come awhile ago.
Pipinamen, to choose.
Pipinamoagan, an election (choosing of any kind. A.)
Pischk, night-hawk.
Piselid-tulpe, large sea-tortoise.
Piselisso, shrunken, wrinkled.
Pisgaje, it holds much.
Pisgapamoaquachtop, it was dusk.
Pisgapamukquot, dusky, somewhat dark.
Pisaeke, by night (last night. A. ); pisgeep, it was night.
Pisgenemen, to grow dark.
Pisgeu, dark, night; (lit., it is dark. A.)
Pisgihilleu, it grows dark, night sets in.
Pishikamen, to go to meet somebody.
Pisikolis, snipe; large grey snipe.
Pit, perhaps.
Pitaptonen, to blunder in speaking.
Pitawegiechen, double.
Pitawigawan, porch in front of a house; -penthouse.
Piteet, perhaps.
Pitelaweminschi, honey locust tree.
Pitenummen, to make a mistake.
Pi'tey, Z., foam, froth (pichteu, it foams. A.).
Pitku Jlentsch, the fist.
Pitschi, accidentally, by chance, inadvertently; unforeseen.
Piwitak, aunt; (n'militak. A.)
Pixu, ragged, rent; (tom, scratched in body. A.)
Pkindey, light ashes.
Pkuschikan, auger, gimlet.
Plipitehan, to knock somebody on the head.
Plitey, junk of fire, firebrand.
Poaktschehellan, to jump over a fence.
Poam, thigh; ham.
Poawin, to conceive; to be pregnant (lit., to become swollen. A.)
Pochenikan, drum.
Pochquachpus, Z, a mouse.
Pohonasin, Z, to beat the drum (to beat; to pound; to lift up; pochonummeu, he drums. A.)
Pokawachne, a creek between two hills.
Pokhakenikan, grave; (from pokhaweu, a hole or hollow in the ground. A.)
Pokhannnen, to knock out, to knock in, to break.
Pokqueu, clam, muscle.
Pomih', fat, oil, tallow.
Pomihen, to beat oil.
Pomillachtan, to go by water.
Pommauchsin, to live.
Pommauchsowagan, life.
Pommauchsowaganit, he who is the life.
Pommauchsuwi, living.
Pommenan, to beat somebody, to conquer somebody.
Pommihilleu, it flies away.
Pomminehiken, to dispute.
Pomminehotin, to dispute with one another.
Pommipeso, lath.
Pommisgen, to begin to walk.
Pommissin, to go afoot, to walk.
Pommitachpanschi, lath.
Pommixin, to creep. Pomsin, to walk.
Ponelendam, to quit, to give up, to be no more concerned.
Ponemen, to let go, to leave off.
Pongus, sand fly.
Poniton, to let be. to remain; ponihil, H., let me alone.)
Ponk, dust. (ashes. powder. A.)
Ponxu, full of sand flies.
Poochpsin, to be weakly.
Pooxit, the month of falling leaves; October.
Popachgandamen. to beat, to strike.
Popanpechen, it drops.
Popetelan. it rains now and then; it rains by showers,
Popohham, to knock.
Popokus, partridge.
Poquewachen, higher road.
Poquewi, straightway.
Poquiechen, broken.
Poquiechton, to break.
Poquihhilleu, broken.
Poquihillachton, to break in two.
Potatikan, pumpkin-stem pipe.
Pottenin, to take off.
P'quitehican, Z., a chisel.
Psakqtuechen, close together, tight.
Psakquietehasu, crucified.
Psakulinscheu, Z., a squirrel.
Psattewoan, tinder.
Pschiki, Z. fine, pretty. See schigi.
Psindamoakan, parched meal.
Psindhammen, to cover with earth.
Psindpeu, overflowed with water.
Ptukalluns, bullet; (lit., round missile. A.)
Ptukhanne, crooked river or creek.
Ptukhikan, round ball.
Ptukquim, walnut.
Ptukquminschi, black walnut.
Ptukquinschu, bowl, dish.
Ptukschummen, to cut round.
Ptichtschessu, hollow.
Pulpecat, deep dead water (walpecat, very deep water. A.).
Pumoe, a boil.
Pundhen, to weigh.
Pundhikan, steelyards.
Punk, Z., ashes, dust; gunpowder. See ponk.
Pusihn, Z., to enter a canoe (or any vehicle. A.)
Putam, to escape.
Putamohen, to cause to escape.
Putawen, to blow; (puta'tamen, to blow as in starting a fire. A.)
Putawoakan, bellows.
Putschek, corner of a room.
Putschisktey, poison vine (it,'Izatc-Iiiskeip. A.)

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