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A, indeed, well.
Aan, to go: (aal, in Minsi, A.)
Abtschi, Always: -likhqui, at all times.
Abtschiechgochgihillen, to bleed to death.
Abtschihillak, the whooping cough; (abtschihillank. A.)
Abtschinalittin, Z., to die in battle; (they kill each other. A.)
Abtschinaluxin, to be afflicted, to be tormented to death.
Acheweli, Z., necessary (dub., A.).
Achewen, bushy; a bush, thicket (dub., A.).
Achewiecheu, strong, spirituous.
Achewon, strong, spirituous; (archaic, A.)
Achgachemawachtin, to share with each other.
Achgahamauwan, to distribute to somebody.
Achgahikewagan, distribution, division.
Achgameu, broad, wide.
Achgegenummen, to choose.
Achge'gim, to teach, to instruct.
Achgegingen, to teach.
Achgegingewagan, teaching, information.
Achgeketum, E., a teacher; (A'achgekinket, A.)
Achgelinquoam, to behold, to look; (arch., A.)
Achgelunen, to lie.
Achgeluneuch, E., a liar.
Achgenindewagan, accusation, bad report.
Achgenindin, to blame one another.
Achgepchoau, to be deaf.
Achgepinqueu, to be blind; (to be blindfolded, A.)
Achgepinquot, blind.
Achgetaktschehellau, to jump over the fence; (lit.,to brace one's self for a jump, A.)
Achgettemagelo, merciful.
Achgettemakinaquot, poorly looking.
Achgigihawan, to mock or laugh at somebody;(arch., A.)
Achgigulan, to sleet.
Achigiguwen, to play, to be noisy, to be lively,to be jocular.
Achgiguwewagan, sport, pastime.
Achgiiki, mocking, jesting.
Achgikbi, elm, the elm tree.
Achginchen, to be quick of hearing.
Achgindamen, Z., to count (also, to read, A.).
Achgiuchsowagan, drunkenness.
Achgiwalan, to deceive somebody; (arch., A.)
Achgiwalittewagan, deceit, fraud.
Achgiwalittin, to deceive, to cheat.
Achgonican, or Achquanican, Z., a fish dam.
Achgook, snake.
Achgukbi, Z., an elm tree.
Achgumen, dull, cloudy.
Achgumhok, cloud.
Achgumhokquot, cloudy; (fig., to be still, E.)
Achgunnan, to clothe somebody; (achgunha, A.)
Achgussin, to burn the kettle; (dub., A.)
Achibis, to bind up or dress a wound; (dub.,perhaps from gachtun, to bind, A.)
Achkindiken, to read; (achkinsink, to read, A.)
Achkiwelendam, to be disquieted, to be troubled in mind; (alludes to harsh occurrences, A.)
Achkiwitehewagan, irresolution.
Achochwen, to have bad travelling.
Achowalogen, to labor hard, to toil.
Achowat, hard, difficult, dangerous, painful, trouble-some; (achwat, A.)
Achowelendam, to think difficult.
Achpa'mi, about, thereabouts.
Achpamsin, to walk, to walk about.
Achpanschi, beam, log for a house.
Achpateuny, E., the east wind.
Achpekok, wound; (arch., A.)
Achpequot, wounded; achpequat, Z., full of holes, frompquihilleu, it has a hole.
Achpin, to be there, to be at home.
Achpineen, abode, residence; Z. epienk, where we are.
Achpiney, place to sleep on; achpinink, a bed,Z.)
Achpi'que, flea.
Achipiquon, flute, fiddle (any musical instrument, A.)
Achpitawan, to be or abide in somebody.
Achpitpannik, ancestors, Z. (lit., old residents, A.).
Achpitschiechen, to stop, to prevent.
Achpi'xu, full of fleas.
Achpoaliman, to mock somebody, to laugh at someone.
Achpoan, bread; n'dapponhe, I make bread; achpohewak, they make bread.
Achpoantit, piece of bread, small loaf.
Achpoem, roasted corn.
Achpoques, mouse; (achpiques, A.)
Achpussin, to roast, to boil.
Achquaneman, H., a bushnet for fishing.
Achquanxowagan, lasciviousness, whoredom.
Achquetahen, to shoot at a mark.
Achquetschiechgugsin, to be tempted.
Achquetschiechtowagan, temptation.
Achquidhakamike, upon earth.
Achquin, to put on clothes; (ehquink, clothing, A.)
Achquindowagan, accusation, charge.
Achquipelawon, hoe.
Achquiwanis, blanket; (black or broad cloth, A.)
Achquoaici'lennees, Z., blackberries.
Achquoanan, to catch something with a net.
Achquoanemen, to fish with a bushnet.
Achquoani'kan, bushnet.
Achquoanquigeu, long timber.
Achschiechey, Z., a nest.
Achschikiminschi, fern.
Achsehhellen, to scatter, to disperse; (seh'ellen, A.)
Achsin, stone; pl., chotachsin. Z (an archaic plural; now achsinall, A.).
Achsinemhoan, pewter spoon.
Achsinhittehikan, steel trap.
Achsinn'aminschi, sugar maple.
Achsinnigeu, stony.
Achtschingi, scarcely, hardly.
Achtschingiochwen, to venture to go.
Achtschinkhalan, to persuade somebody; to force somebody.
Achtschinkhewagan, disobedience; (achtscheyinkgeusink, A.)
Achtschipaptonen, to talk strangely, to speak roughly.
Achtschipilissin, to act strangely, to behave wonderfully.
Achtu, deer; (achto' A.)
Achtuchwiecheken, deer's hair.
Achtuchwiminschi, red root.
Achtuhhu, plenty of deer.
Achwamallsin, to feel great pain; (to suffer in sickness. A.)
Achwangundowagan, lasting peace.
Achwangundowi, very peaceable.
Achwilek, hard, troublesome time; achwileu, A, it is a troublesome time.
Achwipisgeu, pitch dark.
Achwon, strong, spirituous; (forcible, violent, A.)
Achwowangeu, steep, high bank of a river.
Ahanhokqui, descended from, sprung from.
Ahas, a crow; (ahasso. A.)
Ahhino, a rich man; (dub., A.)
Ahiktek, a strowd.
Ahoalan, to love somebody; ahoaltie'que, E., if you love.
Ahoalgussit, the beloved.
Ahoaltin, to love one another.
Ahoaltowagan, love.
Ahoaltowaganit, he that is love.
Ahoaltuwamallsin, to feel love.
Ahoaltuwi, loving.
Ahoatam, to esteem, to value.
Ahochwalquot, hard going, difficult travelling.
Ahotasu, Z, dear, beloved (ahoatasu; does not apply to persons, but to things. A.).
Ahoweli, willful.
Ahowoapewi, strong; (power of endurance. A.)
Ajandamalquot, it is to be wished; it is desirable.
Ajandamoagan, desire.
Ajandamuwi, desired, wished for.
Ajanhelendam, to be indifferent, to be unconcerned.
Ajanhelendamoagan, indifference.
Ajanhissowagan, indifference, calmness of mind.
Ajapeu, buck.
Ajappawe, early in the morning.
Ajaskemi, for good and all.
Aje'ma, if, if only, if but; be so and please.
Aji', take it.
Ajummen, to buy, to purchase.
Akquiwan, blanket; (black cloth. A. See achquiwanis.)
Alaaptonen, to break off in speaking.
Alachimoagan, rest; (the preflx alach is used to signify incapacity or inability. A.)
Alachimoatenamin, to rest happy.
Alachimuin, to rest.
Alagendowenke, after Sunday.
Alagischgu, day is spent.
Alahikan, a mark (to shoot at).
Alakqui, 'tis a pity!
Alakschachan, the wind ceases.
Alalechen, to cease breathing, to die; (dub., see equilechleje,. A.)
Alalechet, the dying.
Alamachtagen, to stop fighting.
Alamikemossen, to stop working.
Alapenauwelendam, to leave off, to quit, to give up.
Alappa. tomorrow; (ajappa. A.) Alappaje, early in the morning.
Alappiechsin, to speak fast.
Alasohen, to separate; (more exactly, to go asunder. A.)
Alawossin, to be unable to perform; to be incapable of doing.
Alemoagan, fear, apprehension; (arch., A.)
Alende, some.
Alett, rotten.
Alhakquot, stormy, rainy; land rain.
Alike, yet, still, nevertheless, however; for; already.
Allacquelendam, to be repentant.
Allamachtey, womb; (lit., and generally, the inward parts. A.)
Allamawunke, Z., under the hill.
Allamhakink, in the earth.
Allami, in there, therein, within.
Allamijey, in there, therein, within.
Allamuin, Z., the war whoop (arch. See Kowamo. A.)
Allamunk, in there, therein, within.
Allanque, star.
Allapehhellan, to rock somebody.
Allapi, E., listen! here! (dub., A.)
Allapijeyjuwagan, activity, quickness.
Allauwin, to hunt.
Allemakewunk, on the north side of a hill.
Allemewachton, to carry abroad.
Allemiapuawachto, -tangawachto, -tatchawachto, -tepawachto, falls in price; -tatchittin, to decrease.
Allemih'hillen, to pass by, to fly; (ellameh'hilan. A.)
Allemiminschik, sarsaparilla.
Allemitschellachton, to roll along.
Allewussowagan, majesty; (lit., greater power; a comparative form. A.)
Allogalan, to send somebody.
Allogalgussin, to be sent.
Allogagan, servant.
Allogaganin, to keep a servant.
Alloge'wagan, work.
Allohak, strong, powerful; more powerful; (a comparative form. A.)
Allohakasin, to teach, to instruct; (lit., to have power over another. A.)
Allohumasin, to show.
Alloku, lean; poor. (probably for alloqueu, -it is too bad, it is inferior. A.)
Allokuwagan. leanness.
Alloquepi, hat; cap.
Allouchsit, strong, mighty.
Allouchsoagan, strength.
Allowat, strong, mighty.
Allowelemuwi, valuable.
Allowelendam, to esteem highly; to prize above everything.
Allowelendamoagan, great esteem, high estimation.
Allowigamen, to overcome, to subdue.
Allowihillen, to leave over.
Allowilek, that which is above everything, most weighty.
Allowiwi, more, yet more, much more; rather; -mehek, greater.
Allum, dog; (more exactly, any domesticated animal. A.) (Compare moekaneu and linchum.)
Allumaptonen, to say on.
Allumes, little dog, pup; (young of any domestic animal. A.)
Allumhammochwen, to set off by water.
Allummahen, to throw.
Allummeuchtummen, to go away weeping.
Allummochachton, to carry away.
Allummochwalan, to bring somebody away
Allum'sin, to go away.
Allumtoonhen, to say on.
Alluns, arrow, bullet; (especially and originally, arrow. A.)
Allunshikan, bullet mold.
Allunsinutey, shot bag.
Alod, for, yet.
Am, well, indeed.
Amakquitehemen, to cut off; (amank'itshen, to knock off. A.)
Amamchachwelendamen, to suffer.
Aman, fishing line, rope; n'dapiaman, H., I come from fishing with a hook and line; (aman, properly, cord, string. A.)
Amanatak, fishing line.
Amandamen, to feel.
Amandamoagan, feeling.
Amandamuwi, sensitive.
Amangachgenimgussowagan, the being elated by praise.
Amangachpoques, rat.
Amangamek, large fish.
Amanganachquiminschi, Spanish oak.
Amanghattachcat, coarse linen.
Amangi, big, great, large.
Amangiechsin, to speak loud, to cry out.
Amatschiechsin, to speak brokenly.
Amatschipuis, turkey buzzard.
Amatschisowapasigan, the herb "colt's foot."
Ambeson, Z., an Indian cradle.
Amechachwilawechtowagan, chastisement.
A'mel, Z., a hammer.
Amemens, child.
Amemensuwi, childlike, childish.
Amementit, babe.
Amemi, pigeon; (memi. A.)
Amendchewagan, disobedience, stubbornness.
Amentschinsin, to praise, to give honor.
Ametschimi, often;-ne leep, there was more done.
Amiga, long, a long time.
Amimi, Z., a dove. See Amemi.
Amintschindewagan, praise.
Amintschiuchsin, to disobey.
Amintschiuchsowagan, disobedience.
Amochol, canoe, boat.
Amocholes, little canoe.
Amocholhe, poplar; (the buttonwood or sycamore; lit., the boat wood, as canoes were made from it. A.)
Amoe, bee; wasp; (a generic term for the kind, A.)
Amoewiwikwam, bee hive.
Amoquigachschechin, to bruise the finger nail.
Amoschimoe, spike buck; yearling.
Amueen, Z., to angle.
Amuigenan, to raise somebody up.
Amuin, to arise.
Amuiwagan, resurrection.
Anakan, pl., all, mat made of rushes.
Anatschihuwewagan, care, cautiousness.
Anatschiton, to take care.
Andhanni, bullfrog.
Anechwunaltey, bark canoe.
Anehku, bark; (anechuin. A.)
Anena, by little and little; by degrees;-ikalissi, the more, more and more.
Anenawi, by little and little, by degrees;-mcheli, the more, more and more.
Anetassoagan, Z., helplessness.
Aney, road, walking road, path.
Angellen, to die; (lit., going to decay, may be applied to animate objects during life. A.)
Angellowagan, death.
Angellowi, mortal, deadly.
Anhoktonhen, to interpret.
Anicus, Z., a mouse, a ground squirrel pl., anixak.
Aninsihhillen, the young of a bird or fowl.
Anischik, thank'e; thanks.
Anixigischuch, (the month in which the ground squirrels begin to run), January.
Ankhittasowagan, loss.
Ankhitton, to lose.
Anoschi, shoe-string.
Anschiwi, more by degrees.
Ansenummen, to take together.
Ansiptikin, to bind up into sheaves, chachsin, to warm the hands.
Apachtoquepi, crown.
Apachtschiechton, to display, to set something up, to attach one's self to, to fix upon.
Apagihen, to come from planting.
Apaligen, to tread upon; (achpaligen. A.)
Apallauwin, to come from hunting.
Apalogen, to come from work.
Apami, in vain.
Apanachen, to come from cutting wood.
Apatschin, to come back, to return.
Apel, apple.
Apemikemossin, to stop working.
Apendamen, to enjoy, to make use of.
Apendelluxin, to be made partaker.
Apendelluxowagan, the being made partaker.
Apensoagan, Z., enjoyment, fruition.
Apensuwi, useful., enjoyable.
Apipachgihhillen, to bud, to shoot forth.
Apit, by the way.
Apitchanehhellen, contrary mind.
Apitschi, after a little while, by and by.
Apittehikan, anvil; (lit., where one thing is struck upon another. A.)
Aptatschin, to freeze to death.
Aptelendam, to grieve to death.
Aptonagan, word; chapter; (strictly, a word. A.)
Aptonaltin, to speak with each other.
Aptonen, to speak.
Aptuppeu, drowned.
Apuangellen, to die easily; to die quickly.
Apuat, easy, easily.
Apuawachto, cheap.
Apuelendam, to think easy.
Apuichton, to make easy, to make light.
Aputschiechton, to turn the wrong side out.
Ascaletschi, unripe.
Aschanquussin, to be cast away; to be rejected.
Aschite, then.
Aschowin, to swim; aschowill, n'daschwul, I swim.
Aschowitchan, raft.
Aschtehhellen, to go or cross over one another.
Aschtetehasik, Z., the cross; (aschtetehican, A. the former refers to the stick, the latter to the symbol.)
Aschukiso, poor, worth nothing, beggar.
Asgask, green; askeu, Z. (this means "raw;" askasqueu, it is green, for a leaf, etc. A.)
Asgaskachgook, green snake.
Asgelendam, to wait with impatience.
Aski, must, necessitated, obliged.
Askiquall, grass, herbs.
Askiwi, raw, green.
Aspenummen, to lift up.
Aspenuxin, to be lifted up.
Aspin, to ascent; (ispin. A.)
Aspinachken, to lift up the hand.
Aspochwen, to go up, to ascend.
Aspoquen, to raise the eye.
Assisku, mud, clay.
Assiskuju, muddy, dirty, marshy.
Assisquahoos, earthen pot; assiskequahos, E.
Assisquohasu, daubed with clay.
Assisquohen, to mix clay.
Atenkpatton, to quench fire.
Atschimolehan, to relate to somebody.
Atschimolsin, to consult, to hold counsel.
Atschimolsoagan, counsel, advice.
Atta, no, not;-am, not at all;-auwen, nobody; hasch, no never; -ihaschi, never, nevermore; at no time; -ulewi, not at all true; -kocku, nothing;-tani, by no means.
Attach, moreover, beyond, above.
Attago, no, by no means.
Auchsin, to be hard to deal with.
Auchsu, (of beasts) wild, untractable; (of men)
Avaricious, difficult to deal with.
Auchsuwagan, Z,, fury, anger.
Awechemos, creature, cattle.
Awe'hellea, Z., a bird (this is the generic term now in use. It means self-suspended, referring to the flight of birds. A.)
Awehhelleu, bird, fowl; (applied to large fowls, etc. A.)
Auweken, to make use of.
Auwen, who, somebody, which; -ha? Who then? -ma? who is there?
Auweni? who is it?
Auwih! oh! (exclamation of pain.)
Auwijewi, yet, however,
Awelemukunees, young buck.
Awelendam, to be certain, to be sure.
Awendam, to suffer pain.
Awendamoagan, suffering.
Awendamowanglowagan, painful death.
Awendamuwi, painful.
Awessis, beast.
Awonn, fog, mist.
Awossachtenne, over or beyond the hill.
Awossagame, heaven; (lit., the place beyond or out of sight. A.)
Awossake, behind the house.
Awossakihakan, that side of the plantation.
Awosschakque, over the log or tree.
Awosseki, over the leaf; (dub., A.)
Awossenachk, over the fence, behind the fence.
Awossenuppeque, over the lake.
Awossi, over, over there, beyond, on the other side, behind.
Awossijey, over, over there, beyond, on the other side, behind.
Awossin, to warm one's self.
Awullakenim, to laud, to praise.
Awullakeniman, to praise somebody.
Awullakenimoagan, praise.
Awullsittamen, to obey.
Awullsittamsewagan, obedience.
Awullsittamuwi, obedient.
Awullsu, good, fine, pretty; (animate, pl. auwulsuak; inanimate, auwultu,pl.auwultol,) (from wulissu). A.


Bambil, (pl. ak) book, letter: (applied to any writing or writing material. A.)
Bambilenutey, pocket book.
Beson, medicine, physic; (Out of use. A. See chappik it is for mbeson, q. v.)
Bihilewen, to be hoarse.
Biminaten, to spin; (see under P.)
Bingtschwanak, E., the pupil of the eye.
Bischi, yes, indeed, to be sure; (biesch, H. ibid.)
Bischik, yes, indeed, to be sure.
Bischuwi, wilderness; (arch., A.)
Blaknik, flying squirrel.
Blenhotik, black snakeroot.
Bloeu, Z., a turkey cock. (Ploeu, turkey of either sex. A.)
Bochwejesik, Z., joint of the foot.
Bochwinan, to skin an animal.
Bohhuhachqua, basket wood.
Bohhuhan, to peal off the rind of a tree.
Bokandpechin, to bruise the hand.
Bonihen, to lay on (wood on a fire).


Ceppitsch, Z., a conspiracy.
Chaasch, eight.
Chaaschtchapachki, eight hundred.
Chaaschtchenachke, eighty.
Chaihoak, Z., clothes-lice.
Challanunschi, sumach.
Chammap, Z., fed (he or it was fed. A.).
Chans, elder brother.
Chanson, bedstead.
Chasquem, Indian corn.
Chauchschisis, old woman.
Chauwalanne, fork-tailed eagle.
Chawachto, dear, high priced.
Cheiho, Z., the body (means that which is whole, entire. A.).
Cheinutey, saddle bag.
Cheli, much.
Chelit, a great deal.
Ches, pl. ak, skin; leather; machtschilokees, Z., a leather string. (Choi, a pelt. A.)
Chesimus, younger brother or sister.
Chessachgutakan, leather breeches.
Cheweleleney, manifold.
Cheyjantup, Z., a scalp.
Chinqualippa, great buck.
Chiquasu, patched, mended.
Chitquen, deep water, high water.
Choanschikan, Virginian (virginity?)
Chokquinen, to cough.
Chokquineu, A., he has a disease with coughing.
Chokquinewagan, cough.
Chottschinschu, big trough, large bowl; chotachsun, Z., a large stone.
Chowasquall, old dry grass.
Chumm, daughter-in-law; (lit., my daughter-in-law. A.)
Chuppecat, deep, high water.
Chwelensowagan, pride.
Chwelhammook, great many deer tracks.
Chweli, much, many; chweltol, as many; chwelopannik, there were many.
Chwelokunak, many nights.
Clagacheu, H., it is aground, or, rests on something.
Clahican, Z, a steel trap.
Clamachpin, Z, to sit still; clamachphil! H., sit still!
Clamhattenmoagan, Z, steadiness.
Clammieche, Z, to lie still.
Clampeechen, Z., still or standing water.
Colassu, Z., sweat by a bath.
Combach (quall), Z, leaf, leaves of a tree; cumbachquiwi, it is full of leaves; compare wunissak (arch., A.).
Commoot, or, Commootgeen, Z., stolen.
Cub'bachcan, thick; cubbachcan packchack, a thick board; cubbachcan schackeef, a thick skin.
Cuwe, Z, pine tree; cuweuchac, pine wood (properly p'koweu, it is sticky, alluding to the resin. A.)


Dachiquamen, to patch, to mend.
Dachiquoagan, a patch.
Dajasgelendam, to desire ardently, to wait for with much concern.
Dalakihillen, to tear, rend in two.
Dalaktschetechen, to fall and burst open.
Dallumens, tame creature; (any domestic animal, see allums. A.)
Damachgigamen, to tread under foot.
Damaskhikan, a scythe.
Damaskhiken, to mow.
Damaskus, muskrat; (dub. mod. chuaskquis. A.)
Dawamhican, Z., the jaw bone.
Delachgapachgunk, in the clift of a rock.
Dellemangan, the thick part of the arm; (thy, etc.)
Dellsoagan, manner, custom, habit; (thy habit, A.)
Demasxalo, a file.
Despehhellan, to have the smallpox (dub., A)
Dulheu, Z., bosom, breast (with possessives)


E-e, H., yes (lazily).
Echgoquijeque, ye serpents.
Eemhoanis, spoon. Eenhawachtin, to pay one another, to satisfy each other.
Eenhawachtowagen, payment, reward.
Eenhen, to pay.
Eenhiken, to pay; (enhe'ken. A.)
Eesgans, Z., a needle (arch., A.)
Eet, perhaps, may be.
Egohan, H., yes, indeed!
Eh! Eh! Exclamation of approbation.
Ehachgahiket, distributer, divider.
Ehachpink, place; ehachpit, Z., his place.
Ehachpit, his place, his habitation.
Ehachpussitunk, gridiron.
Ehachquink, clothing.
Ehachquit, etc., his cloth, etc.
Ehachtubuwing, Z., a cup.
Ehalluchsit, the mighty and powerful.
Ehamhittehukuk, battery of a gun lock.
Ehangelikgik, the dead; (arch., A.)
Ehasgitamank, watermelon.
Ehelamek, ribbon.
Ehelandawink, ladder.
Ehelekhigetonk, ink.
Ehelikhique, at which time.
Ehelilamank, well, spring, fountain; (a running or flowing spring. A.)
Ehelinguatek, stove pipe.
Ehendachpuink, a table.
Ehenendhaken, to speak a parable.
Ehes, mussel; clam.
Eheschandek, window.
Eheschapamuk, Z., a bottle; (anything of glass, A.)
Ehoalan (pl. Ehoalachgik), beloved, dear.
Ehoalgussit, the beloved.
Ehoalid, my lover.
Ejaja, etc., where, wherever or whither I go, etc.
Ekajah! aye! aye! exclamation of surprise.
Ekamejek, broadness.
Ekamhasik, broad.
Ekee! ay! exclamation of surprise.
Ekesa! H., for shame!
Ekhokiike, at the end of the world.
Ekih! O my! exclamation of pain.
Ekisah! exclamation of indignant surprise.
Ekoqualis, raspberry.
Eksasamallsin. To fell less pain, to feel better.
Eksaselendam, to diminish, to de-esteem.
Eksaselendamoagan, restraint, abridgment.
Eksasi, less.
Elachpaje, this morning.
Elachtoniket, he that searcheth, seeker.
Elalogen, what to do.
Elamallsin, how to feel, to feel as.
Elangellen, to be leprous; (lit., to perish miserably. A.)
Elangomat, friend, relation; (lit., a member of one's family. A.)
Elangomellan, my friend.
Elauwit, hunter; (ehalowit. A.)
Elawachtik, so dear.
Elek, as it is, as it happens.
Elekhammajenk, our debts.
Elekhasik, as is written.
Elelemukquenk, what we are destined for.
Elemamek, everywhere; (lit., as it lies; the sense "everywhere" not now known. A.)
Elemamekhaki, all over the country; (lit., "the way the land lies." A.)
Elemi, today once, sometime today; -gendowewagan, this week; -kechokunak, in a few days; -nipink, this summer; -siquin, this spring; -lowank, this winter.
Elemiechen, along the road.
Elemiechink, by the way.
Elemokunak, one of these days.
Elemukulek, in the bend of the river.
Elemussit, he that is going away.
Elenapewian, thou Indian!
Elewunsit, as he is called, so he is named; (elewinsit. A.)
Elgigui, as, like as, in like manner, like that; so, so as, so very; as much so, as well as; (after compar.) than; -ametschimi, as often as, so often; -mcheli, as much as.
Elgigunk, as big, as wide as.
Elgigunkhaki, as big and wide as the world is; all the world round.
Elgilen, as tall as, as big as.
Elgixin, to be worthy.
Elhokquechink, at his head.
Eli, because; (in questions) then; (in compos.) as, so, what.
Eligischquik, today; (sometime during today, A.)
Elikhikqui, at this time.
Elikus, ant, pismire; (eli'ques. A.)
Elilenin, as is usual with one, as is customary.
Elinaquo, as this, as that, as the other.
Elinaquot, so, so as, also, likewise.
Elinaxit, as he appears; his appearance, figure, look.
Elinquechink, before, in presence of.
Elitehat, as he thinks.
Elitton'henk, sermon; (concerning a sermon, A.)
Eliwi, both.
Elke! H., wonderful!
Elogalintschik, messengers.
Elogamgussit, messenger.
Elsija, as I am, as I do,
Elsit, as he is minded, as he does.
Eluet, as he saith, his saying.
Eluwak, most powerful.
Eluwantowit, God above all.
Eluwi, most.
Eluwiahoalgussit, the beloved above all things; best beloved.
Eluwikschiechsit, the most holy, holiest.
Eluwilissit, the most gracious one.
Eluwitakauwussit, the best, the supremely good.
Eluwitschitanessit, the strongest.
Eluwiwulik, the very best, the supremely good.
Eluwussit, the Almighty, the most powerful, the most majestic.
Enapandikan, the hind sight of a gun.
Enda, where, whither.
Endchappin, as many as are here.
Endchekhamman, as much as one owes.
Endchen, as often as.
Endchi, as much as, as many as.
Enendhaken, to speak a parable.
Enendhakewagan, parable.
Epia, etc., where I am,
Epigachink, foundation.
Epit, he who is there; inhabitant.
Equiwi, under; beneath.
Equohellen, to depart this life, to die.
Es, yet.
Eschauwessit, side.
Eschiwi, through.
Eschochwalan, to help somebody through, to carry someone through.
Eschochwen, to go through, to drive through.
Eschoochwejupetschundchenk, it penetrates my heart.
Espan, Z., a raccoon.
Espenni, lift it up.
Esquande, door; entrance (threshold or place of entrance; not a door, A.)
Esquo, not yet.
Esquota, not yet.
Esseni, stony, flinty; (from achsin.)
Etachgilowank, last winter.
Etachginipink, last summer.
Etek, where it is.
Etschigapawin, to step between, to stand between.
Etschihillat, mediator.
Eweken, to make use of; (ewehen. A.)
Ewenikia, who I am,
Ewochgehikan, stirring ladle.


No Lenape words beginning with 'F'


Gachene, if, whether.
Gachgamun, roasted com; (alludes to the noise made in eating by crunching the grains, A.)
Gachgamuniminschi, hoop-ash.
Gachgenummen, to break off.
Gachhachgik, wild bay.
Gachkappawi, soon, early.
Gachpallan, to pull somebody out of the water; (gochpenna. A.)
Gachpattejeu, southeast; (there are now no expressions for such divisions of the compass, A.)
Gachpattejewink, toward the southeast.
Gachpees, twin.
Gachpilgussowagan, binding, tying.
Gachsasu, dried.
Gachsummen, to dry.
Gachtalquot, it is to be wished, it is desirable.
Gachtelawossin, to be dry for thirst; (gachtoseu. A.)
Gachten, dry.
Gachti, almost nearly; close by; wsami, almost too much.
Gachtin, year.
Gachtingetsch, next year; (gachtinge'. A.)
Gachtonalen, to persecute, to seek to kill; (gachto signifies wish or desire. Like gatotamen. A.)
Gachtonquoam, to be sleepy; (radical is quoam, referring to sleep. A)
Gachto'tam, to desire, to lust.
Gadhammawachtowagan, last will, testament.
Gagachgelunen, Z., to tell lies.
Gagachti, almost, very near.
Gagiuhokewagan, deceit.
Gagiwanantpehellan, to be dizzy; to be giddy in the head.
Gagun, stocking; (leggings. A.) Gahan, shallow; low water (not in use. A.)
Gahowes, mother; (g'ichk, ny mother. A.)
Gakelunenhen, to make to a liar.
Gakloltowagan, quarrel, dispute.
Gakpitschehellat, Z. a madman, a fool(a fool. A.)
Gamenowinenk, on the other side of the great sea.
Gamuck, over there, on the other side of the river, over the water; (gamink. A.)
Ganhatton, to hide, to conceal; n'dabthallen hackey, Z., I hide myself in the earth.
Gandhikan, setting pole; (a pole with which to push a boat. A.)
Gangamattok, bad action, bad behavior; (out of use. A.)
Ganschala'muin, to cry out.
Ganschapuchk, big rock; (boulder. A.)
Ganschapuchken, rocky, full of rocks.
Ganschalogan, to do great wonders.
Ganschalogawagan, wonderful work.
Ganschelendam, to wonder, to be surprised.
Ganschewen, toroar, to make a great noise; (guanschewell. A.) Ganschiechsin, to cry aloud.
Ganschilallogen, to perform a miracle.
Ganschinaquot, it is surprising.
Gashikan, dishcloth; (a skin or cloth for rubbing. A.)
Ganschhittaquot, it makes a terrible noise.
Gasihhillen, to decay, to fade.
Gaskhamen, Z. To notice.
Gatatam, to want, to desire, gatotamen, Z., to long for.
Gaton, to hide, to conceal.
Gatschiechtowagan, mystery, secret.
Gattamen, to desire, to long for.
Gattati, come! be willing well!
Gatti, near, almost.
Gattonachsin, to persecute, to seek to kill.
Gattopuin, to hunger, to be hungry.
Gattosomuin, to thirst, to be thirsty.
Gattungwam, Z. Sleepy, drowsy (arch., A.)
Guwin, to sleep.
Gauwoheen, to lie down to sleep.
Gawi, Z. The hedgehog; pl., gawiak.
Gawunsch, Z., briars (gawinsch. A.)
Gawuschuwitschik, gooseberries.
Gebtschaat, foolishfellow, clown.
Gechgelandamink, bidle-bit.
Gechkschutteek, Z., an oven (a stone. A.)
Gechpilgussowoagan. Z., a knot.
Geeschtek, hot.
Gegachxis, lizard (not ill use. See tueclique. A.).
Gegauwink, bed.
Gegekhoat, thy chosen. thy elect.
Gegekhuntschik, the elect, the chosen.
Gegepchoat, the deaf; a deaf person.
Gegepinquot, blind, a blind person.
Gegeyjurnhen, to rule, to reign.
Gegeyjumhet, ruler, governor. head chief.
Gegeyjumhewagan, rule, government.
Gegochbisik, Z., a belt, a girdle, (gochbisink. A.)
Gekschiechtigehend, washing tub.
Gektemagelemuwi, merciful.
Gektemagelowagan, mercy.
Gelackelendam, Z., levity.
Gelantpepisit, tied about the head.
Gelelendamen, to be of opinion.
Gelen'nin, to take hold, (or, to hold in the hand. A.)
Gelieclihammen, to sow, to stitch.
Gellenummen, to take along.
Gelohittamen, to disbelieve.
Genachgihan, to take care of somebody; (genachgeha. A.)
Genachgihat, overseer, preserver.
Genachgiton, to take care of.
Genam, to thank.
Genamoagan, thank.
Genarnuwi, thankful. grateful.
Gendachgussin, to climb up, (gelacligitsi. A.)
Gendatehundin, to drive in a nail.
Gendellernuxin, to be condemned.
Gendelemuxowagan, condemnation, damnation.
Gendelendarn, to condemn.
Gendefinget, he that condemneth.
Gendowen, Sunday; (literally, a day of worship. A.)
Gendowewagan, week.
Gendowewuniwi gischquik, Sunday.
Gendsitaja, ball of the foot; (hollow of the foot. A.)
Gendsitat, ball of the foot, (as above. A.
Gentgeen, Z., to dance (gintkaan. A.).
Gentsch, a little while ago:-Iinitti. just now, not long ago.
Geptschat. H., a fool: pl., schik.
Geschiechek, pure. Holy; (lit., washed; not used now in a moral sense. A.)
Ceschiechsit, pure, holy ; (as above. A.)
Geschiechton, to wash.
Gesclitek, ripe, done. cooked.
Geskundliak, pumpkin: (out of use., A.)
Getaam, Z., the hazel nut.
Getanittowit. Great Creator. God: (rather, the great spirit. A. )
Getisgamen, to drive out: (ge'tsche `gamen. A.)
Getschachgenummen, to loosen. to untie.
Getschihillalan, to betray somebody; (out of use, A.)
Getschihillalittin, to hetray each other.
Getschihillalowet, traitor.
Gettemageleman, to help somebody, to relieve some one, to compassionate some person.
Gettmagelemuxowagan, the being shown mercy, favor. tenderness.
Gettemagelensi, to be humble.
Gettemagelensit, one that is humble.
Gettemagelensitawan, to humble one's self before somebody.
Gettemagelensuwi, humble.
Gettemagelentin, to be kind to each other, to be merciful toward one another.
Gettemagelin, to be merciful.
Getternagelowagan, mercy.
Gettemagelowaganit, lie who is merciful.
Getternageluwi, merciful.
Getternaki, poor, miserable.
Gettemakitschitanengussin, to be a miserable slave.
Getternaxin, to be poor, to be miserable.
Getteminak, fortunate, happy; (not in use. A.)
Getteminakuwagan, felicity, happiness, gladness.
Gewit, sleeper.
Gicligehhelleu. a fowl with young ones.
Giclitamen. Z.. to be lazy. (gichtameneu, he is lazy. A.)
Giechgi, near by, close by, toward.
Giechgigawachtowagan, nearness.
Gigauwinasu, Z., borrowed (not in use. A.)
Gigischquik, this day past.
Gigitowalan, to speak with somebody, to talk to some one.
Gigitschimuis. summer duck.
Gihim, to encourage, to admonish
Gihiman, to admonish somebody, to exhort someone.
Gilkissin, to laugh: (achgilkissin. A.)
Ginanikamen, to have sharp teeth.
Gintsch, a little while ago. it". (after negat.) unless. except. -linitti, a little while ago, directly, presently.
Gintschglennin, to push.
Gintschimuin, to sound, to crow.
Gintschtschingussit, messenger.
Gintschtschinman, to send somebody;
Gischachgeniman, to judge somebody.
Gischacligenindewagan, impeachment, accusation.
Gischachgenutasti, concluded, settled, determined.
Gischachgenuternen, to conclude.
Gischachpoanhe, the bread is done baking.
Gischachsoagan, enlightening, shining.
Gischaclisunirnen, to enlighten.
Gischachtek, clear, light.
Gischachteu, it is clear, light.
Gischalo'gen. to finish a work.
Gischambeso, bound, tied.
Gischamocholheu, the canoe is finished.
Gischapan, daylight, daybreak.
Gischatschiniolsin, to have resolved, to have deal.
Gischeleman, to create with the mind.
Gischelemuxit, creature.
Gischelendam, to hatch or meditate something or bad; to lie.
Gischelenclamen, to make, to cause.
Gischenaclik, the fence is finished.
Gischenaxin, to be ready, to be prepared.
Gischgu, day.
Gischguniwi, by day, in the daytime.
Gischhakihen, to be done planting.
Gischhatteu, ready.
Gischhittelawan, to hit somebody.
Gischiechen, to be ready, to be done, to be finished.
Gischigachink, grounded.
Gischigin, to be born; (to ripen, to mature. A.)
Gischigu, born.
Gischihan, to create with the hands, to make something.
Gischikenammen, to increase, to produce fruit.
Gischikewagan, Z., procreation, reproduction.
Gischikheu, to finish a house, to make a house ready, to put a house in order.
Gischileu, it has proved true.
Gischipenauwelendam, to have considered to have made up one's mind, to be ready.
Gischitelien, to be determined.
Gischiton, to make ready, to prepare, to finish.
Gischkschagokan. saw.
Gischkschagotamen, to saw. Gischkschasgkan, scythe, sickle.
Gischkschummen, to cut with knife.
Gischquik, day.
Gischquike, by day
Gischuch, sun, month.
Gischuchwipall, sunbeams, rays of sun.
Gischuteu, warm.
Gischuwewickwam, warm house.
Gischuwikwamikat, warm house.
Giskhammen, to chop.
Giskhaquen, to cut with an axe, to chop.
Gispuin, to be satisfied, to have eaten enough.
Gissa! exclamation of indignation.
Gissai! exclamation of indignation.
Glakelendam, to be merry, to make sport; (to be excited. A. )
Glatten, frozen.
Glelendam, to be of opinion.
Glikatepi, hobble; (girth of a saddle. A.)
Glikatepiso, hobbled.
Glikenikan, sumach.
Glistam, to hearken, to listen.
Glittonepi, bridle, (lit., tied in the mouth. A.)
Gloltowalan, to maltreat somebody; to use someone ill; (out of use. A.)
Gluphokquen, to look back; (from root glupk, back (adverb). A.)
Gluppiechton, to turn about.
Gluppihilleu, turned about.
Gluxu, Z., he laughs; gluksowak, they laugh.
Gochgachgaschowin, to swim over.
Gochgahhellen, to overset.
Gochpelolakan, canoe rope, boat line.
Gochpiwi, from the water.
Gochquoapetechin, the pulse; (k'hokpetechin, the rebounding, the pulsation. A.)
Gock, wampum, money; (keekq'. A.)
Gohan! yes!, (exclamation of approval)
Gojachti, for the most part, mostly, nearly; (arch. A.)
Gokhos, owl; (generic for any owl. A.)
Gokhotit, little owl.
Gomuus, Z., the neck (arch., now use ochquecanggan. A.)
Gopens, about, thereabouts.
Gophammen, H., to shut close.
Goppachtenemen, to take out of the water.
Goquehemen, to reject, repel, push back, repulse; refuse, avert.
Goschgosch, hog.
Goschgoschigawan, hog sty.
Goschgotit, little pig.
Guhn, snow.
Guka, Z., mamma, mother.
Gulaqueen, good evening; (anixit gulaqueen, I am glad that you have lived till evening. A.)
Gull, shilling; (kquill A.)
Gulukochsun, Z., a turkey cock (refers to the upright position taken by the fowl, but not now in use. A. )
Gulukquihillan, to be lame; (out of joint. A.)
Gulukquot, lame; (with a joint, or jointed. A.)
Gunagen, to stay out long.
Gunalachgat, deep.
Gunammochk, otter.
Gunaquot, long, tall, high, (especially, high. A.)
Gunaweke, yet, awhile.
Gunaxin, to be long, to be tall, to be hich.
Gunaxit, long, tall, high.
Gundakan, throat.
Gundaschees, watersnake.
Gundassisku, deep mire, deep mud.
Gundassiskuju, deeply marshy.
Gunelendam, to think it a long time; to think a thing long.
Guneu, long.
Gunigischuk, daily.
Gunih, a long while.
Guninschu, trough.
Gunitpoquik, mighty; (not in use. A.)
Guntam, to swallow.
Guntschitangen, to exhort, to admonish.
Guntschitangewagan, admonition, exhortation.
Gutginquechin, to look back.
Gutgisgamen, to drive back.
Gutgu, knee.
Guthattachgat, single thread, untwisted.
Guttandamen, a taste.
Guttapachki, one hundred.
Guttasch, six.
Guttasch tcha pachki, six hundred.
Guttasch tche nachke, sixty.
Guttenummen, to take of, to pull off.
Guttgennemen, to return something, to give back.


Ha, ha! exclamation of laughter.
Hackialachgat, Z., a cellar.
Hagiach, Z., beans, earth-beans.
Haken, coal; (not in use. A.)
Hakey, body, self; (w'hakey, his body; always with possessive pron. A.)
Hakeyiwi, bodily, corporeal.
Haki, earth ground.
Hakiachxit, bean.
Hakihakan, field, plantation.
Hakihen, to plant, to farm.
Hakihet, planter, farmer; (ek'hakihet. A.)
Hakink, under; -untschi, from below.
Hallachpis, Z., wild hemp.
Hallemiwi, eternal, eternally.
Hallepangel, barrel, cask (not a native word. A.)
Haniqus, ground squirrel; (any kind of squirrel. A.)
Hapichque, Z., a rib (opichque, a rib; opochquan, all the ribs. A.)
Happa, yet a little while; a little longer.
Happachpoon, chair; saddle; bench; seat.
Happenikan, pincers.
Happi, with it, in the bargain.
Happis, a band for carrying burdens.
Haschawije, square; (lit., many corners; schaweje, one corner, a square corner. A.)
Haschi, ever, at any time.
Hattape, bow.
Hattawaniminschi, dogwood; (not now used. See taquachhakaniminshi. A.)
Hattees, sinew.
Hattelu, having.
Hatten, he has, it is there.
Hatton, to put, to place, to fix; (to put in a place. A.)
He, he! exclamation of laughter.
Helleniechsin, to speak the Indian language; (from lenno, man. A.)
Hempsigawan, Z., a tent.
Hickachquon, shin; (w'ichkachquon, his shin bone. A.)
Higihhillen, the water falls, abates.
Hikan, ebb tide; (at the ending of the flow. A.)
Hikpesemen, to boil water until dry.
Hilleu, commonly.
Hitguttit. little tree.
Hittandelitewagan, instruction.
Hittuk, tree; (the prefex M' is necessary. See mehittuk. A.)
Ho, exclamation of vociferation.
Hobbenis, turnip; (lit., a small tuber, potato, etc. A.)
Hob'bin, A., a potato.
Hoh, exclamation of surprise.
Hoh, exclamation of joy.
Hohoh, exclamation of joy.
Hokes, bark of a tree; (some particular bark not now known. The usual word is anschuin. A.)
Hokeyall, himself.
Hokquoan, pothook; a chain.
Hokunk, above, above the earth; -li, upward; -untschi, from above.
Hoos, kettle, pot.
Hopexu, kidney; hope'xuac, pl., Z., (not in use. See oteloos. A.)
Hopikan, rib; (opichquai. A. See hapichque.)
Hopiquon, foreshoulder.
Hopoakan, a pipe for smoking; (arch., A.)
Hopochquan, side.
Huh! exclamation of vociferation.
Hukqui, chin; (w'ikqui, his chin. A.)
Hukquomilan, hail; (mukquomelan. A.)
Hummak, Z., head lice.
Huppeechk, rain worm.
Husca, very; -mcheli, very much; (husca, wisca, properly means new; kange, is very, as kange wulit, very good. A.)
Huscateek, very much, very much so.


Ichauweleman, to let somebody have the preference.
Ichauwelendam, to prefer; (tachauwelendam, to desire to give one an advantage. A.)
Ichauwi, rather.
Ihiabtschi, still, to this time.
Ihih! exclamation of grief.
Ijabtschi, yet, still, nevertheless, however.
Ika, there, yonder; -talli, there, over there; untschi, from there, thence; (nellak, is used locatively with hese terminations, not ika. A.)
Ikali, thither; (nellakli'. A.)
Ikalissi, further, still further; still more.
Ikalitti, a little further.
Ikih! exclamation of grief.
Ilau, a war chief; (properly, a man of valor, one experienced in war, not necessarily a chief, A.)
Ili, however, nevertheless, still, yet, though; -matta, ot even, allowi matta, let alone; -wsami, quite too.
Ink (suffix), in, in the, on, out of.
Iwi! exclamation of grief.


Jagatamoewi Gischuch, July; (from amoe -honey bee month. A.)
Jaga'wan, hut, house; (not in use. A.)
Jahellaap, net of yarn; (not now known. A.)
Janewi, always, at all times.
Japeechen, along shore, along the bank, on the river side.
Japewi, on the bank, at the edge; a high bank.
Jawi, on one side.
Jechauwelendam, to love better, to prefer; (see Ihauwelendam.)
Ju, exclamation of joy.
Ju, well!
Ju, here. hither; -endalauchsit, man; -shaki, so far as here; -talli. Just here; -undach, this side; -undachqui, here, hither, this way; -wuntschi, from hence, for that reason, therefore.
Juch, well!
Juchnall, hither.
Juchnook, well!
Juchta, now (used in petitioning or interrogating).
Juhuh! exclamation used in calling.
Juk, these.
Juke, now, presently; -gischquik, today; -likhiqui, at this time, about the present time; -petschi, till now, hither; -untschi, henceforth.
Jukella! ah! oh that! would that!
Juketeek! oh that!
Jukik, these.
Julak, there.
Jullik, these.
Jun, here; through here; there; this one; -talli, here.
Juque, now.


Kaak, wild goose; (kaag'. A.)
Kajah! wonderful! exclamation of wonder.
Kakey, thyself.
Katschi, don't, let it alone! (doubtful. A.)
Katschiwoak, besides, further, again.
Keecha? how much?
Keechen, a few times.
Keechi? how much? (how many? A.)
Keechitti, a little.
Keechoguni? how long?
Kehella! yes! exclamation of approval!
Kekschittek, a stove.
Kepe, thou also, thou too.
Kepene, we also; (kilonawitsch, the form ke in these words is not in use. A.)
Kepewo, ye also, you too.
Kepoak, they also.
Ki, thou.
Kichgematgeu, Z., a thief.
Kichkinet, Z., a guide (from kichkican, a mark or sign; kichkinet, one who understands the marks. A.)
Kigin'amen, to know, to be acquainted with.
Kiginolewagan, sign, token.
Kigischgotum, green grasshopper.
Kih! exclamation of pain.
Kihhican. Z., a boundary (a line, a mark. A.)
Kihneu, sharp, biting, harsh, jealous; (means sharp, only. A.)
Kihnhammen, to sharpen, to grind.
Kihnhanschikan, grindstone; (kihnhican, A sharpener. A.)
Kihnsu, sharp, biting, harsh, jealous.
Kikape, a single man; a bachelor.
Kikechum, the mother (of beasts); (properly, a female animal without a mate. A.)
Kikehuwet, physician.
Kiken, to mend in health, to grow better.
Kikewagan, cure, life; (lit., the means of getting better in health. A.)
Kikey, old aged; (kikes, adults, older people. A.)
Kikeyihen, to lend; kigaihil, Z. (not in use. A.)
Kikeyin, to be old, to be aged.
Kikeyjumhet, elder, chief man.
Kikeyochqueu, elderly woman.
Kikochques, a single woman.
Kiluna, we (including the party speaking and the party spoken to).
Kiluwa, ye or you.
Kimi, secretly.
Kiminachsin, to murder secretly.
Kiminachsoagan, murder, assassination.
Kiminachsu, a secret murderer.
Kiminalitten, to assassinate.
Kimiwipengeen, Z., to commit adultery (lit., to sleep secretly together. A.)
Kimixin, to go from some place secretly.
Kimochwen, to steal away privately.
Kinhican, Z., a grindstone.
Kinhochkus, pike fish.
Kipachgiminschi, upland hickory; (species of oak. A.)
Kitschganinaquot, convenient.
Kitschgansowagan, convenience, commodiousness.
Kitschii, verily, truly; (great, very. A.)
Kitschikele, yes, it is true; (incorrect; ele is a superlative form, and could not be used with kitschi. A.)
Kitschinipen, summer, June.
Kitschitachquoak, autumn month, September.
Kitschiwi, certainly, truly, verily.
Kittachpanschi, spar, rafter; (any large piece of timber; from pantschi, timber. A.)
Kittahikan, great sea, ocean.
Kittakima, great king; (the word sakima, of which this is a compound, is no longer used. A.)
Kittan, great river; (arch., kitseepu would be used now. A.)
Kittapachki, thousand.
Kittaptonen, to affirm, to assure.
Kittelendam, to be in earnest.
Kittelendamwagan, earnest.
Kittelinsch, thumb.
Kitthukquewulinschawon, thumb.
Kittoaltewall, great ships.
Kittuteney, great city.
Kiwikaman, to visit somebody.
Kiwiken, to visit; (lit., thy-house-going; not now used. A.)
Klahikan, trap.
Klakaptonaganall, Z, an amusing tale.
Klakauchsowagan, divertisement, light-mindedness; (from gluxsu, he laughs.)
Klakelendam, to be rakish, to be extravagant, to be dissolute, to be a good-for-nothing fellow.
Klamachpin, to be quiet, to sit still.
Klamhattenamin, to be of a calm mind.
Klamhattenamoagan, calmness of mind.
Klammiechen, to be still, not to progress.
Klampeechen, still water.
Kloltin, to quarrel, to contend; (to use bad words to each other. A.)
Kloltowagan, quarrel, dispute.
Klunewagan, Z., a lie, a falsehood.
Knattemihi, Z., lend me.
Kolku, what, something; what? -cet, what may it be? tani? what then? -untschi, for what reason, why; wuntschi, why; (queq! A.)
Kombachquall, leaves, foliage.
Komelendam, to be free from trouble or care; (not in use. A.)
Kommot, to steal.
Kommotgen, stolen.
Kommothaken, to steal something out of a field.
Kopachkan, thick.
Kopachkisse, thick.
Kotschemunk, out of doors, out of this place; without; abroad; (quotsch' mink. A.)
Kpahasu, locked up, shut up, caught.
Kpahi, shut the door; (kpah'hi'. A.)
Kpahikan, stopper; a cover or lid.
Kpahon, door.
Kpahotink, prison; (keh'pahotink. A.)
Kpaskhasu, stopped.
Kpatten, frozen over; frozen shut.
Kpiktschehican, Z., a cover, a lid.
Kpitschchikan, breech of a gun.
Kpitscheu, unruly, foolish behaved.
Kpitschewagan, foolishness.
Ksakpatton, to make wet.
Kschachan, the wind blows hard.
Kschahepakandamen, to beat hard.
Kschamamquo, grievous, troublesome.
Kschamehhellan, to run fast.
Kschaptonalan, to use somebody ill, to abuse someone.
Kschatey, tobacco; achwan
Kschatev, strong tobacco.
Kschatteechen, beaten road, path.
Kschiechanittowit, Holy God.
Kschiechauchsowagan, holiness, innocence.
Kschiechek, clean.
Kschiechelendam, to think one's self from stain; to think one's self sinless; to think that one is holy.
Kschiechelensin, to believe to be blameless, to believe to be holy.
Kschiechen, to wash.
Kschiechen, clean.
Kschiechgochgihillen, to bleed fast.
Kschiechhensin, to wash one's self.
Kschiechi, clear.
Kschiechihin, to make clean.
Kchiechpecat, clear water.
Kschiechsin, to be clean.
Kschiechton, to wash. to cleanse.
Kschihillen, to go fast, to go swiftly.
Kschikan, knife; (pachschikan. A.)
Kschilan, it rains hard.
Kschilandeke, summer.
Kschilandeu, very hot weather; (lit., much sunshine. A.)
Kschipasques, green grasshopper.
Kschippehellen, the water flows rapidly; strong current.
Kschipsin, to have the itch.
Kschipsit, one that has the itch.
Kschite, broth, (kschite, the i long. A.)
Kschitten, warm, hot.
Kschiwineu. it snows very thick.
Kschochwen, to walk fast.
Kschuppan. blunt, dull.
Ksinachpin, to be at leisure.
Ksinelendam, to be easy, to be without care.
Ksinhattenamin, to be of an indifferent heart and mind.
Ksinhattenamoagan, indifference, calmness.
Ksukquamallsin, to be perplexed, to be in anguish of mind; (ksakquelendam, thou art perplexed. A.)
Ksukquamallsoagan, perplexity, mental anguish.
Ksukquinaquot, heavy, in a manner.
Ksukquon, heavy, hard, difficult.
Ktakan, another; otherwise, in another manner.
Ktemakauchsoagan, poor, miserable life.
Ktemaki, poor, miserable, infirm.
Ktemakiechin, to lie sick in a poor condition.
Ktemaque, beaver, (amochk. Z.)
Ktemaxin, to be poor, to be miserable; to be poorly.
Ktschihillalan, to betray somebody.
Ktschillachton, to make known, to make manifest, to speak the truth.
Ktschimine, as soon as.
Ktschin, to go out; (acktschin, impers. A.)
Ktschinquehhellen, the sun rises.
Ktschiqwagan, gun drawer.
Ktscholtin, to come out of church.
Ktschukquihhilleu, it moves, it stirs.
Ktschukquilques, Z., grasshopper (lit., it moves in the grass. A.)
Ktukin, to turn back; (probably an error for k'tokkin, to wake up. A.)
Kulluppi, Z., to convert (lit., to turn. A.)
Kunhaffun, Z., to polish, to grind, to sharpen.
Kutschin, to come out of the house.
Kuwe, pine; (see Cuwe.)
Kuweuchak, pine wood, pine logs.
Kuwewanik, red squirrel.


Lachauweleman, to be concerned for somebody.
Lachauwelendam, to be concerned for something; to be troubled in mind.
Lachauwelendamen, to take care of, to be concerned for.
Lachauwelendamoagan, concern.
Lachauwiechen, to hinder.
Lachenendowagan, release, loosening.
Lachenummen, to untie, to loosen.
Lachgalaan, Z., to anger.
Lachgaman, to treat somebody ill.
Lachkan, sharp tasted.
Lachpiechsin, to speak fast.
Lachpihhilleu, it goes fast, it moves swiftly-
Lachpikin, to grow fast.
Lachwegegquoakan, harrow.
Lachxowi'lenno, Z., captain (one experienced in war. A.).
Lachxu, Z., a fishing rod.
Lachxuagan, Z., anger.
Lakenindewagan, accusation.
Laktschehellan, to jump over, to leap over.
Lakusin, to climb up, n'gendachgusi, I climb up.
Lalchauchsitaja, fork of the toes; (w'lhauchsitan. A.)
Lalchauwulinschaja, fork of the fingers.
Lalenikan, scour grass; (Equisetumhyemale. B.)
Lalhan, to scrape something; (to rub, to polish A.)
Lalhaquoakan, drawing knife.
Lalschin, to cut smooth, to make even.
Lamowo, downward, slanting.
Landawen, it runs up, it climbs up, it spins up; (not in use. A.)
Langan, easy, light, not heavy.
Langoma, Z., kinsman.
Langomuwinaxin, to look friendly.
Langundowagan, peace.
Langundowi, peaceable, peaceful; (without the prefixed w' this word means relationship. A.)
Langundowits'chik, Z., kindred, relatives. Lapechikan, plough.
Lapeechton, to tune an instrument.
Laphaken, to replant.
Laphatton, to restore, to repair, to replace;(lapachton, to replace. A.)
Lappi, again, once more; -tchen, as much again.
Lappiechsin, to repeat, to say over.
Lappilennin, to come together again, to be together again.
Laptonachgat, meaning of the word, signification of the word.
Laptonasu, Z., commanded (bridled, held by the mouth. A.)
Laschimuin, to dream; (not in use. A. Now lungamen.)
Laschinummen, A., to see at a glance or for a moment.
Latschachken, to treat.
Latschessowagan, goods, merchandise.
Latschessowen, to enjoy riches; to possess.
Lattoniken, to search, to examine.
Lauchpoame, middle of the thigh.
Lauchsin, to live, to walk; (to live in a certain manner; to walk morally or otherwise, not literally. A.)
Lauchsohalid, he who makes me live.
Lauchsoheen, to make live, to make walk, to cause to be lively, to make happy.
Lauchsowagan, behavior, life.
Lauhakamike, middle of a piece of ground.
Lawachto, worth, value.
Lawachtohen, to set a price.
Lawachtowagan, price, value.
Lawantpe, crown of the head.
Lawasgoteu, Z., a wide plain (lit., it is in the middle of a plain. A.).
Lawat, long ago; (lawata. A.)
Lawi, A., the middle, midst.
Lawilowan, middle of winter; (lawilowank. A.)
Lawitpikat, midnight.
Lawochgalauwe, middle of the forehead.
Lawulinsch, middle finger.
Lechakquihhil Ien, it slackens.
Lechauhanne, fork of a river.
Lechauwak, fork; division, separation.
Lechauwaquot, a tree with a fork.
Lechauwiechen, fork of a road.
Lechewon, breath, air (from awon, mist. A.).
Lehellechemhaluwet, he who giveth life.
Lehellechen, to live, to breathe.
Lehellechewagan, breath, life; (lehellachemhalgum, Z., he saved my life.)
Lehellemattachpink, chair, stool, bench.
Lekau, sand, gravel.
Leke, true.
Lekhammen, to write.
Lekhammewagan, debt; (lekhammawachtoagan, an account. Z.)
Lekhasik, written.
Lekhasu, written.
Lekhikan, letter, epistle; book.
Lekhiken, to write.
Lekhiket, writer.
Lelawi, halfway, in the middle.
Lelemin, to let, to suffer, to permit, to grant.
Lelingen, to permit; to allow.
Lemachdappit, he who sits here.
Lemattachpin, to sit down.
Lenape, Indian; man.
Lenapeuhoxen, Indian shoes.
Lenhacki, Z., upland (barren highlands. A.)
Lennahawanink, at the right hand, to the right.
Lennamek, chop fish.
Lenni, Z., genuine, pure, real, original.
Lenni, hand it; (linachke, Z., reach your hand)
Lenniga'wan, Z., a cabin (a common house, a temporary shelter, a store room. A.).
Lennikbi, linden tree (bark of the basswood tree. A.).
Lennitti, a little while.
Lenno, man; pl., lennowak.
Lennotit, little man.
Lennowasquall, fern; (lit., male fern.)
Lennowechum, male of beasts.
Lennowehellen, male of birds and fowls.
Lennowinaquot, manfully.
Lepakgik, those who weep, weepers.
Lepakuwagan, weeping.
Lepoatschik, wise men.
Leppoewina, cunning man.
Leu, true; it is so.
Lewehhelleu, it sounds.
Li, to; thither.
Liechenan, to leave out.
Liechenummen, to take off, to take down.
Liechin, to lie down, to rest.
Liechsowagan, language.
Lihan, to do so to somebody.
Likhikqui, now, about that time; as soon as; as, so as.
Likhikquiechen, so as.
Lilchpin, to be willing; to be diligent.
Lileno, A., an office, one holding an office.
Lilenowagan, custom, rule, law; (holding an office. A.)
Limattachpanschi, rafter on the roof of a house.
Linachgechtin, to lay hands to something.
Linachken, to reach forth the hand.
Linalittin, to fight; (refers to the extent of the fight. A.)
Linaquot, like unto; as this, that or the other: so, so as.
Linaxa, like unto.
Linchen, west wind.
Lingihhillen, it thaws, it melts.
Linhakamike, upland; (see Lenhacki.)
Linkteu, it melts.
Linnilenape, Indians of the same nation, Delawares.
Linquechin, to look, to behold.
Linschgan, finger.
Linxasu, melted.
Linxummen, to melt.
Lippoe, experienced; wise.
Lissin, to be so; to do so; to be so situated, to be so disposed; to act so.
Litchen, to think; to think so.
Litchewagan, thought, sentiment, opinion.
Littin, to say to each other, to say among themselves.
Littonhen, to preach in such a manner.
Liwamallsin, to mend, to grow better in health.
Liwasnosqueu, overgrown with weeds.
Liwasquall, weeds; (any kind of grass or weeds; generic. A.)
Liwi, toward.
Liwiechen, to rest.
Lo! see, behold!
Loaktschehellen, Z., it leaps, it jumps.
Loamissowe, lately; (lomisu. Z.)
Loamoe, long ago, in olden times; (not now used in this form. A.)
Lochlogannechwin, to destroy.
Logahhellan, to be discouraged, to give up.
Logahhellen, discouraged; (broken up. A.)
Logahhellewagan, discouragement.
Loganechwin, to throw down, to destroy.
Logihilleu, it falls in.
Logillachton, to tear, to destroy, to stop, to cease.
Lohikan, forefinger; (lit., the pointer. A.)
Lohumanwan, to show somebody.
Lokan, hip, thigh joint; (w'lokan; the possessive must be used. A.)
Lokat, flour; (something broken into bits; loken, flour. A.)
Lokenummen, to tear in pieces, to pull apart.
Lokhammen, bran, shorts.
Lokschummen, to cut loose; (arch., pachschummen, is to cut loose; lokschummen, to cut at the knot. A.)
Longachsiss, cousin; (error, a nephew. A.)
Lonquamwagan, a dream; (lungwamen. Z.)
Loquel! see!
Lowan, winter.
Lowanachen, north wind.
Lowaneu, northward, northerly, north; (lowanewunk, in the north; lowanne lenâpe', Z., northern Indians.)
Lowanneunk, northward.
Lowilaan, the rain is over.
Lowin, to pass by.
Lowunsuagan, Z., a name. See luwunsuagan.
Lowulen, it burns in a flame.
Luchund, he is said to have said.
Luejun, said.
Luen, to say; (to give a definite sound of any kind. A.)
Luewagan, saying; (the giving a definite sound. A.)
Lungwamen, Z., to dream.
Lunk, or, Lunkus, Z., a cousin (error, a nephew. A.)
Luppoe, wisely.
Luppoewagan, cunningness, wittiness.
Lusasin, to burn.
Lusasu, burnt.
Lussemen, to bum.
Lussin, to burn.
Luteu, it burns.
Luwunsu, called, named.
Luwunsuagan, the name; ( Kocu ktellzinsi? What is thy name? Kocu lowunsu wikimat? What is thy wife's name?)


Ma, here take it, there it is.
Maag, Z., female genitals.
Macheleman, to esteem somebody, to value someone, to honor some one, to praise somebody.
Machelemoachgeniman, to honor and praise somebody, to glorify some one.
Machelemoachgenimgussowagan, the receiving of honor and praise.
Machelemoachgenindewagan, praise, glory.
Machelemuwi, honorable, precious.
Machelemuxit, he that is honored.
Machelemuxowagan, honor.
Machelendam, to esteem, to value, to honor, to esteem in an honor.
Machelendamoagan, esteem, high value.
Machelensin, to be high minded, to be proud.
Machelensowagan, pride.
Macheli, much, many; (or, cheli. A.)
Macheu, great, large.
Machoachk, Z., a pumpkin.
Machgeuachgook, Z., copper snake.
Machiechsin, to speak loud.
Machkachsin; Z., copper.
Machkachtawunge, red bank of a river.
Machkachten, coal of fire.
Machkajappan, Z., the aurora, dawn (alludes to the redness of the morning sky. A.)
Machkalett, rusty.
Machkalingus, sunfish.
Machkametank, stream of a reddish color.
Machkanachkteu, twilight.
Machkasgachteyat, red-bellied snake.
Machkassin, brick.
Machkelechen, red looking.
Machkenummen, to pull off, to take off.
Machkeu, red; (machkipachgihilleu, Z., the leaves (of the trees) tum red (in the autumn). See Combach.)
Machkewehhe Hachtikan, flag, banner.
Machkhattachqua H, red yam, red thread.
Machkigen, Z., the white thorn.
Machkikeniminschi, thorn bush.
Machkipachgihhffleu, the leaves grow red.
Machkten, twilight; (redness of sky. A.)
Machque, bear.
Machquioen, plenty of bears.
Machquin, to swell.
Machquissin, to be swelled.
Machquissu, swelled.
Machtagen, to fight.
Machtageoagan, war, fighting.
Machtakeniman, to accuse somebody, to speak ill of some one.
Machtakenimgussin, to be ill spoken of.
Machtakenindewagan, bad accusation.
Machtalappajo, bad morning weather.
Machtalipachquall, bad shoes.
Machtallogagan, bad, wicked servant.
Machtallogasowagan, wicked act; sinful deed.
Machtalohumauwan, to direct somebody the wrong way.
Machtamllsin, to be sick.
Machtamellessuwi, indisposed, sick.
Machtando, devil; (machtan'to, a shortened form of machti-manitto. A.)
Machtandowagan, devilishness.
Machtandowinenk, Z, hell; (lit., among the devils. A.)
Machtapamukquot, dusky, dark..
Machtapan, bad, stormy weather; unpleasant morning.
Machtapeek, bad time, war time.
Machtapequonitto, evil spirit.
Machtaptonen, to speak uncivilly, to talk roughly, to use bad language.
Machtatenamen, to be unfortunate, to be unhappy, to be displeased; to be discontented, to be dissatisfied.
Machtatenamoagan, unhappiness, discontent.
Machtatenamohen, to make unhappy, to make dissatisfied.
Machtatenamuwi, unhappy, discontented.
Machtatschahen, to use somebody ill, to treat someone badly.
Machtauchsin, to sin; (lit., bad life. A.)
Machtauchsowagan, sin.
Machtauchsuwi, sinful.
Machtenalittin, to fight, to fight with each other, to fight a battle.
Machtississu, bad, ugly; dirty looking.
Machtissa, bad, ugly.
Machtit, bad, ill.
Machtitso, bad, ill.
Machtittonhen, to abuse, to scold.
Machtiwitt L very little.
Machtonquoan, to have a bad dream.
Machtschihillen, spoiled, corrupted.
Machtschikamik, hole, grave.
Machtschikamikunk, Z., a burial place. Maclitschikbiak, papaw tree. (lit.. red fruit tree. A.)
Machtschileu, bad action, troublesome time.
Machtscilissit. sinner.
Machtschilokes. leather string.
Machtsciluppoat. hypocrite.
Machitschiluppoewagan. hypocrisy.
Machtschimaquot. ill flavored. nasty smelled.
Machtschipak, shoe, (machtsin, whence moccasin. A.)
Machtschipoquot, ill tasted. of a disagreeable taste.
Machtschiteliewa-an. wickedness.
Machtu, bad.
Machtumbunk, dung.
Machxitachpoan, bread mixed with beans.
Machxummen, to dye red.
Magami. early: (majapowi, A.)
Mahallamagen, to sell.
Mahellis. flint,(mahales. Z.)
Mahematschellat, cock of a gun lock.
Mahonink,H., at the deer-lick.
Majauchsin, to be of one mind.
Majauchsolien, to make of one mind.
Majauchsowagan, union, unity, agreement.
Majauchsu, one person, a certain one; (one alone. A.)
Majauchsuwi, of one mind, united.
Majauchsuwin, to be of one mind.
Majawat, one, only one.
Majawi, right, straight, proper; alone, simple;-wulit, best.
Majawiechen, it is right, it is as it should be; it agrees, it suits. It harmonizes, it corresponds.
Majawiechton, to do orderly, to do properly, to compare.
Majawihillen, it is right, it is as it should be.
Majewelendam, to be fixed in purpose, to be settled in mind.
Makesinnan, to shoe somebody; (see machtschipak.)
Makhaquoakan, grubbing hoe.
Mlaksaweek, Aaron root (Rhus cotinus? Z.)
Mallachsche, as if, as it were, like unto.
Mallachxit, bean; (the ordinary tenn. A.)
Mallaluns, iron wood (a sort of beech).
Malliku, witchcraft (Oout of use at present; machtanha, one is bewitched, A.)
Mallikuwagan, witchcraft.
Mallsannuk, arrow, flint.
Mamachtachqweju, weakly.
Mamachtapewi, Z., naughty, bad.
Mamachtaptonagan, wicked language, vile talk; rough speaking.
Mamachtschiman, to revile somebody, to reproach some one, to insult somebody.
Mamachtschimgussowagan, the being insulted.
Mamalachgook, striped snake.
Mamalekhikan, writing, letter, book; (lit., incrooked lines or stripes; applied to handwriting. A.)
Mamalis, fawn, young deer.
Mamalunqtuan, sort of stinging fly.
Mamawon, eyebrow.
Mamchachwelendam, to suffer, to endure pain.
Mamchachwelendamoagan, suffering, torment.
Mamelandamen, to vomit.
Mamguckcu, Z., a plain without trees, a prairie (error: rather a plain with large trees. A.)
Mamiechanessin, to be ashamed.
Mamintschim, to praise.
Mamintschimgussowa(yan, the beina praised.
Mamintschindewagan, praise, raise, to give gIory.
Mamschalan, to remember somebody.
Mamschaloussowagan, the being remembered, remembrance.
Mamschaltin, to keep each other in remembrance.
Mamtschitsch, the last time, lastly.
Mamtschitschi, the last time, at last.
Mamukowagan, destruction, perdition; (refers especially to a fatal accident. A.)
Manachewagan, the cutting of fire wood.
Manask, second crop.
Manasuagan, Z., jealousy (especially sexual jealousy. A.)
Mandoman, to blame somebody.
Mandomgussin, to be blamed.
Mandundewagan, blame, imputation.
Manejeu, it profits little, it contains but little.
Maniton, to make; nin mattineto, Z., I make; kik'mallenito, thou makest (arch., nulitton, I am, kulitton, etc. A.).
Manitto, maker, Creator, God; (properly, spirit, not maker. A.)
Manittowah'alaan, Z., to bewitch.
Manittowihak, steel.
Mannachen, to chop wood.
Mannachet, wood cuItter.
Manoquen, to scalp. Manoquenasu, scalped (manoquala, one who is scalped. A.).
Manschasqueen, to mow, to reap.
Manschasquoakan, scythe.
Manschawileu, wonderful.
Mantowagan, spiritual power (from manitto.)
Manungalan, to treat somebody badly.
Manunxin, to be cross, to be angry.
Manunxuagan, Z., anger.
Manuppekhasu, skimmed.
Maqueleman, to be jealous of somebody; to envy some one.
Maschapi, bead.
Maschilamek, trout; (lit., "like a fish," not now applied to a trout. A.)
Masgichteu, may apple.
Maskek, swamp.
Maskekhanne, muddy creek in a swamp.
Maskequimin, swamp huckleberry.
Maskik, grass, herb; (maskequasq'. A.)
Masktin, Z., to ease one's self.
Massipook, the river drifts ice.
Matschachton, to carry away.
Matschalan, to bring somebody home.
Matschflissowagan, sinful behavior.
Matschin, to go home.
Matschinamen, to take ill; to be ill pleased.
Matschiton, to spod something, to make mischief.
Matta, no, not;-ta, nowhere;-tani, in no way.
Mattago, no.
Mattalan, to come up with somebody.
Mattameechen, cross roads; (where one road enters another, not a cross road. A.)
Mattaptonaltin, to speak bad to one another; to scold each other, to abuse each other by words.
Mattaptonen, to speak uncivil, to talk roughly, to scold.
MatteIeman, to despise somebody.
Mattelemuwi, despicable, contemptible.
Mattelemuxin, to be despised.
Mattelemuxowagan, the being despised.
Mattelendam, to be uneasy, to be troubled in mind; to despise.
Mattemigalan, to let somebody in.
Mattemigen, to enter in.
Mattochwen, to travel badly.
Mattonheen, Z., to curse (to give bad words. A.)
Mauchsu, one living thing; one.
Mauwallauwin, to go hunting.
Mauwi, go and tell.
Mauwikhattoak, Z., camped, encamped (collected together. A.).
Mawachpo, collector.
Mawachpoagan, tribute, tax.
Mawat, one, only one.
Mawemin, to meet, to assemble; (mawewi, Z., an assembly.)
Mawenemen, to gather, to collect, to bring together.
Mawewigawan, meeting house.
Mawingewagan, reconciliation.
Mawinhaken, to go to war.
Mawinsin, to gather, to pick up.
Mawottakan, famine, scarcity of provision.
Mawunappin, to be assembled.
Mawuni, assembled, collectively.
Mbeson, Z., brandy (spirits, from mbi. A.).
Mbi, water.
Mbiachgook, water snake.
Mbiachk, whale.
Mbidhitehemen, to cut one's self.
Mbil, Z., beer; mbilheen, to brew beer.
Mbisis, Z, a lake.
Mbison, Z., bait; tamaquei mbison, beaver bait.
Mboagan, death.
Mboawikcham, hiccough.
Mboiwi, mortal, dead.
Mbokquasquihillan, to break in the ice.
Mechakgilik, great, big.
Mechakhokque, the month when cold makes the trees crack, December; (dub., A.)
Mechamek, wild rhubarb.
Mechaquiechen, high water, freshet.
Mechasktschat, thick bellied.
Mechateu, deep snow; (arch., A.)
Mechawachto, dear.
Mechek, great, large.
Mechelgik, great many; multitude.
Mecheli, much; (a great many. A.)
Mechelit, much.
Mechen, big, large.
Mechgilik, the great, the big.
Mechhanneck, large creek, large river.
Mechinkhakihakan, large field.
Mechinkhakihen, to plant a large piece of ground.
Mechinqui, great, large, big.
Mechinquinaquot, it appears large, it looks great.
Mechinquitehewagan, self pride.
Mechitquek, great depth.
Mechiwilawanit, great sarsaparilla.
Mechmauwikenk, Z., camp.
Mechmenahikeak, scum ladle.
Mechoak, old tree; (the me, prefix, in these and the following words would be omitted at present. A.)
Mechoammowigischuch, shad month, March.
Mechohakihan, old field.
Mechouteney, old, dilapidated town.
Mechowasquall, old, dry grass.
Mechowi, old (in use); (chowi. A.)
Mechowijeyju, old from use.
Medhake, matter.
Medhapahin, to surprise.
Medhik, bad, wicked; evil.
Medsit, bad, wicked, evil one.
Meechgalanne, hawk.
Meechgalhukquot, red hair.
Meechgalowet, fish like a sucker; (red-finned sucker. A.)
Meechgapuek, ipecacuanha.
Meechxit, the red one.
Megucke, Z., a wide plain.
Megungi, wholly, entirely, purely, quite, alone.
Megutschi, wholly, entirely.
Mehakachtey, coal of fire.
Mehallamagen, to sell (error; to buy. A.)
Mehallamawachtowagan, merchandise.
Mehallamen, to buy, to purchase.
Mehamentschit, robber; (from amentschiechten, -arch., A.)
Mehemendowan, to entreat somebody.
Mehemendowen, to ask pardon, to beg on.
Mehemetan lowaaan, agony of death.
Mehihschiu, barren.
Mehittachpin, to be born.
Mehittachpit, begotten.
Mehittachpoagan, birth.
Mehittgus, twig.
Mehittschoak, barren tree.
Mehittschohawi, corporeal material.
Mehittuk, tree.
Mehokhokus, red cedar.
Mehokquami, ice.
Mehokquamileno, hail.
Mehokquik, bloody.
Mehokquiman, red bird.
Mehokquinewagan, bloody flux.
Mehokquitamen, to bleed at the nose.
Mehowimi, raspberry; (wild black raspberry. A.)
Mehuk, blood.
Mehukachoook, copper snake.
Mehukuwi, bloody.
Mejauchsit, one, a certain one.
Mejauchsoagan, Z., an alliance, confederation.
Mejauchsu, one person.
Mejauchsuwin, Z., to ally, to become one.
Meken, to give away, to surrender.
Mekeniechink, the end, the last day.
Mekih, corruption, matter; (error; giving it up; an error of the copyist for melih. A.)
Mekis, sheep, (metnekis. imitative of bleating, A.)
Melandam, to vomit.
Melanschpen, to take a vomit.
Melanschpewagan, vomiting.
Melichgawan, pillow, cushion.
Melih, corruption, matter.
Melihasu, mattery, putrid.
Mellaam, to smell.
Memachtakeniman, to speak evil of somebody.
Memachtschilan, to speak evil to somebody.
Memachtschilissit, sinner; (of evil countenance. A.)
Memajauchsit, each one, every one.
Memakochkus, red-headed woodpecker.
Memanunxit, Z., ill-natured, surly.
Memedhakemo, turtle dove; (mowichleu, the wild dove. A.)
Memeechxiteu, barefoot.
Memeechxitin, to be barefooted.
Memekis, sheep.
Memekschachey, sheep skin.
Memeu, woodcock.
Memoukek, plain; (not in use; schingek, level. A.)
Memhallamund, merchant, trader.
Memoschanigat, toothless.
Memsochet, traveller; (vagabond, idler. A.)
Men'achk, fence, fort; (menaclikhasu, Z., fortified place.)
Menachkah, fence rail.
Menachtin, to drink with each other, to tipple with one another.
Menachtin, Z.. to get drunk (lit., to drink together. not necessarily intoxicants. A.)
Menantachk, swamp; (with trees meeting above. A.)
Menantak, pine swamp.
Menantschiwon, left hand; menantschiwonunk, to the left hand.
Menasowagan, jealousy, suspicion.
Menatehewagan, envy.
Menatey, island; (menach'hen. A.)
Menen, to drink.
Menenachkhasik, garden.
Menet, drunkard.
Meneton, to spend in drinking.
Menewagan, drinking.
Menewi, in some place; (all together in a place. A.)
Mengiechsu, a swan.
Mengwe, H., an Iroquois; (lit., glans penis. A.)
Menhakehhamat, gardener.
Menhasik, skimmed; (scum. A.)
Menichink, congregation.
Menniwi, in some places, not everywhere.
Menpekhasik, skim milk:
Menuppek, lake, sea; (any enclosed body of water, great or small. A.)
Menutes, sack bag; (generic. A.)
Mequik, bloody.
Mequit, bloody.
Mesak, building log; (m'sagawon, Z., a log house.)
Mesaquem, ear of corn.
Meschagen, to sit down; (out of use. A.)
Meschakan, wound; (out of use; meschillawa, wound. A.)
Meschandamen, to taste.
Meschatamen, to remember.
Mescheki, whole, entire, every bit.
Meschiechen, to slip, to fall.
Meschikaan, to come nigh to me, to draw near to somebody.
Meschuppalan, to sprinkle somebody.
Mesim, hickory nut.
Mesink, Z., an idol.
Mesissachowak, large stinging flies.
Mesissu, whole; (the me in many of these words not in use. A.)
Mesittewall, corn boiled whole; (out of use. A.)
Mesittschejeu, wholly, altogether.
Mesittschewi, quite, whole, entirely.
Messasquall, straw.
Messikanelan, to hail.
Messipook, the river drifts with ice.
Messixu, naked.
Mesukhoakan, glue.
Metachan, firewood.
Metachgelonen, to have told a ready lie.
Metakhammen, to cover.
Metakhan, to cover somebody.
Metapewit, wicked man; (a thievish fellow. A.)
Metaptonen, to break off speaking (he has said all he has to say. A.)
Metekenis, leather string.
Metelensit, humble being, low-minded person; (one who despises himself; metauelensit, humble person. A.)
Metellen, ten.
Metenaxin, to be ready.
Meteu, doctor; (out of use; it is derived from meteohet, to drum on a hollow body; a turkey cock is sometimes called meteu, from the drumming sound of his wings. The ancient medicine men used drums. A.)
Metirnmeu, wolf; (arch. the word at present is wiechcheu; lit., hairy dung, from the character of the excrement. A.)
Metschi, ready; already.
Metschiechgoch to bleed to death.
Metsc n., to fall in; to vanish.
Metschihilleu, old, worn out.
Metschimhammen, to lock.
Metschimi, soon, presently.
Metschipachgihhilleu, fallen off.
Metschitehenemoalan, to design evil against somebody.
Metschitschank, soul, spirit.
Metschitschi, at last, the last time.
Mettachquohhemen, to cover.
Michalappotis, spider.
Michtquin'otees, Z., a basket.
Miechakanak, ash; (white ash. A.)
Miechanatamen, to be ashamed.
Miechanelendam, to be ashamed of one's self.
Miechanelendamoagan, self shame.
Miechanessin, to be ashamed.
Miechanimgussin, to be made ashamed.
Miechaninaquot, shameful.
Miechanissowagan, shame.
Miechasquigamik, cabin covered with grass.
Miechbowe, plume of fowls; (the down, inner soft feathers. A.)
Miechhaqul, moss on trees.
Miechheken, hair.
Miechinquawon, eyebrow.
Miechponkthey, light white ashes.
Mietachsquall, hay.
Migihillan, to bow one's self down.
Migitamen, to bow toward.
Migomi, put me in mind.
Migopoquoak, taste.
Migun, quill; (miquin, a quill, miquinuk, feathers. A.)
Miguntin, to remind each other.
Mihillusin, to be aged. to be old.
Mihillusis, old man; (mih'hillosis, A.)
Mihn, huckleberry.
Mihnachpoan, huckleberry bread.
Mikemossin, to work, to labor; (out of use. A)
Mikemossit, laborer.
Mikemossowagan. work, labor.
Mikindamen, to do. to make.
Milach, hair; pl.,mulchall; (achtuch weichewall, Z. deer's hairs; allum meichwgenall, dog's hairs) (wilach, etc. A)
Milan, to give to somebody (not expecting a return. A.)
Mileen, H., the giving.
Milit, he who gives to me: (also, the thing given, A)
Militak, father-in-law or mother-in-law: (error, aunt. A.)
Miltin, to give; (giving each other, mutually A.)
Miltowagan, gift (without expectation of return. A.)
Minall, Z., huckleberries, pl.
Mindawelendam, to be discontented, to be troubled: (expresses the feeling of discontent from unsatisfied hopes. A.)
Mindawewagan, discontentment.
Mingachsa, better, a little better.
Minschu, glad; (out of use. A.)
Minsi., one of the three tribes of the Lenni Lenâpe' or Delawares; (from min-achsin-ink, where the stones are gathered together. A.)
Miqui, quite; far, far off;-palliwi, quite different; -pili, otherwise, by far otherwise.
Mis, elder sister; n'mis, kmis, my, thy, etc.
Mischenahan, to touch somebody, to handle someone.
Mischenummen, to receive, to get.
Misseachpin, to be always abroad. to be seldom at home, to go a gadding.
Misseachpitschik, those who live scattered.
Misshakeuchet, frequent traveler, pilgrim.
Missochwen, to walk about, to travel about.
Mitachkaniechink, manifest.
Mitachkaniechiton, to make manifest, to be revealed.
Mitachpin, Z.. to be born (lit., to be seen in existence, in a place. A.)
Mitsuagan, Z. food, aliment
Miwelendam, to forgive.
Miwelendaman, to forgive somebody.
Miwelendamen, to forgive.
Miwelendamoagan, forgiveness.
Mlizewagan, food, victuals, provision.
Mizin, to eat.
Mochgamen, to find.
Mochimsunga, Z., forefathers. ancestors.
Moekaneu, dog; (see Allum.)
Mokdomus, lizard.
Mokum, blood, a vein (moch'kum. A.)
Monachgeu, ground hog; (from monham. H.)
Monhacaniminshi, Z., dog wood (error. it is the black haw bush or tree. A. )
Monham, to dig; (munhageen, Z., to dig a hole.)
Moochwes, worm, caterpillar (white grub. A.)
Moochwetit, little worm.
Mos, elk, cow: (applied only to deer and elk. A.)
Moschachgeu, bald, bare, clear, not turbid.
Moschakantpeu, bald-headed.
Moschanigeu, toothless.
Moschhakquat, clear weather.
Moschiwi, clear, luminous, bare, naked; clearly, openly.
Moschpekat, clear water.
Mosigawan, cow stable.
Moskdonamen, to kiss; (from word for mouth, arch., at present sissama is used. H.)
Moskimus, Z. a hare (the small gray rabbit. A.)
Motit, little calf, (dim. of mos. A.)
Muchigischunemin, to keep holy day.
Muchomes, grandfather.
Mucliwoapingus, opossum.
Mui, Z., dung, excrement.
Muiminschi, wild cherry.
Muiui, Z., to be excrement.
Mukoos, awl, nail.
Munhacke, Z., a badger (see monacque).
Munschemen, to shave.
Muschgingus, rabbit.
Machtschilissowagan, sin.


Na, the, that;-eet, perhaps;-jupetschi, until now, till here;-shacki, so far; -tchi, so much; untschijey, from thence.
Nacha, three.
Nachapachki, three hundred.
Nachawikan, three fathoms.
Nacheleney, three-fold.
Nacheleneyachgat, three different sorts.
Nachelii, together with.
Nachen, three times, thrice.
Nachenachke, thirty.
Nacheneyit, third.
Nachenol, three.
Nachenum, raccoon; (usually espan. A.)
Nachgiechen, contrary, against.
Nachgihhilleu, it stops.
Nachgohuman, to sing.
Nachgohumewagan, hymn.
Nachgoman, to answer somebody.
Nachgundin, to agree with one another.
Nachgundowagan, agreement, bargain; covenant.
Nachgutem, to answer.
Nachk, hand, my hand.
Nachkala, Z., my forehead.
Nachogunak, three nights.
Nachohalemin, to be alone.
Nachohanneu, alone; (nachoha, I am alone. A.)
Nachoheteu, the house is empty, there is no one at home.
Nachpangoman, to salute somebody with a present.
Nachpauchsin, to possess, to have, to enjoy.
Nachpauchsowagan, conversation, familiarity, fellowship.
Nachpi, with, together with.
Nachpikin, to be by nature.
Nachquoawe, anything.
Nachwena, thereupon, after.
Nachxummawan, to enlighten somebody; to kindle a flame within one.
Nachxummen, to kindle, to light.
Nada, yonder to thither; toward here.
Nadan, a float; nadano amochol, the canoe floats (pithin, afloat. A.).
Naga, according to.
Nagajek, by and bye, in a little while.
Nag'atamen, to trust, to confide in, to rely upon.
Nagelawendewagan, comfort.
Nageuchsin, to hope.
Nageuchsowagan, confidence, trust.
Nagewitti, in a little while.
Nagisgamen, to meet.
Nagisgauwan, to meet somebody.
Nagisgawachtin, to meet each other.
Nahanne, so, so it is.
Nahih, down stream.
Nahihillaan, to go down the water.
Nahimen, to sail down the stream.
Nahiwi, down the water.
Nahoochwen, to go down stream.
Najuman, to carry somebody.
Najundam, to carry a load.
Nakewi, a little while.
Nal, fetch.
Nalambeso, to gird.
Nalauchsin, to be fetched.
Nalauwi, heedless.
Nall, that, at last;-nan, that one; netchi, it is so much, that is all;-tchen, that is all.
Nallahhemen, to sail up the water.
Nallahih, up the stream.
Nallahiwi, up the river.
Nallahoochwen, to go up stream.
Nallowauchsowagan, heathenish life.
Names, fish.
Nan, that, that one, so; -wtenk, finally, at last; hereafter.
Nanachpauchsohen, to keep in fellowship.
Nanachxotawan, to mock somebody, to deride someone.
Nanatschitaquik, those that have the care of some business.
Nanhillowet, the one who takes care of the dead.
Naninga, a double plural termination denoting deceased persons.
Nanne, this one; that; so;-Ieu, that is the way of it, thus the matter stands; it is certainly true; -talli, through there, that way, even there; -undachqui, thitherward; toward where? -untschi, from thence, therefore; -wentschi, for this reason, therefore, because;-woak, as also.
Nanni, this, that.
Nanquon, heel.
Nanungihhillan, to tremble, to shake; (nin'gihilla. A.)
Napenaflan, to seize somebody, to take some one prisoner.
Natachtu, he fetches wood.
Natasu, fetched.
Natchaquen, to fetch wood; (to go after wood. A.)
Natchen, it is all gone.
Naten, to fetch; (properly, to go after something. A.)
Natenan, to take somebody.
Natenummen, to take, to accept, to receive, to perceive, to discern, to know.
Natenuxowagan, fetching, reception.
Natenuxu, received.
Nathogen, to fetch over.
Natholan, to fetch somebody over in a canoe.
Natoochton, to inquire.
Natschiton, to engage in, to take care of, to be of opinion; (out of use. A.)
Natschuwallen, to fetch a load.
Nattawoapandamen, to look for, to seek.
Nattawoapin, to look for something; (to look around. A.)
Natto'namak, son-in-law (my).
Nattonamen, to seek for somebody.
Nauwaquepin, to hang down the head; (out of use; present form, minquoquepu. A.)
Nauweechinke, afternoon; (present form, lauwauqueu. A.)
Nawalan, to pursue somebody, to follow some one.
Nawalittin, to pursue each other.
Nawehhelleu, afternoon.
Nawochgen, to follow.
Nawotallauwin, to hunt by the way.
Ndappoanum, my bread.
Ndauwat, scarce, rare; rarely, seldom.
Ndeloiqui, etc., so as I, etc.
Ndellan, I tell somebody.
Ndelli, etc., that I, etc.
Ndoniken, to seek.
Ndoochtawachtin, to inquire of each other.
Ne, (pl., nek) the.
Nechasin, to be careful, to be watchful.
Nechink, the third time.
Nechit, third.
Nechnutschinget, nurse.
Nechochwen, to travel alone, to walk alone.
Nechoha, alone.
Nechohalennin, to be alone.
Nechohanne, to be alone.
Nechoheteu, the house is empty.
Nehellatank, the Lord, (nehellalwit. A.)
Neichgussin, to be seen, to be manifested.
Neichquot, apparent.
Neichtin, to see each other.
Neka, he, she, it.
Nekama, he, she, it.
Nekamawa, they.
Nekti, the only one, single.
Nektilennin, to be quite alone.
Nektinquot, one-eyed.
Nelema, not yet.
Nelemago, not yet.
Nelemata, not yet.
Nelinill, these.
Nelowauchsin, to lead a heathenish life, to be a heathen.
Nelowauchsit, unbeliever, heathen.
Nemen, to see.
Nemoagan, sight.
Nemochwitschet, the main sinew of the leg.
Nenachgistawachtin, to hearken to one another, to listen to each other.
Nenajunges, horse; (from najundam, to carry burdens on the back. A.)
Nenajungeshammen, to ride on horseback.
Nenapalek, unworthy, good for nothing.
Nendawagan, torch, lamp.
Nendawen, to carry a lamp, to go with a torch.
Nennachgallit, stammerer, stutterer; (nachnachqueu. A.)
Nennawipoquot, right tasted.
Nennemawahan, to find somebody out.
Nenostammoewac,yan, understanding.
Nentsitasin, to appear; (not in use. A.)
Nepe, I also; I too.
Nepene, we also; we too.
Nescalenk, or, Nesgessit Lenape, Z.. black man, negro (lit., black face. A.).
Neschuk (used after negat.), but.
Neshaki, so long as.
Nesquo, not yet.
Netami, first, the first.
Netaniiechen, first, the first.
Netainiechink, first, in the first place.
Netopalis. warrior, (menetopalis, a scout or skirmisher. A.)
Netopalowewagan, war.
Netichtin, to see each other.
Neweleney, fourfold.
Neweleneyit, fourth.
Newen, four times.
Newentschi, therefore.
Newinachke, forty.
Newo, four.
Newopachki, four hundred.
Newowikan, four fathoms.
Ngachkenumen, Z., the break of day.
Ngagebinque, etc., I am blind, etc.
Ngagepchoa, etc., I am deaf, etc.
Ngagiguwe, etc., I am lively, etc.
Ngaginche, etc., I am.
Ngaltin, to quit each other.
Ngamuin, to keep a feast in Indian style.
Ngattummen, to leave behind, to bequeath; nga'ttammen, Z. (to abandon, not to bequeath. A.)
Ngemewi, always, constantly.
Nguttachtschessowen, to lay up one treasure only.
Nguttapachki, one hundred.
Nguttelendin, to be of one mind, to have one object.
Ngutteleneyachgat, a single one.
Ngutteli, one, single; singly.
Ngutti, one.
Nguttitehen, to be of one heart and mind, to agree.
Nguttitehewagan, the being of one mind; unanimity.
Nguttokuni, one night.
Nhakeuchsin, to hope, to trust.
Nhakeuchswochwen, to go in hope.
Nhakewelendamen, to hope, to trust.
Nhakewelendamoagan, hope.
Nhakey, myself.
Nhittami, at first, the first.
Ni, I.
Nianque, Z., a wild cat.
Niechin, to come down.
Nieskeu, Z., dirty.
Nigani, before, foremost, beforehand; (out of use; nichala, I outrun him. A.)
Niganigapawin, to stand foremost.
Niganit, the foremost.
Niganitawan, to run before somebody, to outrun some one; to come before somebody.
Nihillachquen, to kill a bear.
Nihillalatschik, subjects, people.
Nihillalquonk, Lord, master.
Nihillan, to strike somebody.
Nihil'lan, to kill somebody.
Nihillapejuwagan, redemption, ransom.
Nihillapeuhen, to make free, to liberate, to redeem.
Nihillapeuhoalid, my Redeemer.
Nihillapewi, free.
Nihillapewin, to be one's own master, to be free.
Nihillapewit, freeman.
Nihillasohen, to make free, to deliver.
Nihillasowagan, freedom, liberty.
Nihillatamen, to own, to be master of.
Nihillatammoewagan, right, privilege.
Nihillatschi, self, one's own person.
Nihillowen, to put to death, to murder.
Nihillowet, murderer.
Nihillowewi, murderous.
Nik, these, those.
Nikik, these, those.
Nil, these.
Nilchgussin, to be struck dead.
Nilchtin, to strike each other dead.
Nilum, my sister-in law; (or brother-in-law, in opposite families.'A.)
Niluna, we (including only the party speaking).
Nimat, my brother; (used also as friendly salutation between distant relatives. A.).
Nimawanachen, to make provision for a journey (from nimawan, a lunch. A.).
Nimenees, fish hawk.
Ninachtak, my brethren.
Ninutachpin, to be from the beginning.
Ninutschi, at the beginning, before now.
Nipachton, to raise, to set up.
Nipahwi, by night, at night.
Nipahwochwen, to go by night, to travel at night.
Nipawin, to stand, to stand up.
Nipen, summer.
Nipenachhen, summer hunt.
Nischa, two.
Nischapachki, two hundred.
Nischasch, seven.
Nischasch tcha pachki, seven hundred.
Nischasch tche nachke, seventy.
Nischekat, double.
Nischeleney, twofold, two sorts.
Nischen, twice.
Nischeneyit, second.
Nischinachke, twenty.
Nischink, in the second place.
Nischitquin, to kneel down; (nishitquihin. A.)
Nischitquitawan, to kneel to somebody.
Nischogunakat, two days ago, day before yesterday.
Nischogunakhake, two days hence, day after tomorrow.
Niskachgelunen, to lie abominably.
Niskachgelunewagan, an abominable lie.
Niskalamuin, to make an ugly noise, to cry.
Niskallogen, to do dirty work.
Niskallogewacan, nasty work.
Niskandamen, to taste nasty.
Niskassisku, muddy, miry.
Niskelan, ugly weather, rainy weather.
Niskelendam, to loathe.
Niskenolhand, miserably lazy.
Niskeu, nasty, dirty; (niskaloje, Z., it is dirty.)
Niskiton, to dirty; to bedaub.
Niskpatton, to make wet, to throw water.
Niskpeu, wet.
Nisktonhen, to be noisy, to talk nasty.
Nisktonhewagan, noisy, lying, nasty talk.
Nitaton, to be able to make something, to know how to do it; n'nita, I can.
Nitaus, sister-in-law (my brother's wife) (not in use. A. ).
Nithuv, Z., the navel.
Nitis, friend, companion.
Nitsch! my child (exclamation of fondness).
Nitschan, my child, my friend; (my child) (not friend. A.)
Nitschantit, my little friend.
Noch, my father.
Nocha, my father.
Nochan, my father.
Nochgoatamen, to lick; (I lick. A.)
Nochnutemaliuwet, watchman, keeper; (mechnotaliwet. A.)
Nochnutemexetschik, shepherds.
Nodhittamen, to come into danger; (to meet by accident, lucky or unlucky. A.)
Nohenopenowagan, Z., the ague (lit., the sickness that recurs again and again. A.).
Nohulentschik, those who give suck; (error; it means the infants who suck, A.)
Nolemelanden, sultry weather; (the word means somethin pleasing or agreeable, hence, warm weather. A.)
Nolemiwi, invisible, unseen; (properly means, not seeing, or not looking. A.)
Nolemutees, silk worm.
Nolhand, lazy; (out of use. See gichtammen. A.)
Nolhandewagan, laziness.
Nonagan, milk; (error; it means the nipple or mamma of a woman; no native word for milk is known. The English mellik is used. A.)
Nonetschik, sucking babes.
Nonohellaan, Z., to give suck.
Nonschetto, Z., a doe.
Nosawoapamen, to gaze, to look steadfastly at something.
Noschhokquin, to go over the ice.
Nosogamen, to follow; (to imitate a person's conduct. A.)
Nostamoewagan, understanding.
Nostawachtin, to understand each other.
Notamaeishican, H., a fishing spear.
Notchan, to come to somebody.
Notschingen, to nurse.
Nowahan, to know somebody; (dub., n'nennawa. I know him. A.)
Nowaton, to know.
Nowoaktschochwen, to go a crooked road.
Nowoawelendam, to be certain, to be sure of; (out of use; m'majawelen'dam, I am certain of it. A.)
Nquistook, my sons; an old form; modern form, n'quisak. (The syllable to is still inserted in certain formal addresses. A.)
N'schinai, etc., I do it unwillingly.
Ntiasohen, to feed, to pasture; (out of use. A.)
Ntite, for.
Ntite, I think; (nditeha, I think. A.)
Ntitechquo, for, because.
Ntitechto, for, because.
Ntutemawachtin, to question each other.
Nukachtachemawachtowagan, last will, testament.
Nukachtummen, to forsake, to leave.
Nukalan, to forsake somebody, to leave some one.
Nukti, once more; only one.
Nuktoaunak, one night.
Ntiktoouni, only one night.
Nummahauwan, to perceive somebody, to be aware of some one.
Nuna'gan, Z.. the breasts of a woman (see above).
Nundahemewagan, want, scarcity.
Nundajelensin, to be discouraged, to be low-spirited, (more exactly, I do not feel equal to it. A. ) Nundajelensowagan, humility.
Nundajelensuochwen, to go humbly.
Nundawi, wanting, less.
Nundehhellan, to want, to be in need.
Nundehhellewagan, want.
Nundejek, wanting, deficient, defective.
Nundewi, wanting, less.
Nungachtschin, to shake for cold, to shiver.
Nungihillan, to tremble, to shiver.
Nunoiwi, trembling.
Nunscheach, she-bear.
Nunschetto, doe.
Nutachgamen, somebody calls from the other side of the river, he wants to be fetched across.
Nutamemensemin, to have children.
Nutamemenseu, child's nurse; (a companion of a child. A.)
Nutemalan, to watch somebody.
Nutemekiset, shepherd.
Nutiken, to keep watch; (rather, to mind a house. A.)
Nutiket, watchman, a guard.
Nutindam, to watch a place.
Nutschi, at the first, at the beginning.
Nutschihhillachsin, to be frightened.
Nutschihhowe, night walker, witch.
Nutschinaffitin, Z., to begin war.
Nutschingaat, Z., a nurse.
Nutschisquandawet, doorkeeper.
Nutschque, in vain, to no purpose; (not in use. A.)
Nutschquehend, innocent sufferer, martyr.
Nuwingi, I like it, I am willing, etc.
N'wingi, etc., I do willingly, etc.


Oapelukquon, white frost; (wap-takpan. A.)
Ochdomus, a woman's cousin; (dub., A.)
Ochquaso, belt of wampum.
Ochquechum, female of beasts.
Ochquehelleu, female of fowls and birds.
Ochquekangan, neck.
Ochquetit, little girl.
Ochquetschitsch, girl.
Ochqueu, woman.
Ochquewasquall, swamp fern.
Ochunk, at his or her father's.
Ochwall, his or her father.
Oh! exclamation used in answering.
Oho! exclamation used in answering.
Ohoh! exclamation of vociferation.
Ohum, grandmother.
Ojos, meat, flesh; a piece of meat.
Ojotit, a little piece of meat.
Ok, pl., oquak, Z, a moth (error; it means maggot. A.).
Olahellan, to have somebody, to possess someone.
Oleleu, bullfrog; (imitated from the croak. A.)
Olhatton, to have, to possess; to put up.
Olsittam, to believe.
Olsowagan, goodness; (out of use. A.)
Omen, to come from whence.
Oschummo, hom; (out of use; wilawan. A.)
Otchan, to somebody.
Otchuwewagan, his coming.
Otwebhassin, to become flesh.
Owoahan, to know somebody.
Owoaton, to know; (weswaton, to become conscious. A.)


Paalochqueu, Z., a coquettish girl.
Paan, to come.
Pabhaku, a pheasant; (pachpachko. A.)
Pachat, split; (pachhaque, to split. A.)
Pachelammen, to split wood.
Pachenikan, frow, splitting iron.
Pachgammak, black ash; (at present, pechpohammen, the pounded wood. Baskets were made from this, the strips being obtained by pounding. A.)
Pachgammakan, cutlass.
Pachgandhatteu, all is ready.
Pachgandikan, maul, hammer (moquil, maul, possibly a corruption of the English;pachgan- dikan is now confined to the flat piece of wood used in beating wash clothes. A.)
Pachganuntschi, white walnut; (at present, quinokquim, = oblong nut. A.)
Pachgeechen, where the road turns off.
Pachgelendan, Z. To anger (lit., to go from the right road. A).
Pachgen, to turn out of the road.
Pachgihillan, to break, to break asunder; (pachgee, one who leave the road; pachgi- hillan, to leave the road way one side, to run off the road. A.)
Pachhalqueu, noon.
Pachhamawo, Z., the wild red plum (pochgama.)
Pachhaquuoakan, iron wedge.
Pachihillan, to split, to crack.
Pachkam'an, to beat somebody, to strike someone.
Pachkamen, to let blood.
Pachkenum, dark; (should be pak'enum, as below. A)
Pachkschawen, to cut meat.
Pachkschikan, knife.
Pachkunimmen, to break off.
Pachpanaloje, broad axe.
Pachsachenikan, tinder; (punk. A.)
Pachsa'jeek, Z. A vale or valley; dim, pachsajetit, a gulley.
Pachschaquoacan, broad saw, board saw.
Pachsegink, H., in the valley.
Pachsenummen, to pull.
Pachtschukquilkees, grasshopper.
Pachtschuppeu, soft, mild; (doubtful; at present this word means tapering, pointed. A.)
Packcha'ck, Z. A board.
Pagachtschateu, full, filled; (arch., A.)
Pagachtschaton, to fill (Pagachtschuchpeen. Z.)
Pagachtschiechen, filled.
Pagachtschuppen, to fill (used of liquids, A.)
Paiachkhikan, gun, rifle.
Paihakquenzxin, to be glad to see somebody.
Pakachtechin, to fall to the ground; (to fall forward. A.)
Pakachtehellan, to prostrate.
Pakallohu, Z. To halloo, to shout.
Pakandamen, to beat.
Pakandaptonen, to finish a discourse.
Pakandhatton, to repair, to make whole.
Pakantin, to box with each other; (to strike with anything. A.)
Pakantschi, complete, full; fully, entirely.
Pakantschiechen, accomplished.
Pakantschiechtasu, finished, completed.
Pakantschiechton, to fulfill, to complete.
Pakenum, dark.
Pakenummuihhilleu, it grows dark.
Pakihm, cranberries.
Pakitatamauwan, to forgive somebody.
Pakitatainawachtin, to forgive each other.
Pakitatamawaclitowagan, forgiveness.
Pakiton, to throw away.
Pakquehellan, to desert.
Palaton, to earn, to acquire; (arch., A.)
Palenach, five.
Palenachtchapachki, five hundred.
Palenachtchegit, fifth.
Palenachtche nachke, fifty.
Palippawe, buck.
Pallachpin, to be innocent.
Pallachpuwagan, innocence.
Palialogasin, to sin.
Pallalogasowaaan, crime, evil deed.
Pallatschimuin, to speak otherwise than the truth, to prevaricate.
Pallawewagan, transgression, guilt.
Pallelensin, to be innocent. Pallenummen, to make wrong, to set about wrongly.
Pailhammen, to be unable to perform.
Pallhiken, to shoot amiss; (pallakhiken. A.)
Pallhittehemen, to strike amiss.
Palliaan, to go away.
Pallihillan, to miss the time.
Pallikteminak, unfortunate, unlucky.
Pallilennemen, to put elsewhere.
Pallilinaquot, otherwise.
Pallilisgawan, to drive somebody away.
Palilissin, to do amiss; (now means, to look different from what was expected. A.)
Pallilissowagan, transgression.
Palliton, to spoil something, to do it wrong.
Palliundachqui, somewhere else; where else?
Palliuntschi, from somewhere else.
Paliwi, elsewhere, otherwise; different.
Palliwochwen, to go elsewhere,
Palpateu, it boils over; (it overflows, from any cause; pallikamindeu, water overflows because of a fire. A.)
Palsachtin, to be sickly.
Palsin, to be sick; (arch., A.
Palsittamen, to disbelieve.
Palsowagan, sickness.
Pangepoantit, bit of bread.
Pangeschin, to cut a piece.
Pangewi, a piece; (anything broken off. A.)
Pankhanne, steep bank.
Pankpechen, drop.
Papabin, to play; (arch., A.)
Papaches, woodpecker; (papachko. A.)
Papachgillintsch, the flat of the hand.
Papallachwilsummen, to miss one's luck. to miss one's chance. Papalligeen, Z., to spoil; see palliton.
Papaisin. to be very sickly.
Papciiakhitehasu., bruised.
Papeek, Z. a pond.
Papenauwelendam, to pay attention to, to be concerned for.
Papen'damen, to hear by chance; (error; it is an iterative from pendamen, to hear, and means to continue to hear. The initial syllable pa, gives the iterative or continuing sense in this and most of the following words. A.)
Papesu. Patient; (a person who waits. A.)
Papiluwulissin, to be otherwise disposed.
Papohhamen. to knock at the door.
Papommeuchtum, to go about weeping.
Papomminin, to go about idle.
Pasachtaje, wind in the belly.
Pasalanges, locusts.
Pasawinchikan, yeast.
Passenummen, to deny, to disown; (pasuen. A.)
Passihillachgechquiminschi, swamp oak.
Passikachk, board; also packchack.
Passikachkhen, to make boards.
Passitechin, to stumble.
Pasteu, it rises (bread).
Patachwilsin, to gain, to get; (pachtachwilsin, to gain by working. A.)
Patahowen, to overcome, to subdue.
Patahowewagan, Z., wages, pay.
Pataman, to pray.
Patamauwan, to pray to somebody, to worship.
Patamawos, God.
Patainoelchan, to pray for somebody.
Patamoelchittewagan, supplication for each other.
Patamoelchittin, to pray for one another.
Patamoelchuwewagan, intercession.
Patamoewagan. prayer, worship.
Patamoewigawan, house of prayer, temple, church.
Patatammoewagan, merit.
Pawalin, the corn blossom falls off.
Pawallessin, to be rich.
Pawallessit, rich person.
Pawallessohen, to make rich.
Pawallsoagan, wealth, riches.
Pawinquehiken, to shell corn.
Pawunnen, to sieve.
Pawunnikan, sieve.
Pecho, soon, by and bye; linitti, directly, in a little time.
Pechot, soon, near.
Pechotschi, very near, near by, close by.
Pechotschigalit, neighbor; (pechwigalit, he lives near me. A.)
Pechpommauchsohaluwet, Saviour.
Pechuwat, nigh, near.
Pechuwelendam, to think one's self near.
Pechuwigamen, to be near somebody.
Pechuwihhilleu, the time is near.
Pechuwat, nigh, near.
Pechewelendam, to think one's self near.
Pechewigamen, to be near somebody.
Pechewihhilleu, the time is near.
Pechewwi, near.
Pedhakquon, it thunders.
Peechgaugatase, knee, calf; (dub., refers to the joint or bend of the limb. A.)
Peechgawinachgaja, calf of the elbow.
Pegenawan, to dress somebody, to clothe someone.
Pegenind, dressed.
Pegenink, darkness.
Pege, Z., by chance (error, it means to be tired of. A.).
Pegui, dressed, clothed; (equit, the clothing. A.)
Peguwoagan, clothing, dress, finery.
Pehachpamhangik, seafarers.
Pehawan, to wait for somebody.
Pehowen, to wait.
Pejat, he that cometh.
Pejeju, it comes.
Pejewike, it comes, it draweth nigh.
Pekandaptonen, to have finished speaking.
Pekandapanke, when it is quite daybreak.
Pekenink, H., in the dark.
Peki, perhaps then.
Pelachpit, one that is innocent, a guiltless person.
Pelsittank, unbeliever.
Peltowak, they are coming.
Pemachpin, to be present.
Pemachtiewit, any creature that lives upon grass.
Pemapanik, the heavens, sky.
Pemapuchk, rock.
Pemauchsohaluwed, he who makes live; Saviour.
Pemauchsoheen, to make live, to cause to live.
Pemauchsowaptonamik, word of life.
Pemetonhen, to preach.
Pemhakamik, earth; (the landscape within the horizon. A.)
Pemhakamixit, man; the world, mankind; (it rather means all living creatures, not man only. A.)
Pemhakamixitschik, mankind.
Pemhallachpen, to hunt in company.
Pemi, until now; about this time, at present.
Pemmetonhen, to preach.
Pemsit, he that walketh; walker.
Pemuteneyik, the towns round about.
Pendamen, to hear; to understand.
Pendameuhen, to cause to hear, to make known.
Pendaquot, it is heard.
Pendaskitquehelleu, a rising river which swells the water of a creek.
Pendawachtin, to hear one another.
Peneawan, to hear somebody.
Pengelaku, dusk; (from pange, piece. A.)
Penihillan, to fall off, to fall down.
Penipachgihhilleu, it falls off.
Pennahum, to break off, to knock down.
Pennamen, to see, to behold.
Pennassiechen, downwards, down hill.
Pennassin, to come down; pinasse, down hill (means now, to see, to look. A.).
Pennauwan, to look at somebody.
Pennauweleman, to consider about somebody. to be concerned for someone, to take care of somebody.
Pennauwelendam, to think, to consider,
Pennauwelendamoagan, consideration.
Pennawachtin, to look at each other.
Penquihilleu, dried.
Penquon, dry; (alludes to fabrics, clothes, skins, etc. A. )
Penundhiken, to testify, to bear witness, to show unto.
Penundhikewoagan. testimony, direction.
Petixumnien, to dry.
Pepachgamgussowacgan, beating, striking.
Pepachizank, calamus-root; sweet flag.
Pepachgekingil, branches; (twig, etc., anything that grows from the side,root, pach. A.)
Pepachgitshiminhis, manifold in the belly of animals.
Pepachkhamatunk, Z., a lancet (or lance).
Pepalistank. unbeliever.
Pepaisittaamen, Z., disobedient.
Pepenaus, looking-gIass.
Pepetelan, showers of rain: it rains now and then.
Pepguschikan, anger.
Peptukquekhikenk, compass; circle.
Pescngonk, nine.
Peschgonktchapachki, nine hundred
Peschgonktchenachke, ninety.
Peschuwat, near.
Pesoop, he waited.
Petachdonamen, to come to seek.
Petachgussin, to climb hither.
Petapan, daybreak; dawn.
Petapaniui, at break of day.
Petaquiechen, the water is rising.
Petaschowen, to swim hither.
Petasemowik, giving light, shining hither,
Petasummawan, to give light to somebody, to shine unto some one.
Petauchsin, to live until now.
Petauchsoheen, to cause to live until now; to preserve one's life until this time.
Petawoatamen, to expect.
Petekhamman, to write to somebody.
Petenumman, to be brought to somebody; (Pet'numawan, to reach something to some one. A.)
Peteuchtummen, to come weeping.
Pethakwonn, Z, a thunder gust. See pedhakwon.
Pethinquechin, to look hither.
Petisgamen, to drive hither.
Petiscyauwan, to chase or drive hither.
Peton, to bring.
Petschi, until, unto; until here, so far, (up to here., A.)
Petschihilleu, it draws near; he is coming on.
Petschimuin, to fly or escape hither; (error; it means to decoy animals, lit., to draw them hither. A.)
Petschitehen, to think so far.
Petscholtin, to come hither.
Peuchtowagan, patience.
Pichpemmetonhet, preacher, minister.
Pichtaweu, double.
Pidhitehemen, to cut one's self.
Pihm, to sweat; (n'dapipihm. H., I come from sweating at the sweat house.)
Pihmoakan, sweat house.
Pikihilleu, torn, rent in pieces.
Pikschummen, to cut fine.
Pilapeu, big boy; (a grown-up lad, not yet connected with a woman. A.)
Pilawessin, to be a boy.
Pilawetit, little boy.
Pilawetschitsch, boy; (the ordinary word for boy is skahenso. A.)
Pilewiechgussin, to be cleansed, to be made pure. to be sanctified.
Pilhik, clean, pure.
Pili. otherwise, another; auwen, some one else keku, something else.
Pililinaquot. it looks otherwise.
Pilkisch, peach.
Pilsin, to be clean, to be chaste.
Pilsit, chaste, pure.
Pilsohalgussowagan, holiness, purity.
Piluwi, clean. chaste.
Piluwinaquot, it looks cleanly.
Pimachtelinque, squint-eyed.
Pimenatan, thread; (n'bimenate. Z., I make thread.)
Pim'eu, slanting, oblique.
Pimiechen, slanting.
Pimiechton, to make slanting.
Pimihilleu, it is oblique.
Pimingus, red squirrel.
Pimoacun, Z., a sweat house. See Pihm.
Pimochkhasu, stirred, moved.
Pimochqueu, turned, twisted.
Pimochquikan, stirring-ladle.
Pindachsenacan, Z., tobacco pouch (cartridge pouch. A. ).
Pindalanak, white pine.
Pindassenakan, a tobacco pouch.
Pindawan, to clothe somebody, to dress some one.
Pindham, to put in, to fill.
Pindhasu, loaded, charged.
Pindhewachton, to put in a bag; (means simply to put in, as in a room, etc. A.)
Pindhikan, ramrod; sausage.
Pindpehellachtikan, funnel.
Pintschihillachtauwan, to put clothes on somebody.
Pintschihillachton, to put on; to make slip in.
Pintschixin, to creep in.
Pipaan, to come awhile ago.
Pipinamen, to choose.
Pipinamoagan, an election (choosing of any kind. A.)
Pischk, night-hawk.
Piselid-tulpe, large sea-tortoise.
Piselisso, shrunken, wrinkled.
Pisgaje, it holds much.
Pisgapamoaquachtop, it was dusk.
Pisgapamukquot, dusky, somewhat dark.
Pisaeke, by night (last night. A. ); pisgeep, it was night.
Pisgenemen, to grow dark.
Pisgeu, dark, night; (lit., it is dark. A.)
Pisgihilleu, it grows dark, night sets in.
Pishikamen, to go to meet somebody.
Pisikolis, snipe; large grey snipe.
Pit, perhaps.
Pitaptonen, to blunder in speaking.
Pitawegiechen, double.
Pitawigawan, porch in front of a house; -penthouse.
Piteet, perhaps.
Pitelaweminschi, honey locust tree.
Pitenummen, to make a mistake.
Pi'tey, Z., foam, froth (pichteu, it foams. A.).
Pitku Jlentsch, the fist.
Pitschi, accidentally, by chance, inadvertently; unforeseen.
Piwitak, aunt; (n'militak. A.)
Pixu, ragged, rent; (tom, scratched in body. A.)
Pkindey, light ashes.
Pkuschikan, auger, gimlet.
Plipitehan, to knock somebody on the head.
Plitey, junk of fire, firebrand.
Poaktschehellan, to jump over a fence.
Poam, thigh; ham.
Poawin, to conceive; to be pregnant (lit., to become swollen. A.)
Pochenikan, drum.
Pochquachpus, Z, a mouse.
Pohonasin, Z, to beat the drum (to beat; to pound; to lift up; pochonummeu, he drums. A.)
Pokawachne, a creek between two hills.
Pokhakenikan, grave; (from pokhaweu, a hole or hollow in the ground. A.)
Pokhannnen, to knock out, to knock in, to break.
Pokqueu, clam, muscle.
Pomih', fat, oil, tallow.
Pomihen, to beat oil.
Pomillachtan, to go by water.
Pommauchsin, to live.
Pommauchsowagan, life.
Pommauchsowaganit, he who is the life.
Pommauchsuwi, living.
Pommenan, to beat somebody, to conquer somebody.
Pommihilleu, it flies away.
Pomminehiken, to dispute.
Pomminehotin, to dispute with one another.
Pommipeso, lath.
Pommisgen, to begin to walk.
Pommissin, to go afoot, to walk.
Pommitachpanschi, lath.
Pommixin, to creep. Pomsin, to walk.
Ponelendam, to quit, to give up, to be no more concerned.
Ponemen, to let go, to leave off.
Pongus, sand fly.
Poniton, to let be. to remain; ponihil, H., let me alone.)
Ponk, dust. (ashes. powder. A.)
Ponxu, full of sand flies.
Poochpsin, to be weakly.
Pooxit, the month of falling leaves; October.
Popachgandamen. to beat, to strike.
Popanpechen, it drops.
Popetelan. it rains now and then; it rains by showers,
Popohham, to knock.
Popokus, partridge.
Poquewachen, higher road.
Poquewi, straightway.
Poquiechen, broken.
Poquiechton, to break.
Poquihhilleu, broken.
Poquihillachton, to break in two.
Potatikan, pumpkin-stem pipe.
Pottenin, to take off.
P'quitehican, Z., a chisel.
Psakqtuechen, close together, tight.
Psakquietehasu, crucified.
Psakulinscheu, Z., a squirrel.
Psattewoan, tinder.
Pschiki, Z. fine, pretty. See schigi.
Psindamoakan, parched meal.
Psindhammen, to cover with earth.
Psindpeu, overflowed with water.
Ptukalluns, bullet; (lit., round missile. A.)
Ptukhanne, crooked river or creek.
Ptukhikan, round ball.
Ptukquim, walnut.
Ptukquminschi, black walnut.
Ptukquinschu, bowl, dish.
Ptukschummen, to cut round.
Ptichtschessu, hollow.
Pulpecat, deep dead water (walpecat, very deep water. A.).
Pumoe, a boil.
Pundhen, to weigh.
Pundhikan, steelyards.
Punk, Z., ashes, dust; gunpowder. See ponk.
Pusihn, Z., to enter a canoe (or any vehicle. A.)
Putam, to escape.
Putamohen, to cause to escape.
Putawen, to blow; (puta'tamen, to blow as in starting a fire. A.)
Putawoakan, bellows.
Putschek, corner of a room.
Putschisktey, poison vine (it,'Izatc-Iiiskeip. A.)


Quajaqui, still, yet, yet more. nevertheless, however.
Qualcheu, it smokes; smoke. A.)
Quallassin, to bathe, to sweat: (properly, to sweat. A.)
Quappalawan, to take somebody out of the water.
Quatsch, why; -atta, why not; -eet, why, perhaps.
Quatscliee! exclamation of surprise.
Quekolis. whipporwill; (wekolis. A.)
Quekulukquihilleu, lame.
Quekuluxit, he that is lame; (means rather, one who has joints. A.)
Quenek, length; (something long. A.)
Queneuhappachpoon, table.
Quenischquney, panther; (lit., long-tailed. A.) quenschukey, Z.
Quenschukuney, panther; (see above.)
Quequongalle, pike fish; (lit., long-gilled; but the usual term is gunhonque, tapering fish. A.)
Queschanigat, tooth holes.
Quesquelendam, to be out of humor; (usual term now is nisquelendam. A.)
Quetajaku, old tree; (applied to any plant or tree which has reached full age and the fibers hardened. A.)
Quetit, little girl.
Quidhikewagan, forbiddance, reproof.
Quilawelelendam, to be at a loss what to do.
Quilawelendamoagan, confusion, perplexity.
Quilawelensin, to be doubtful, to be uncertain.
Quilawelensitchewagan, distress, anquish.
Quilawelensowagan, concern. trouble.
Quilawelensu, doubtful, uncertain.
Quilutamen, to fall upon. to attack.
Quin, a long while; Iong.
Quiquingus, large wild duck.
Quis, son.
Quischgumowe, viper. snake.
Quischimawan, to appoint somebody to an office.
Quischktonhen, to whisper.
Quischoschemo, middle of the head; (out of use. A.)
Quitellitowoagan. Z . commandment.
Quitsut, Z., the great toe.
Quochoak, Z., he fears you.


No Lenape words beginning with 'R'


Sa! exclamation of indignation.
Sabbeleechen, sparkling, glittering.
Sabbeleu, it shines brightly; (refers to the reflection of light in the sky or water. A.)
Sachapiwak, lightning afar off.
Sachgachtoon, Z., to cook.
Sachoaguntin, to lead each other.
Sachgagunummen, to lead.
Sachkenachgen, to shake hands; (lit., to take hold of; also and usually wangundin. A.)
Sachsapan, Z., soup.
Sagachgutteje, top of a hill or mountain; (properly, "sloping upwards," applied to the upper slopes, not top of a mountain. A.)
Sagalachgat, so deep the hole.
Sajewi, at first, foremost.
Sakaweuhewi Gischuch, the month in which the deer begin to turn gray - August.
Saken, to shoot forth, to spring up.
Sakhaken, to stay out from home so long.
Sakima, chief, king.
Sakimauchheen, to make to a chief or king.
Sakitnawagan, kingdom.
Sakime, mosquito.
Sakquachsoagan, troublesome life.
Sakquamallessin, to feel troubled.
Sakquamallsin, to feel troubled.
Sakquamallsoa-an, trouble, uneasiness.
Sakquelendam, to be melancholy, to be sad.
Sakquelendamen, to be troubled in mind, to be disquieted.
Sakquelendamoagan, trouble, sorrow, disquietude.
Sakquipaan, to come in a troublesome time.
Saksak, pea vines, wild beans; (any kind of a burr, A.)
Sakuwit, mouth of a creek, mouth of a river; (more exactly sakwihillak. A.)
Salachgihillan, to be frightened, to be terrified.
Salamoagan, weeping, howling; (collective form, a number cry together. A.)
Salumbiechen, to ring the bell.
Salumbunikan, bell; (arch., A.)
Salumbuniken, to ring the bell.
Samumptan, to tie something (not in use. A.).
Samuttonen, to shut the mouth.
Saniqui, Z., to blow the nose (saniquin. A.).
Sankhikan, gun lock.
Sanquen, weasel.
Sapiu, it lightens.
Sapiwagan, lightning; (not in use. A.)
Saputti, Z, the anus.
Sasppekhasu, spotted, speckled.
Sasappelehebeu, Z., it flashes lightning.
Sasappeu, spotted, speckled.
Sasappis, lightning bug, fire fly.
Saschchuppawen, to gape, to yawn.
Sasehemen, to sow, to scatter.
Sasukhoalawan, to spit upon somebody.
Scaphackamigeu, Z, wet ground.
Schaback, Z., the box bush.
Schabuwihiheu, Z., diarrhea (lit., running through, of liquids. A.).
Sachachachgach'ne, a straight course in a river.
Schachachgageechen, straight road.
Schachachgameu, straight row.
Schachachgapewi, honest, righteous
Schachachgapewin, to be just, to be upright, to be true, to be correct.
Schachachgapewit, an upright person.
Schachachgauchsowagan, righteousness.
Schachachgek, just so.
Schachachgekhasu, striped.
Schachachgelendam, to be sure of a thing, to have one's mind made up, to be determined.
Schachachgennemen, to make straight.
Schachachgeu, straight; right, exact, correct.
Schachachgiechen, straight road.
Schachachkaptonagan, upright saying.
Schachachkaptonen, to speak the exact truth, to tell a straight story.
Schachachkatschimuin, to speak the truth.
Schachachki, certain, certainly true, surely.
Schachachkoochwen, to go straight, to follow the straight road.
Schachamek, eel; (w'schachamek, lit., it is a straight fish. A.)
Schachihilleu, it slips, it slides.
Schagaskat, grass wet with dew; (sachgaskat, green grass, or fresh young grass. A.)
Schagsut, Z.. covetous (out of use. A.)
Schahamuis. Z., a crawfish.
Schahowapewi, heartless, disheartened, desponding.
Schajahikan, seashore; (w'shajahitcan. A.)
Schajawonge, hill-side; (should have an, initial w'. A.)
Schajelinquall, eyebrows-, (error; properly, eyelid, A. )
Schakamon. food, nourishment; (anything put in the mouth, for food or otherwise. A.)
Schakhokquiwan, coat.
Schameu, Z., grease, fat (it is greasy. A.).
Schammenummen, to anoint, to grease.
Schapoalchasu, bored through, pierced through.
Schapulinsch. finger-ring; (out of use. A.)
Schashiwilawechgussin, to be put to grief.
Schauchsin, to be tired, to be weak; (to be weak,not tired. A.)
Schauchsowagan, weakness, feebleness.
Schauwalamuin, to faint from hunger.
Schauwemi, beechwood.
Schauweminschi, red beech tree.
Schauwessin, to make haste; (schauwesoagan, Z., haste,) (schatuwelendam, to be in a hurry. A.)
Schauwewi, tired, weak, weakly.
Schauwihillieu, it withers, it is weak, it faints.
Schauwinachk, weak hand.
Schauwinaxowagan, weakness, weakly look.
Schauwtteu, withered, faded.
Schauwoppihilleu, it bends.
Schauwussu, weak.
Schauwutteu, withered, faded.
Schawanachen, southerly wind.
Schawanachgook, Z., horned snake.
Schawanammek, shad (fish; chwamegischuch, Z., the month of March, or of shad).
Schawaneu, southward, southerly.
Schawanewunk, southward.
Shawano, woman.
Schawek, weak.
Schawi, immediately, directly.
Schaxin, to be avaricious; (schaxu, Z., greed.)
Schaxowagan, covetousness.
Sche! see there; lo!
Scheechganim, shelled corn coarse pounded; (chaff. Z.)
Schehelleu, it hangs; wulli schehellak, Z., it hangs there (w'eh'helleu. A.).
Schejek, string of wampum; (lit., edge or boarder, A.)
Schela! see there!
Schellachton, to hang up.
Schengiechen, it lies.
Schengiechin, to lie down.
Schepaje, this day early, this morning.
Schepella! see there!
Schesquim, bran, corn husk; (schequasquim. The hulls of the corn. A.)
Scheuchsit, weak.
Schewek, weak, tired.
Schewondikan, bag, tobacco pouch.
Schewongellikik, the lame.
Scheychellat, Z., a forerunner;scheyiaclipitstchik, those who live on the border.
Scheyjunuppek, lake; (probably dialectic: not in use. A.)
Schi, either, or.
Schibhammen, to spread out; (with an initial w', A.)
Schibhasu, spread out.
Schiechikiminschi, maple tree; (the soft maple. A.)
Schiess, Z., an uncle (always with possessive pronouns. A.)
Schigi, fine, pretty; nice (generally applied to quality rather than appearance. A.)
Schikochqueu, widow.
Schikschasiki, shavings.
Schiku, widow; (error; it means an orphan. A.)
Schimuin, Z., to flee; noschimui, I flee; uchschimo, he flees; schimoagan, flight.
Schind, spruce; (hemlock. A.)
Schindikeu, spruce forest; (hemlock woods. A.)
Schingachpin, to be somewhere unwillingly.
Schingachteyapuchk, flat rock.
Schingalan, to hate somebody.
Schingalgussowagan, the being taken.
Schingaltin, to hate each other; (schinginawa altin A.)
Schingaltowagan, enmity, hatred.
Schingaluet, enemy, adversary.
Schingaskunk, bog meadow.
Schingattam, to be unwilling, to dislike, to disapprove.
Schingelendam, to dislike, to be against one's inclination, to be tired of.
Schin'geu, level; sclzingliacki, Z., a flat country.
Schingi, unwilling, disliking, unwillingly.
Schingihakihen, to plant unwillingly.
Schingimikemossin, to work unwillingly.
Schinginamen, to hate.
Schinginawaclitin, to hate each other.
Schinginawachtowagan, enmity.
Schingiptikan, leather string, rope.
Schingochwen, to be unwilling to go.
Schingsittam, to dislike to hear.
Scbingsittawan, to dislike to hear somebody.
Scbingtscbenamen, to hate excessively, to be unable to bear.
Schipaquitehasu, crucified, outstretched.
Schipenasu, stretched, spread out, extended.
Schiphammen, to spread, to extend.
Schiphasu, spread out, extended.
Schipihilleu, stretched.
Schipinachgen, to put forth the hand.
Schipinachk, outstretched arms.
Schiquineu, fatherless, motherless; (either one or the other. A.)
Schiquitehasik, chips.
Schiquitehasid, Z., booty (schiquiniteliasik, booty obtained in war. A.)
Schita, either, or.
Schiwachpin, to be weary of staying.
Schiwamallessin, to feel grief, to feel sorrow.
Schiwamallsin, to feel grief and pain.
Schiwamallsoagan, sorrowful pain.
Schiwa'pew, Z., blue (wulih'ke, blue, at present. A.)
Schiwelendam, to be sorry, to be sad, to be melancholy, to moan.
Schiwelendamowitehewagan, repentance.
Schiwilawechc,un, to be put to grief
Schkaa'k, a pole-cat, skunk.
Schkiwan, Z., to piss.
Schohakan, glue.
Scli'quot, to abort, to miscarry, Z. (lit., beat to a pulp, alludes to the pulpy afterbirth. A.)
Schuk, but, only; (used after negat.) but,-atta, but not, not only.
Schukquan, Z., to chew; schquanda, thou chewest.
Schukund, only, but then.
Schukuney, the trail of an animal.
Schwewak, salt meat; (from schquanda, salt. A.)
Schwilawe, discouraged, disheartened.
Schwon, saltish, sour; (schwoll, Z. and A. A white man is called schwonack, from the salt ocean. .4.)
Schwonnachquaxen, European shoes.
Schwonnachquinenk, among white people.
Schowonnihilla, snipe; (shore snipe, tilt birds. A.)
Sedpok, early in the morning; at daybreak (properly, part of the night, half of the night. A.).
Sedpokuniwi, early in the moming.
Segachpapachton, to make wet.
Segachtehikan, branch, twig.
Segachtek, ardent, fervent; (segachteu, it begins to burn. A.)
Segantpechink, overhead.
Segauchsin, to live so long.
Sehe, H., hush, be quiet.
Sekentek, length; (refers to the length of a house, room, etc. A.)
Seki, so long, till.
Seksitechinan, at thy feet.
Seksitechink, at his feet.
Sesachquilawendam, to trouble.
Sesalassummoehund, frying pan; (salassett, it is cooking or frying. A.)
Sesalumboink, bell.
Sesegauwihan, to whip somebody, to scourge some one.
Sesegauwihugewaaan, scourging.
Sesseul, Z., spittle.
Shaki, as long, so long, as far, so far as, until.
Shakochwen, to go so far.
Sigachgochgissin, to bleed.
Sigapehikan, strainer.
Sihhtanin, to run at the nose.
Sihilleu, the freshet abates, the river subsides.
Sihunasu, Z., conquered (out of use. A.).
Sikey, salt (sikheunk, H., at the salt spring), (out of use; see schewewah. A.)
Sikevhasu, salted, pickled.
Sikunikan. scourgrass, rushes.
Sillikakhammen, to squeeze, to press, to beat.
Sillkitehemen, to press, to squeeze.
Simaquon, com stalk; (arch., A.)
Singawikanawon, backbone; (refers to processes of the vertebrae, from singek. A.)
Singek, outside corner of a house; (corner, point, angle, in general. A.)
Singigamika, comer of a house.
Sipachgihhilleu, it buds, sprouts out.
Sipo, river.
Sipotit, small creek; (siposis. A.)
Sipuos, wild plum; (doubtful. A.)
Siquon, spring of the year; (siequanke. Z., next spring.)
Siquonachen, spring hunt.
Siquonnatewinilleu, showers of snow and rain in the spring.
Sisawehak, oysters; (now called e'sak (pl.) referring to the shells. A. Sisi'lija, Z., the buffalo (this means an animal that butts against and breaks in pieces.
Sisinghos, iron pot; (out of use. A.)
Sisquahoasu, a plastered fire place.
Sisstimmoek, bell.
Skaphakamijeu, wet ground.
Skaphakejeu, wet ground.
Skappeu, wet; (strictly, that which is wet partly, as toward the end. A.)
Skattek, burning, ardent, fervent, zealous, hot; (see segachtek. A.)
Skattelendam, to loathe, to hate.
Skattewi, burning.
Skattsin, to be loathsome.
Skin, to make water.
Skiquall, grass.
Skulm, to keep school; (EngIish.)
Sogahellas, chain.
Sogahen, to spill.
Sogailechin, to pour out.
Sokan, hind part of a church; (lit., buttocks, arse, backside. A.)
Sokelan, it rains.
Sokeilepaltowagan, baptism. (from sogahen. A.)
Sokenepasu, baptized.
Sokpehellak, cataract.
Sookpehelieu, the water trumbles down from a precipice.
Soopsu, naked: (out of use sohsexu, at present. A.
Sopetiaxin, to be iiakect, to strip one's self.
Sophalan, to make one bare; to make somebody naked.
Soppinquen, to shut the eyes.
Spanquewaaan, wink of an eye.
Spiechgejeu, member, joint; (out of use. A.)
Squandamnen, to chew.
Squewachgitehen, to bruise one's self by accident.
Sukachoook, black snake.
Sukachqualles, negro.
Sukachsin, iron.
Sukaclisinhet, sinith.
Sukamek, black fish.
Sukanepil, black fish.
Sukelechen, it looks black.
Sukeu, black.
Sukliattaquall, black thread, black yarn.
Sukqui, spittle.
Stiksit, black.
Sungi, eat thou.
Suppinquall, tears; (from the eyes) (always with a possessive. A.)


Ta, no, not; am, not at all; haschi, never.
Ta, how; eigilen, how large; elgiqui, how soon; -elinaxit, what color; hatsch, how will it be; Iinaquot, what is it like, nehechen, how then, how is it, segek, how long; shaki, how Iong, chen, how many; how many times; -tchi, how much.
Ta. where; talli, whitherwards; undachqui, whereabouts, towards where; -untschi, whence, wherefrom;-wo, towards where.
Ta, then.
Takeeche, some; a little;-keechen, so often.
Talikhikqui, at what time.
Tapemi, about, about this time.
Taan, where;-a undachqui, which the; -ha. how then.
Taat, as if, like.
Tachan, wood; piece of wood, (arch., A.)
Tachanigeu, woody, full of wood.
Tachpachaxu, little, mean, low, humble; (tachpeachxu, gives a general notion of condition, humble, exalted, etc. A.)
Tachpachelensuwi, low, little, humble.
Tachpachihflla, in the afternoon.
Tachpachiwi, humble, modest; little, low.
Tachpachsu, low; (indefinite term referring to condition. A.)
Tachpamsin, to be less, to be lower.
Tachpatamauwan, to keep or preserve unto somebody.
Tachpawewagan, advice, commandment.
Tachquahamoakan, parched meal.
Tachquahoakan, mortar, mill.
Tachquahoakaniminschi, guin tree.
Tachquahoaken, to pound, to grind.
Tachquallonikan, pair of scissors.
Tachquambeso, tied together.
Tachquatten, frozen; (frozen together. A.)
Tachquihilleu, it joins close together.
Tachquinschehikan, pair of pincers.
Tacliquipoagan, feast.
Tachquipuin, to hold a feast; -ahoaltuwi, to hold a love feast.
Tachquiwi, together.
Tactiquoak, fall; aututmn; tachquogike, Z., next fall.
Tachquoakcheen, fall hunt.
Tachquoakches, fall skin.
Tachqtioakike, in the fall.
Tachquoch, land turtle.
Tachquondikan, pair of pincers.
Tachsigiu, it hails.
Tachtakan, thick, stiff.
Tachtamse, now and then, often.
Tahakan, paddle oar; (always with the possessives, n', k', w,' etc. A.)
Tahunnan, to arrest somebody, to take some one prisoner.
Taiachquoan, bridge; attatajachgonewi? Z., is there no bridge?
Takachquiminschi, white wood, linden tree.
Takachsin, lead.
Takan, (pl., ik), another, other.
Takanilaku, moderately warm evening.
Takanipikat, moderately warm night.
Takeet, perhaps, I don't know.
Takindamen, to count, to read.
Takomen, to come from some where.
Takpeu, wet, damp, soft, soaked; (ta'hokpeu, he is cold from wet, A.)
Takquak, (pl., ik), other, second, the rest.
Taktani, I don't know, I don't know where; somewhere perhaps; be it where it may.
Taktaundachqui, anywhere.
Taktauntschi, from somewhere.
Talakat, cracked, split.
Talala, white cedar.
Talattauwoapin, to behold, to view.
Talawachto, how dear is it?, what does it cost?
Taleka, crane.
Tallachpaje, cold moming.
Talli, there.
Tamse, sometimes, now and then, perhaps;-nall, once, finally;-ta likhikqui, once, sometime or other;-tamse. now and then.
Tandachgitechton, to shake off.
Taneek, perhaps, I don't know; (takeet. Z.)
Tangaman, Z., to thrust, to stick.
Tangamikan, spear.
Tangandikan, spear.
Tangawachto, cheap, low-priced.
Tangawachtohen, to cheapen.
Tangeemhoantit, little spoon.
TangeIendam, to think little of one's self.
Tangelensin, to be lowly minded, to be humble.
Tangelensochwen, to walk humbly.
Tangelensowagan, lowliness of mind.
Tangelensuwi, humble, modest.,
Tangenindin, to vouchsafe, to condescend.
Tangetto, short, small.
Tangitehen, to think little of one's self.
Tangitehewagan, humility.
Tangitehewi, humble, modest.
Tangitti, small little; (tanghotit, Z., a little kettle.)
Tani, where; how; (used in questions) then;-Ieu, in what manner then.
Tanikaniminschi, white beech.
Tankalinschawontit, little finger.
Tankhakan, basket.
Tankhakanachen, to make baskets.
Tankhannen, little creek; (especially the narrows of a stream. A.)
Taquatschin, to freeze, to be cold.
Taquatten, frozen.
Taquiechen, join together.
Tassenahamohen, to stone.
Tassenahamolan, to stone somebody.
Tatamse, often, sometimes;-ne leep, there was more done.
Tatandachgoquehellan, to shake the head.
Tatandachgoquehellewagan, shake of the head.
Tatask, sled.
Tatchen, little.
Tatchendo, but few, very little.
Tatchittu, very little.
Tatchuppekat, shallow water.
Tauchechin, to listen privately.
Tauchsittam, to hear privately.
Tauwachsin, to bum, to use for firewood.
Tauwatawik, an uninhabited place; (achtawawek. A.)
Tauwatawique, in the wilderness.
Tauwiechen, open.
Tauwinachgechi, open arms.
Tauwinipen, beginning of summer, May.
Tauwiquoakan, key.
Tauwunnasin, to be buried.
Tauwunummen, to open.
Tawonnalogewagan, labor in vain.
Tawonni, although.
Tawwunasin, Z., to bury; tauwundin, burial place (lit., to put under, ie., the ground; it begins with aq, q'tau. A.)
Tchen, times.
Techi, quite;-matta, not at all, absolutely not, by no means (-taku).
Techthunnentschik, prisoners, captives.
Techtummischikan, candle snuffers.
Tehek, cold.
TekaLiwontowit, the patient, meek, mild God, Lamb of God.
Tekauwussitawan, to show somebody favor.
Tekene, woods, an uninhabited place; (tekenink, H., in the woods.)
Tellamasgeek, Z., a cedar-swamp.
Tellen, ten.
Tellentchentchapachki, one thousand.
Temagehikan, water pail.
Temahikan, axe, hatchet.
Temiki, any; single; something-koeku, anything, something, a single thing.
Temitehemen, to cut off.
Tengameiid, pierced, stabbed.
Tengandasuwi, pierced through.
Tenoettik, little.
Tenktitit, little.
Tenktschechen, open; (burst open, broken open., A.)
Tepalachgat, deep enough.
Tepawachto, reasonable, not too dear, fair price.
Tepelendam, to have enough, to be satisfied, to be content.
Tepelendamoagan, sufficiency.
Tepelook, enough of them.
Tepi, enough.
Tepihilleu, it is enough, it answers the purpose.
Tepiken, ripe, full grown.
Tepilawechoussin, to be satisfied, to have received satisfaction.
Tepilawelian, to satisfy somebody.
Tepilawen, to satisfy.
Tequipin, to hold a feast.
Tesquachtaminschi, shiver hickory.
Tesquoalintsch, the little finger.
Tetanktitit, little one.
Tetauwiwi, between.
Tetawonkhillentschik, those who have been deceived, misled; (out of use. A.)
Tetawonkhillowet, deceiver.
Tetpissin, to be in a like manner, to do in a like manner.
Tetschpihillen, split off, separated from one another.
Tetuppalachgat, rifle; (refers to the groove inside the bore; from tuppeu, spiral, circular. A.)
Tetuptschehellak, wagon, cart; (from tuppett, referring to the wheel. A.)
Teu, it is cold.
Tgauchsin, to be good, to be kind, to be meek, to be friendly, to be good natured.
Tgauchsu, good, mild, gracious.
Tgauchsuwaptonen, to speak civil, to speak kind.
Tghauchsuwi, good, kind.
Tgauwitti, soft, mild; slowly, by little and little; also tgaitte.
Tgauwiwi, slowly, gently.
Thagitti, a very little while.
Thaquetto, short.
Thiechumin, Z., to bathe,
Thinaquot, Z., cool (anything that looks cold. A.).
Thitpan, bitter; (tiechtpan, astringent, puckery. A.)
Thitpanihm, white hickory nut; (the root of an herb is called tiecht'pan. A.)
Thunnan, to arrest somebody; to take somebody prisoner; (tach'hunnan, A.)
Thuppeek, spring, well; (means simply cool water. A.)
Tigamikat, cold house; (cold room. A.)
Tihilleu, it is cold.
Tilaku, cool evening.
Timmeu, wolf; (out of use. A.)
Tinajappawe, cold morning.
Tindeuchen, to make fire.
Tindey, fire.
Tinnohagan, first finger.
Tipas, hen, fowl; (not in use; kikipisch, at present. A.)
Tipasigawan, hen coop; (kikipshican. A.)
Tipatit, little chicken.
Tiskemanis, little fisher bird.
Titpanunschi, bitter hickory tree; (titpanim. Z., hickory nut.)
Titpikat, cold night.
Togenan, to waken somebody.
Togendowagan, wakening.
Togihillan, to arise, to awake.
Tombikan, crab apple, wild apple. Tonldonechin, to open the mouth.
Tonktschechen, the door is open.
Tonktschechton, to open the door.
Tonktschenemen, to open.
Tonktschequoakan, key.
Tonquihilleu, open.
Topalowagan, war.
Topalowilenno, Z., a warrior; pl., netopallisak.
Topalowoagan, Z., war-time (scout, skirmisher, A.).
Topan, white frost.
Topi, Z., the alder tree (Alnus rubra?).
Towin, Z.. to wade, to ford (towen, he is walking in the water. A.)
Tpisgauwi, just alike, even.
Tpisgauwiechton, to do something just so, to make it alike, to make it even, to make it right.
Tpisgauwihhilleu, the time is at hand; it falls upon.
Tpisqui, just alike, even, just so; against, over, opposite; (tipiskawi. A.)
Tpisquihilleu, the time is at hand; it falls upon.
Tpittawe, altogether; all together.
Tpoku, last night; (arch., A.)
Tpoquik, by night; (tipocuniwigischuck, Z., the moon.)
Tschachgachtin, stump; (properly, a crooked limb torn off. A.)
Tschachoihilleu, torn off, broken, slipped off; (niach-gihilleu, wrenched, violently torn; tschachgilleu means straightened out, something crooked made straight. A.)
Tschachquochgamen, short day.
Tschallaan, Z., an Indian bedstead.
Tschannauchsin, to be blamable, to sin, to transgress.
Tschannauchsowagan, misbehavior, fault, trespass.
Tschannelendam, to consider, to be in doubt, to scruple.
Tschannelendamoagan, doubt, scruple.
Tschannilissin, to do wrong, to make wrong.
Tschannindewagan, difference, disagreement.
Tschanninquanukgun. my eyes were kept from discerning.
Tschannistammen, to misunderstand.
Tschannistammoewagan, misunderstanding.
Tschansittamen, to hear wrong.
Tschansittamoewagan, hearing wrong.
Tschemamus, Z., a hare.
Tschepsit, stranger.
Tschetschpat, otherwise, differently; it does not join together.
Tschetschpenammen, to separate.
Tschetschpi, different, unlike; asunder, apart.
Tschetschpiechen, asunder, to separate.
Tschetschpihilleu, split, split asunder, broken off, it cracks, it split asunder.
Tschetschpissin, to disagree, to wrangle.
Tschibhattenamin, to be indisposed in mind.
Tschiechachpoakan, roasting spit.
Tschiechliammen, to comb; (out of use; nowwuliechquammen. A.)
Tschigantschi, wholly, entirely, full, enough, all; -likhiqui, as soon as.
Tschihoapekelis, bluebird.
Tschikachpoochwe, sled.
Tschikenum, turkey; (arch., A.)
Tschikhammen, to sweep; (tschikikkammen, A.)
Tschikhikan, broom.
Tschilchwehamen, Z., to castrate.
Tschimakan, paddle, oar.
Tschimalus, bluebird.
Tschimamus, rabbit.
Tschimhammen, to row; to paddle.
Tschinga, pike fish.
Tschingalsu, stiff, unbending.
Tschinge, when.
Tschingteung, Z., south side of a hill.
Tschinque, Z., a wild cat (nianque. A.)
Tschipelendam, to think disagreeable; to be unpleasant.
Tschipelendamoagan, strangeness, oddness.
Tschipey, spirit, ghost; (also applied to the dead body. A.)
Tschipilek, strange, wonderful.
Tschipileu, strange, bad accident; awful.
Tschipinaquot, it looks strange, it looks disagreeable.
Tschipinaxu, he seems strange, uncommonly unpleasing.
Tschipisin, to have a fit, to get fits.
Tschipsoagan, uncommonness.
Tschiquoalale, a muscle; (a snail, refers to the spiral form of the shell, A.)
Tschiquoalaletit, little muscle; (a small snail, see above. A.)
Tschisgihilleu, wiped out, rubbed out; (scraped, applied to the skin when scratched, etc. A.)
Tschisgokus, robin. Tschiskhammen, to wipe off, to blot out.
Tschitatinambeso, tied fast.
Tschitanatten, hard frozen.
Tschitatiek, fast, strong.
Tschitanennan, to hold somebody fast.
Tschitanessoagan, Z., authority, power.
Tschitaneti, strong.
Tschitani, strong.
Tschitaniechton, to make fast, to make strong.
Tschitanigachen, established, firm, sure.
Tschitanissin, to be strong.
Tschitanigapawin, to stand fast.
Tschitanissohen, to strengthen.
Tschitanissowaoan, power, capability; strength.
Tschitanissowaganit, he who is strength.
Tschitahitauwan, to strengthen somebody.
Tschitahitehen, to stand firm in mind; to persevere.
Tschitgussin, to be silent.
Tschitqui, silent
Tschitquihilleu, he is silent.
Tschitsch, again, once more; yet, still; still more; -tchen, again as much.
Tscholens, bird; (not in use. See Awehelleu. A.)
Tscholentit, little bird.
Tschoskin, Z., to ford. to wade.
Tschukquilques, Z., a locust (insect).
Tschuppik, root; (tschappik, root generic, also medicine. A.)
Tschuppinamen, it seems odd, it looks strange.
Tschutti, Z., a comrade, a friend, n'tschit, my friend.
Tsiheniken, to milk.
Tskennak, black bird: (now tschlikqualle. A.)
Tspat, different, unlike, strange, unusual; separately.
Tspinaquot, it looks quite otherwise.
Tspinaxu, he looks strancle.
Tspiwi, separately.
Tsquall, frog.
Tsqualligischuch, the month in which the frogs begin to croak, February.
Tukauwussowaaan, favor. kindness.
Tulpe, turtle, water turtle.
Tumb, brain; (always with the possessives, n', k', w',etc. A.)
Tumhican, Z., an axe; see Temahican.
Tuney, beard (weichtuney, chin beard., A.)
Tunktonechin, Z., to gape, to open the mouth.
Tuppehelleu, it flows out, it runs out; (ktuppe'helleu, A. )
Tuptschehelieu, it roils, it revolves.
Tutaam, to set on, to set at, to incite one to do something.


Uchtechsut, Z., the sole of the foot (pochsitawi, the flat of the foot. A.)
Uchtehelisch, palm of the hand.
Uchtschevunque, within.
Uchtuchen, Z., a bough, a branch.
Ulakaiialien, to make dishes: (wooden dishes, A.)
Ulakanahtinschi, elm tree;ulakanahemunschi, Z.
Ulakanis, dish.
Ulakens, dish.
Ulakunipoagan, supper; (lit., the evening meal, A.)
Ulaque, yesterday.
Ulepen, onion, (not in use; at present wi'nonsch, A.)
Unami, one of the 3 tribes of the Lenni Lenape or Delawares.
Undaaktschehellan, to jump hither.
Undach, here, this way.
Undachoamen, this side the water.
Undachlenni, hand it here.
Undachlitti, a little this way.
Undachqui, hither, this way, that way.
Undaptonen, to speak thereof.
Undauchsin, to live from, to live on.
Undauchsowgan, food to live upon.
Undeiiummen, to take from.
Undoochwen, to come or go for something.
Unidsoagan, Z., an accident; wundso, he is unIucky.
Unitschaanin, Z.. to beget a child, to bring forth a child.
Unk, in, in the, on, out of.
Untschi, of, by, therefore; from: with; concerning.
Untschihilleu, to come from somewhere rapidly, to flow out of.
Uschewinaquot, painful.
Uschewinaxu, painful. (he looks weakly or in pain. A. )
Uschumallsin, to feel sorrowful, to feel pitiful.
Uschuwamallsin, to feel grief, to feel sorrow.
Uschuwauchsoagan, troublesome life, sorrowful life.
Uschuwelemuwi, miserable, painful, burthensome.
Uschuwelendam. to be grieved, to be troubled in mind, to be burdened with labor, sorrow or trouble.
Uschuwinaxowagan, sorrowful look. painful look.
Uteney, city, town; (utaney. A.)
Utsche, fly; (utcheuwes. A.)


No Lenape words beginning with 'V'


Wabiminschiaeu, Z., chestnut tree. See woak.
Wachejeu, Z., light. bright (wacheyek, light, brightness. A.).
Waclielachkey, fish scale; (walachkey, A.)
Wachganessu, Z.. lean (bony, from wochgan. A.)
Wachgutey, petticoat; (wachgotey, A.)
Wachschiechey, bird's nest; (wisawiamoe, wachschiechey, a wasp's nest.)
Wachtanquall, his brother-in-law.
Wachteneu, he has the belly-ache.
Wachtey, stomach, belly.
Wachtschangussin, to be enslaved.
Wachtschu, hill, mountain.
Wachtschuhatteu, it is full; (wa-chu-wateu. A.)
Wachtschuwi, hilly.
Wachtschuwiketo, mountainous.
Wachtschuwikeu, hilly.
Wachtuchwepi, body, flesh.
Wachtuchwepiwi, bodily, personal.
Wagagapoak, Z., they stand in a circle.
Wahh, egg.
Wahhellemat, wide, far; (it is a great distance. A.)
Wahhellemelendam, to seem to be far.
Wajauwe, see Wojauwe.
Waktscheu, crooked; (bent, warped. A.)
Waktschiechen, the road is crooked.
Walak, hole; (waleck, a hollow or excavation, not a hole which penetrates. A.)
Walaxiall, Z., entrails, cuts.
Waletittin, to advise one another, to inform each other.
Walha'ndi, Z., a ditch or trench.
Walliasu, buried; covered over with earth.
Walheu, he is digging a hole.
Waliechtschessu, a hollow tree.
Waloh, Z., a cave.
Wanachkwim, Z., an acorn.
Wanggwannelentsching, Z., a span.
Wangundin, to salute one another; wangomen, Z., to greet.
Wannessin, Z., to forget; in'wansi, I forgot it; Wannessowoagan, forgetfulness.
Wanquon, heel.
Wapahamink, back, backwards, behind; (at present pachhammink is used. A.)
Wapaleechen, white.
Wapanacheen, good morrow; (lit,, he has lived till morning, A.)
Wapaneu, easterly.
Wapanke, to-morrow.
Wapie'chquey, Z., a bubble (a blown bladder. A.)
WapieIukquon, Z., hail; a hail stone.
Wapintschachke, garfish, with a bill like a duck.
Wapsit, White person.
Wapsu, White.
Waputschies, Z., a homet (wapotis, from his hinder part being Whitish. A.)
Wasachtehella, to lie on the back; (means to tum on the back and then tum again; to lie on the back isWasachtehin. A.)
Waselandeu, clear sunshine.
Waseleechen, clear, light.
Waselenemen, to lighten, to kindle.
Waselenikan, light, candle.
Waselenikanin, to bum.
Waseleu, clear, light.
Waskejek, thin; (comp. scheye.)
Waskeu, thin.
Wassandeu, clear day.
Wattengiin, milt, spleen.
Wattenkginem, colic.
Wauchtamsin, to tarry.
Wawangoman, to salute somebody.
Wawangomgussowagan, the being saluted; greeting.
Wawangundowapn, salutation.
Wawikan, the back.
Wawikanin, to have backache; (wawikaninen. A.)
Wawinuwen, to beg; to ask for.
Wawoachepingus, lightning bug, firefly.
Wawulamallessin, to be always Well.
Wawulauchsin, to live orderly, to live blameless.
Wdallachgummenanink, in our midst.
Wdallachpihewon, the net inside the belly; (the diaphragm. A.)
Wdallachquelendam, to grudge, to be unwilling to give; (to give with hesitation. A.)
Wdallemuns, tame beast; (see Dallemuns.)
Wdallemunsin, to have cattle.
Wdallemunsit, the owner of cattle.
Wdaliewussowagan, power, might.
Wdallowelemuwi, excellent, precious.
Wdallowilissowagan, glory. Wdamemenshassin, to become a child.
Wdamemenshuwi, childlike.
Wdanis, daughter.
Wdapandewagan, commandment.
Wdee, heart
Wdehin, heart.
Wdehiwi, heartily, cordial.
Wdeleleman, to take some one to be, to consider somebody to be.
Wdelinamen, to imagine, to conjecture; (error; it means to mode of doing something, A.)
Wdellewunsowagan, name; (w'liwunsowwagan, A.)
Wdelsowagan, behavior, conduct.
Wditechen, to think.
Wdoon. the mouth.
Wdulhe, the breast: (the thorax, not the mamma. A.)
Wdulhewinewagan, pain in the breast.
Wdelschusowagan, grief, sorrow.
Wechwulammoehend, water pail.
Wechwtililawehtiwet, comforter.
Wehetiioalan, to mock at somebody, to make sport of some one.
Wehiwaliallauan, horse gear.
Welanittowit, the good, gracious God.
Welapassigan, good physic.
Welapensit, the blessed: (the fortunate, the lucky. A.)
Welaquik, last evening, last night.
Weiallchsit, an orderly, well-behaved person.
Welchos, stallion, boar.
Welemukquek, round hill; (arch., welumque, it is a knoll or mound. A.)
Welhik, good, (wellhik'. A.)
Welilissit, pious person.
Welsit, best: -mtschitschank, Holy Ghost.
Welsittank, believer in Christ.
Wemhundammen, to carry all.
Wemi, all; -auwen, everybody; -ta li, everywhere; -ta intschi, from everywhere.
Wemihan, to destroy somebody, to make an end of some one: (to destroy all. A.)
Wemihilleu, it is all gone, it is all spent.
Wemiten. to go all out.
Wemoltin. to go all away.
Wendachguttechen, where the road goes up the hill.
Wendachguttejek, up hill: (Iit., from below upwards, A.)
Wendamen, to fish with hook and line.
Wendaptonachga, of or from the word.
Wendasemowik, it shineth from thence.
Wendauchsin, by what to live.
Wendaucxowagan, reception, admittance.
Wengup, whence he came.
Wenhamma, almost, narrowly.
Wenigajek, trifle; (notin use, A.)
Wenitschanit, parent; (either father or mother or both; lit., the one who has produced the child, A)
Wentschi. because. therefore, for this reason.
Wentschijeyin, to belong to a place, to be from a place.
Wentschikin, to descend, to grow out of.
Wentschindewagan, call, invitation.
Wentschintin, to call each other.
Wentschipennassiechen, where the road goes down the hill.
Weschilematschil, his relation by marriage
Weschilemuk, my relation in marriage, (used by either spouse with reference to the family of the other. A.)
Weschumais, cow, calf; (out of use.)
Weski, a little while ago; sometime to-day; (anew, again. A.)
Wetachouppachtak, he that watereth or moisteneth.
Wetegakil, his messengers; (out of use. A.)
Wetochemuxit, Father.
Wetochwink, Father; (one who is a father. A.)
Wetschitschauquit, man; (ie., one who has a soul. A.)
Weuchschummuis, horned cattle.
Weuchsin, to know.
Weuchsowagan, knowledge.
Weuhokeyit, man; (ie., one who has a body, from hakey, body. A.)
Wewidhiken, to testify; (something without doubt. A.)
Wewidhikewagan, testimony.
Wewiechgukil, his acquaintance.
Wewikit, master of the house.
Wewingtonheet, Z., a babbler (one who likes to talk. A.)
Wewitschi, perhaps.
Wewitschinaquot, it is likely: probable.
Wewoapisak, guard, watchman.
Wewoatam, to be of good understanding, to be wise.
Wewoatamoewapn, wisdom.
Wewoatamowi, wise, prudent.
Wewoatamowino, wise man.
Wewoatangik, wise men.
Wewulatenamohaluwet, Saviour.
Wewundachqui, on both sides; opposite; wewundachqui'weu he lives opposite; (ie., we live on both sides, he on one, I on the other. The word means It on both sides" and not opposite in the ordinary sense. A.)
Whittangan, neck (lit., back of the head. A.)
Whittawak, ears.
Wiagasksin, to be unruly; (out of use. A.).
Wiagasksowagan,wantonness, unruly.
Wiakat, enough and to spare; plenty, abundance.
Wiaki, enough and to spare; plenty, abundance.
Wiakipuin, to have plenty; to have abundance to eat.
Wiamochki, among each other, mixed.
Wiaxowaaan, plenty, sufficiency.
Widhoman, to go in a canoe with somebody.
Wiechenin, to boil, to cook, to prepare food; (not in use. A.)
Wiechgawotschi, unexpectedly; unawares.
Wiechpongus, nettle; (wiechponganit, the bitter weed. A.)
Wiechquelinschepi, gloves; (lit., hands tied up; arch., A.)
Wiechquepiso, tied round; a bundle.
Wiechquepton, to tie around.
Wiguitik, bill of a fowl or bird.
Wigunacka, the point of an island.
Wihhinachk, birch tree.
Wi'hillaan, Z., to name; n'wihilluk. he names one, root, lunsi.
Wihitawemguppanil, those that had been with him.
Wihoman, to make an offering to somebody.
Wihundewagan, sacrifice, offering.
Wihunuemuin, to hold a feast.
Wihunaen, to make an offering, to sacrifice.
Wijagaskau, fickle.
Wikasch, the nail on hand or foot; fingers; claws; nikasch, my nail.
Wikat, leg; wi'ckaat, Z. (wihk'kaat; otenkhaat, hind leg. A.)
Wikathoos, an iron pot with feet.
Wikbi, Z., bast, the inner bark of trees.
Wikhakamik, end of the world.
Wikhetschik, builders.
Wikheu, to build; gischuchwikheu, Z., halo of sun or moon; (lit., the sun or moon builds a house.)
Wikiak, my house.
Wikian, thy house.
Wikimak, my wife; (out of use;
Witawemak, he or she who lives with me in the home, my house mate. A.)
Wikindewagan, marriage; (now, witawendewagan. A.)
Wikinditschik, married people.
Wikingen, to marry;
Wikingen, to marry; wiwu Z., he is married (lit., he copulates. A.)
Wikinget, married person.
Wikit, his house.
Wikiwon, nose.
Wiktschi, bottom of a keg, breech of a gun.
Wiktschiechak, butt end of a tree.
Wiku, he has a house.
Wikul, fat in an animal's belly,
Wikwahemunk, in the house.
Wikwam, house.
Wikwames, little house.
Wikwamhassin, to make an abode.
Wikwamtit, little room.
Wil, head.
Wilachkey, Z., male genitals.
Wilano, tongue.
Wilanoall, pumpkin seeds; (any leguminous seeds. A.)
Wilawi, rich, valuable, precious;(from wil, head wil, the idea as superior, royal. A.)
Wilawilihan, to treat somebody generously.
Wilawiochqueu, rich woman.
Wilawussall, his corn; his grain.
Wilinen, to have head ache.
Wilinewagan, head ache,
Wilooxi, warm thyself.
Wilsu, fat meat.
Wimachtendienk, Z., brotherhood.
Wimb, heart of a tree; (any core or center of a trunk, etc. A.)
Wimbeneman, to relieve somebody; (to sacrifice one's self for another; a strong expression. A.)
Winak, sassafras.
Winamallsachtin, to be a common sickness.
Winamallsachtowagan, sickness, distemper.
Winamallsin, to be sick, to feel pain.
Winamandamen, to feel pain.
Winamandamoagan, pain, sore.
Winamin, the corn is ripe; (when it is fit to eat. A.)
Winaminge, Z., the month of August; (lit., "time of roasting ears.")
Windamen, to mention.
Windasu, mentioned, named.
Wineu, it snows.
Wingachpin, to like to be in some place.
Wingachtochwilsit, lover of hunting
Wingallauwin, to hunt willingly.
Wingan, sweet, savory: good tasted.
Wingandamen, it tastes good.
Wingapue, oood, sweet broth.
Wingel, eatable.
Wingelawossi, it burns well.
Wingelendamoaaan, approbation, liking.
Winaeleu, it burns well.
Wingelewemen, to do a pleasure.
Wingewochqueu, a raven; (out of use. A.)
Wingi, fain, gladly, willingly.
Wingilauchsin, to live willingly in a particular manner.
Wingilaweman, to do somebody a pleasure.
Wingimachtek, odoriferous.
Wingimaquot, it has a good pleasant smell.
Winginamen, to delight in, to be pleased with.
Wingipendam, to hear willingly.
Wingochwen, to go willingly, to travel with pleasure; to like to go.
Wingsittam, to like to hear.
Wingsittawan, to like to hear somebody.
Winhattak, bad accident; (not in use. A.)
Winhattakuwagan, danger.
Winigischuch, snow month, November.
Winike, when it is ripe.
Winingus, mink.
Winktek, done, boiled.
Winkteu, done, boiled enough.
Winu, ripe; (ready to be eaten. A.)
Winunschi, Z., an onion.
Winuwelchittewagan, supplication.
Winuwewagan, petition, request.
Winxu, ripe (fruit).
Wipachsoagan, fear; (out of use. A.)
Wipantin, to eat with each other.
Wipasin, to be in fear.
Wipelachteu, soot.
Wipentin, to lie with each other, to sleep with one another.
Wipiechkeu, rotten wood.
Wipit, tooth.
Wipochk, bush; arub; (a bushy place, a thicket. A.)
Wipochsoagan, Z., fright.
Wipuelendam, to be fearful.
Wipundin, to keep a feast.
Wipungweu, Z., brown.
Wipunquoak, white oak.
Wipunxit, gray; (wapantpeulenno, Z., a gray-headed man.)
Wiquajek or Wiquek, the head of a creek or run.
Wiquajeu, the head of a creek.
Wiquaiungo, at the end.
Wiquajunquick, at the end.
Wiqualamo, to suffer hunger; (arch., A.)
Wiquenachk, the end of the fence.
Wiquey, box made of bark; bark trunk; (refers to birch bark, which is called wiquey. A.)
Wiquiechink, end, point; (wiquajunquik, Z., to the end.)
Wiquihillau, to be tired.
Wiquimemguke, on the end of the plain.
Wiquon, dull, blunt.
Wiquonummen, to make dull.
Wisachgak, black oak; bark canoe.
Wisachgamallessin, to feel sore pain.
Wisachgamallsoagan, bitter pain.
Wisachgank, rum, brandy; (from the sharp, biting taste. A.)
Wisachgim, wild grapes.
Wisachgirninschi, wild vine.
Wisachgissi, it hurts me, it burns me; (means simply to hurt. A.)
Wisamek, catfish; (arch., at present wahlheu, mudfish; Wisamek means "a fat fish." A.)
Wisaminschi, yellow-wood tree; (a species of oak, with a yellow bark used in dying. A.)
Wisawanik, red squirrel.
Wisawek, yellow; also, sulphur, etc.
Wisaweu, yellow.
Wischalau, frightened.
Wischalowe, rattlesnake; (the frightener. A.)
Wischassin, to fear; (wischasnagan, Z., fear.) Wischiki, busily.
Wischixin, to be active, to be brisk, to be nimble; to exert one's self (See Heckewelder, History p. 439.)
Wiseu, scar.
Wishaqtie. to notch a tree; (wis'haque, to tap a maple tree. A.)
Wismi or Wiswi, Z., the gall.
Wisohen. to fatten
Wisquon, elbow; tobacco twist.
Wisu, fat, fleshy.
Wisuwagan, fatness.
Witachpin. to live with, to dwell with; (to be with one at a place. A.)
Witaheman, to assist somebody, to relieve some one.
Witahentin, to help each other.
Witalamuin, to cry with; to sing in company with.
Witalouen, to work with.
Witamehhellen, to walk with.
Witatschimolsin, to advise with, to hold council with.
Witauclisall, her brother's wife; (dub., it means living together. A.)
Witauchsoman, to be in fellowship with somebody.
Witauchsundin, to have fellowship with one another.
Witauchsundowagan, fellowship.
Witawematpanni, who was with him; witawemat, Z., an aid, assistant (now used exclusively for man or wife. A.)
Witawentin, to be together, to live or dwell with each other.
Witchwi, Z., the navel.
Witen, to go with.
Witgochquall, her sister.
Witisin, to esteem; (not in use. A.)
Witochwen, to go with, to travel with.
Witonquoam, to lodge at one's house, to board with, to sleep with.
Witscheachgenimatpanni, one who helped to accuse him.
Witscheman, to help somebody; (witsch'man. A.)
Witschewan, to go with somebody.
Witschewot, he who goes, with him
Witschi, with, at the same time.
Witschindin, to help one another, to assist each other, to lend a hand.
Witschingen, to help along.
Witschu, calf of the leg; pl., wak.
Witschwochak, pine nuts; (out of use. A.)
Wiuchschachauwan, to load somebody with a burden.
Wiwasch, bundle, load.
Wiwaschin, to carry a load.
Wiwundhakamik, before now, in former time, very long ago.
Wiwunigagun, I am surrounded.
Wiwunigapawin, to stand all around.
Wiwuniwi, round about.
Wiwunochwen, to go all around; to go around about.
Wiwuntschi, before now, of old; (not in use. A.)
Wo! o! oh!
Woachejek, light.
Woachejekumin, to be light.
Woachejekumuit, he who is the light.
Woachejeu, clear, light.
Woagai, round about.
Woak, and also, as well as; -atta, neither, nor, -lappi, repeatedly, again.
Woakagapawin, to stand in a circle.
Woakawi, round about, anywhere around.
Woakhattimi, mulberry; (mint'quakin A)
Woakhattiminschi, mulberry tree.
Woakeu, crooked
Woaktschachne, a bend in the river.
Woaktschaquot, crooked like.
Woaktschiechen, crooked road.
Woaktschiechton, to make crooked.
Woaktschinni, bend it.
Woaktschochwen, to go a crooked road.
Woakus, the gray fox.
Woalak, hole in the ground.
Woalhen, to dig a hole.
Woapachpoan, white bread.
Woapachsaney, white blanket.
Woapachsun, Z., chalk.
Woapak, water beech; (not in use. A.)
Woapalanne, bald eagle.
Woapanacheen, good morning.
Woapaneu, morning.
Woapange, tommorrow.
Woapaniken, lime.
Woapank, tommorrow.
Woapaschapiall, white beads.
Woapassisku achsin, unburnt brick.
Woapasum, white sunshine.
Woapchwees, a marten.
Woapek, gensi root.
Woapelechen, it looks white.
Woapeu, white.
Woaphattaquall, white yarn, white thread.
Woaphokquawon, uray hair.
Woapim, chestnut.
Woapiminschi, chestnut tree.
Woapiiik, opossum, a wild beast.
Woapipen, wild white potato.
Woapsit, white person.
Woapsu, white.
Woaptioihilleu, pale.
Woaptiginquehelieu, broken eyes.
Woasgejeu, thin.
Woatasik, known; (weitwistasik. A.)
Woatauweju, it blossoms.
Woatawes, flower, (wachawes. A.)
Woaton, to know; (weiiwiton. A.)
Woaxachey, fox skin.
Wochcgalan, forehead.
Wochgan, bone.
Woclioanihm, seed.
Wochganiponk, hard burnt ashes.
Wochganissin, to become lean, to grow meager.
Wochgidhakamik, on earth, upon the earth.
Wochgitachtenne, top of the hill.
Wochgitaque, on the top of the house.
Wochgitschi, above, on the top, on the surface.
Wochaitschik, above, on the top, up there.
Wochkunk, above, at the top.
Wochpahellaii, to awake, to come to one's senses.
Wochpiechquey, bladder.
Wochtschuhatteu, full.
Woh! oh!
Wojauwe, Z., a chief; (wejiaweu, he is a chief. This is the word now in use in place of the older word sakima, A.)
Wolanniall, feathers of a bird's tail.
Won, this, this one.
Wonachgulinschall, tips of the fingers.
Wonacliquiwi, the top of anything.
Wonachxitall, tops of the toes.
Wonanno, cheek.
Wonatam, to be weak, to be impotent, to faint, to be out of one's senses; (wonachq'ten. A.)
Wonatammoagan, faintness.
Wonatamowi, weak, impotent, fanciful, out of one senses.
Wonipakquihilleu, the leaves come out.
Wonnessin, to forget.
Wonnissowacan, forgetfulness.
Wonspi, Z., sap of trees.
Wotscheanenk, by the way.
Wotschi, near by.
Wotschuwiechen, full.
Wottallauwin, to hunt by the way.
Wouchokquin, to cough; (wohoch'quin. A.)
Wowoatam, experienced, skilful.
Wowoatammoagan, wisdom.
Wowoatammowino, wise man.
Wsamgi, un, too big.
Wsami, too much.
Wsamiechen, too much.
Wschachan, smooth, glossy.
Wschacheu, slippery; smooth, glossy.
Wschachihillan, to slip.
Wschappan, thin.
Wscheechachquall, chips, shavings.
Wscheton, lip; (w'schej'toti. A.)
Wschewinaxu, painful.
Wschimuin, to fly, to run off, to escape.
Wschummo, horn; pl., wschumowall (arch., the usual word is wilawan, from wil, head, head-gear. A.)
Wsigau, sunset; (w'si'gau, A.)
Wsihotewagan, gain, profit.
Wsihotin, to gain a wager.
Wsihuwen, to gain, to win.
Wsit, foot.
Wsitak, handle.
Wsuppi, sap of trees; (see wonspi.)
Wtakanachen, moderately warm wind.
Wtakaneu, mild weather.
Wtakaquenimo, tough tree.
Wtakeu, soft, tender; (pliable. A.)
Wtakhammen, to divide.
Wtakhattenamoagan, softness, mildness.
Wtakigachen, it lies, soft.
Wtakolsin, to save, to preserve.
Wtaksu, soft, tender, supple.
Wtankhitton, to loose.
Wtappandewagan, advice, counsel, information.
Wtaspiwagan, ascension.
Wtauwachtojummenanink, in our midst.
Wtawongellowagan, loss, damnation.
Wtegauwan, to follow somebody.
Wtehim, strawberries.
Wtelgiqui, likewise, in like manner. so much so.
Wtelgixin, to be worthy; (not in use. A.)
Wtelgixowagan, worthiness, merit.
Wtellenahawanink, on the right hand; lit., towards the right hand.
Wtellewunsowac, an, name.
Wtelli, thus, so.
Wtellsin, to be so, to do so.
Wteltschenemen, to roll.
Wtenk, after, behind; thereon, thereafter; lastly, at last; afterward;-untschi, thereupon, afterward.
Wtitehan, to think, to conjecture; (now telitehan. A.)
Wtschagamique, in the earth.
Wtscheet, sinew; (u'tschghet. A.)
Wtscheyunque, within, inwardly.
Wtschitschank, spirit.
Wtschitschanquiwi, spiritual.
Wtukauwatsch, achtowagan, kind treatment, kind usage.
Wuhhala, Z., to protect.
Wulacans, Z., a basin (a bowl. A.)
Wulachen, to give up; (this word means "a fair wind;" probably an error for Wulachnummen, to loosen, to untie. A.)
Wulachneu, a stream without falls; (a pleasant, smooth stream; from anne, stream, and Wulit. A.)
Wuladhakawanik, good physic.
Wulaha, better.
Wulahellan, to have somebody, to possess some one; (to put a person or thing in safe keeping. A. )
Wulakamike, Z, bottom land (lit., fine land, good land. A.)
Wulakenimgussin, to be spoken well of, to be praised.
Wulakenimizussowagan. the being praised.
Wulakenindewagan, good report of somebody.
Wulakhelan, to take somebody in care.
Wulaku, evening.
Wulakuniwi, in the evening.
Wulalooewagan, good work.
Wulalowe, black fox; (lit., beautiful tail; this may be an error for w'halowes, bushy tail, which is the present name of the animal. A.)
Wulamallessin, to be well, to be happy.
Wulamallessohalid, he who makes me happy.
Wulamallessohaluwed, he who makes one happy.
Wulamallessohen, to make well, to cause to be happy.
Wulamallessuwi, well, happy.
Wulamallsin, to be well, to be happy.
Wulamat, fine ground.
Wulamehelleu, it goes well, it goes gently.
Wulamhittamen, to believe.
Wulamhittamoewagan, faith, belief; (rather, the proof or testimony. A.)
Wulamissowe, a little while ago; (out of use. A.)
Wulamoc, he speaks truly; true.
Wulamocan, Z., a calabash, a gourd (formerly used for the rattles in ceremonies. A.)
Wulamoe, long ago; (out of use; chiihnne is the present term. A.)
Wulamoehen, to convince of the truth.
Wulamoeii, truly.
Wulamoeju, true, right.
Wulamoen, to keep one's promise.
Wulamoewagan, truth.
Wulamoewaganit, he who is truth.
Wulamoewaptonamik, true word, true saying.
Wulampton, to tie well.
Wulamquoam, Z., to dream n'delungwam, I dream, etc, (to dream good things. A.)
Wulamsittamen, to believe what is said.
Wulandeu, fine day, warm weather, fine, clear weather.
Wulangundin, to be at peace with one another.
Wulantowagan, grace; (having a good spirit; wulit and manitto. A.)
Wulapamukquot, clear, well to be seen.
Wulapan, fine morning.
Wulapeju, just, upright, honorable.
Wulapejuwagan, uprightness.
Wulapendamen, to enjoy a benefit.
Wulapensohalan, to bless somebody.
Wulapensowagan, blessing; (lit., the things which we enjoy, prosperity, blessings. A.)
Wulaptonachgat, fine word, good news.
Wulaptonaelchukquonk, he speaks a good word for us, he advocates our cause.
Wulaptonaltin, to speak good to each other, to be reconciled to one another.
Wulaptonamik, good tiding.
Wulaptonen, to speak favorably.
Wulaque, yesterday.
Wulaquik, evening. Wulaquike, this evening.
Wulaskat, good pasture.
Wulatachkat, fine linen.
Wulatenamen, to be happy; (wulah'tenamin. A.)
Wulatenamoagan, happiness.
Wulatenamuwi, happy.
Wulaton, to save, to put up.
Wulatschahan, to use somebody well.
Wulatschimolsin, to treat friendly, to discourse in a friendly manner.
Wulatschimolsowagan, treaty of peace.
Wulattauwoapin, to have good sight.
Wulattauwoapuwagan, good sight.
Wulauchsowagan, good conduct, good behavior.
Wuleleman, to take or consider somebody to be.
Wulelemelendam, to wonder, to admire.
Wulelemi, wonderful; (not in use. A.)
Wulelemfleu, it is wonderful.
Wuleleminaquot, it seems wonderful.
Wulelendam, to be glad, to rejoice, to be joyful, to be merry.
Wulelendamoagan, joy.
Wulelendamowaptonamik, word of rejoicing, glad tiding, gospel.
Wulelendamuwi, joyful, merry.
Wulelensin, to be proud, to be haughty, to be high-minded (welelensin. A.)
Wulelensowagan, pride, high-mindedness.
Wulenensin, to dress; (not in use; Wulak'ko, to have a handsome dress; Waweesho, to dress carefully. A.)
Wulenschgansit, toe; (wuleshawesit. A.)
Wulensin, Z., attire, dress, omament (decoration rather than dress. A.)
Wulhaflan, to keep somebody, to take care of some one.
Wuli, there, yonder; (out of use; at present nellak, A.)
Wuliachpin, to be in a good place.
Wuliechen, it is good, it is well done.
Wuliechenummen, to take down; (this means to split into splinters; the proper form wuniechenummen. A.)
Wuliechsin, to speak plainly, to pronounce well.
Wuliechtagun, he makes good again.
Wuliechtschessu, hollow, rotten; (out of use. A.)
Wuligatschis, pretty little paw.
Wuligischgu, fine day.
Wulihan, to do somebody good.
Wulihilleu, it is good; (more exactly, it functions properly, it works well. A.)
Wulik, the good; handsome, pretty.
Wuliken, it grows well, it thrives well.
Wulilaweman, to comfort, to give satisfaction.
Wulilawemkewagan, our comfort.
Wulilawendewagan, comfort.
Wulileu, good news, it is a good time.
Wulilissin, to be good, to behave well.
Wulilissowagan, goodness, kindness.
Wulilissu, good, kind.
Wulinamen, he likes it, it pleases him; (arch., A.)
Wulinaquot, it looks well.
Wulinaxin, to appear well, to look fine.
Wulineichquot, it is plainly visible.
Wulinemen, to see very well.
Wulipendamen, to hear well, to understand well.
Wulipommissin, good walking.
Wulipoquot, it has a fine taste.
Wulisso, good, handsome, fine, pretty.
Wulissowagan, fineness, prettiness, beauty.
Wulistammen, to believe.
Wulistammoewagan, faith, belief.
Wulit, good, right, handsome, pretty; well.
Wulitehasu, well hewn, well cut, well squared; (wulih'tehasil, A.)
Wulitehemen, to hew well.
Wuliton, to make well.
Wuliweuchsin, to know well.
Wuliwiechinen, to rest well.
Wuliwoatam, to know well, to be of good understanding.
Wullamoc, Z., ancient.
Wuloamisowe, lately, some days ago.
Wulongachsis, a man's cousin; (out of use; it is fromwulonquan, wing. A.)
Wulonquan, wing.
Wulonquoam, to dream something good.
Wulowachtauwoapin, to look over, to look beyond.
Wulowinquehellan, to overlook, to take no notice of.
Wulumhigiechen, to squat down.
Wulummachdappin, to sit; (especially on the ground with the legs in front. A.)
Wulumqueu or Wulumquot, a round hill.
Wunachgin, thou hand !
Wunachk, his hand; his arm; (it means either. A.)
Wunachqualoje, a sharp point; (the extreme end. A.)
Wunachquim, an acorn.
Wunajumawall, he carries him.
Wunalan, to fetch somebody; (not in use; at present peschwan, means to bring some one. A.)
Wunattochton, to inquire, to search after.
Wunattonamak, his son-in-law; (or her; proper form is, wunattonomakwallA.)
Wundaman, to show to somebody: to declare unto someone.
Wundanglen, to die for some cause.
Wundangunsin, to pray for.
Wundanunxin, to be angry at, to be angry for something.
Wundaptonen, to speak of.
Wundchen, the wind comes from thence.
Wundchenneu, west, westerly; (out of use; the present word is elochsichgat, when the sun disappears. A.)
Wundchennewunk, westward.
Wundelemuin, to boast, to look upon as an honor; (rather, to put trust or confidence; it is from
Wuntschi, from; to rely upon what we expect from another. A.)
Wundelendamoagan, boasting, glorying in.
Wundenasik, where it is to be gotten from.
Wundeu, it boils.
Wundpeu, it leaks, it drops, it boils over; (kundpeau, it oozes out; wungiku, it leaks. A.)
Wundsowagan, misfortune; (not now used. A.)
Wundschun, the wind comes from a particular quarter.
Wundsummen, Z., to cook (properly, to boil some thing. A.)
Wunenachgistawan, to hearken to somebody.
Wunentsitawoaganit, his appearing.
Wunipachgihilleu, it buds, it sprouts.
Wunipak, leaf; (see Combach.)
Wunita, he can, he is able; (he knows how. A.)
Wunitaton, he can do it; (he knows how to do it. A.)
Wunspak, Z., juice ouice extracted by pressure; from wuiztschi, ie., that which comes from. A.)
Wuntschi, of, on account of, from, therefore.
Wuntschijeyju, where he belongs to, from whence he is.
Wuntschiman, to call somebody hither.
Wunutschi, he began.
Wuschgink, eye, face, sight.
Wuschginquiwi, face to face.
Wuskamamquot, new feeling.
Wuskchum, young creature, young beast.
Wuskelenape, young person.
Wusken, anew, latterly.
Wuskhaxen, a new shoe.
Wuski, new.
Wuskijeyju, it is new.
Wuskiochqueu, young woman.
Wuttoney, beard.
Wundamawachtowagan, declaration, message.


No Lenape words beginning with 'X'


Yabtschi, Z., yet.
Yanewi, Z., always.
Yapeechen, H., along the bank (rather, along the edge of the water. A.)
Yapewi, Z., on the river bank (on the edge of the water. A.)
Yucke, Z., now; gischquik, to-day; -untschi, here, petschi, till now; (yuch. A.)
Yukefla, 0 that!
Yuni, H., this, this one.
Yuundach, Z., on this side (yuh Windach. A.).


Zelozelos, cricket; (tschelo'tschelos, an imitative word. A.)

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