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Lachauweleman, to be concerned for somebody.
Lachauwelendam, to be concerned for something; to be troubled in mind.
Lachauwelendamen, to take care of, to be concerned for.
Lachauwelendamoagan, concern.
Lachauwiechen, to hinder.
Lachenendowagan, release, loosening.
Lachenummen, to untie, to loosen.
Lachgalaan, Z., to anger.
Lachgaman, to treat somebody ill.
Lachkan, sharp tasted.
Lachpiechsin, to speak fast.
Lachpihhilleu, it goes fast, it moves swiftly-
Lachpikin, to grow fast.
Lachwegegquoakan, harrow.
Lachxowi'lenno, Z., captain (one experienced in war. A.).
Lachxu, Z., a fishing rod.
Lachxuagan, Z., anger.
Lakenindewagan, accusation.
Laktschehellan, to jump over, to leap over.
Lakusin, to climb up, n'gendachgusi, I climb up.
Lalchauchsitaja, fork of the toes; (w'lhauchsitan. A.)
Lalchauwulinschaja, fork of the fingers.
Lalenikan, scour grass; (Equisetumhyemale. B.)
Lalhan, to scrape something; (to rub, to polish A.)
Lalhaquoakan, drawing knife.
Lalschin, to cut smooth, to make even.
Lamowo, downward, slanting.
Landawen, it runs up, it climbs up, it spins up; (not in use. A.)
Langan, easy, light, not heavy.
Langoma, Z., kinsman.
Langomuwinaxin, to look friendly.
Langundowagan, peace.
Langundowi, peaceable, peaceful; (without the prefixed w' this word means relationship. A.)
Langundowits'chik, Z., kindred, relatives. Lapechikan, plough.
Lapeechton, to tune an instrument.
Laphaken, to replant.
Laphatton, to restore, to repair, to replace;(lapachton, to replace. A.)
Lappi, again, once more; -tchen, as much again.
Lappiechsin, to repeat, to say over.
Lappilennin, to come together again, to be together again.
Laptonachgat, meaning of the word, signification of the word.
Laptonasu, Z., commanded (bridled, held by the mouth. A.)
Laschimuin, to dream; (not in use. A. Now lungamen.)
Laschinummen, A., to see at a glance or for a moment.
Latschachken, to treat.
Latschessowagan, goods, merchandise.
Latschessowen, to enjoy riches; to possess.
Lattoniken, to search, to examine.
Lauchpoame, middle of the thigh.
Lauchsin, to live, to walk; (to live in a certain manner; to walk morally or otherwise, not literally. A.)
Lauchsohalid, he who makes me live.
Lauchsoheen, to make live, to make walk, to cause to be lively, to make happy.
Lauchsowagan, behavior, life.
Lauhakamike, middle of a piece of ground.
Lawachto, worth, value.
Lawachtohen, to set a price.
Lawachtowagan, price, value.
Lawantpe, crown of the head.
Lawasgoteu, Z., a wide plain (lit., it is in the middle of a plain. A.).
Lawat, long ago; (lawata. A.)
Lawi, A., the middle, midst.
Lawilowan, middle of winter; (lawilowank. A.)
Lawitpikat, midnight.
Lawochgalauwe, middle of the forehead.
Lawulinsch, middle finger.
Lechakquihhil Ien, it slackens.
Lechauhanne, fork of a river.
Lechauwak, fork; division, separation.
Lechauwaquot, a tree with a fork.
Lechauwiechen, fork of a road.
Lechewon, breath, air (from awon, mist. A.).
Lehellechemhaluwet, he who giveth life.
Lehellechen, to live, to breathe.
Lehellechewagan, breath, life; (lehellachemhalgum, Z., he saved my life.)
Lehellemattachpink, chair, stool, bench.
Lekau, sand, gravel.
Leke, true.
Lekhammen, to write.
Lekhammewagan, debt; (lekhammawachtoagan, an account. Z.)
Lekhasik, written.
Lekhasu, written.
Lekhikan, letter, epistle; book.
Lekhiken, to write.
Lekhiket, writer.
Lelawi, halfway, in the middle.
Lelemin, to let, to suffer, to permit, to grant.
Lelingen, to permit; to allow.
Lemachdappit, he who sits here.
Lemattachpin, to sit down.
Lenape, Indian; man.
Lenapeuhoxen, Indian shoes.
Lenhacki, Z., upland (barren highlands. A.)
Lennahawanink, at the right hand, to the right.
Lennamek, chop fish.
Lenni, Z., genuine, pure, real, original.
Lenni, hand it; (linachke, Z., reach your hand)
Lenniga'wan, Z., a cabin (a common house, a temporary shelter, a store room. A.).
Lennikbi, linden tree (bark of the basswood tree. A.).
Lennitti, a little while.
Lenno, man; pl., lennowak.
Lennotit, little man.
Lennowasquall, fern; (lit., male fern.)
Lennowechum, male of beasts.
Lennowehellen, male of birds and fowls.
Lennowinaquot, manfully.
Lepakgik, those who weep, weepers.
Lepakuwagan, weeping.
Lepoatschik, wise men.
Leppoewina, cunning man.
Leu, true; it is so.
Lewehhelleu, it sounds.
Li, to; thither.
Liechenan, to leave out.
Liechenummen, to take off, to take down.
Liechin, to lie down, to rest.
Liechsowagan, language.
Lihan, to do so to somebody.
Likhikqui, now, about that time; as soon as; as, so as.
Likhikquiechen, so as.
Lilchpin, to be willing; to be diligent.
Lileno, A., an office, one holding an office.
Lilenowagan, custom, rule, law; (holding an office. A.)
Limattachpanschi, rafter on the roof of a house.
Linachgechtin, to lay hands to something.
Linachken, to reach forth the hand.
Linalittin, to fight; (refers to the extent of the fight. A.)
Linaquot, like unto; as this, that or the other: so, so as.
Linaxa, like unto.
Linchen, west wind.
Lingihhillen, it thaws, it melts.
Linhakamike, upland; (see Lenhacki.)
Linkteu, it melts.
Linnilenape, Indians of the same nation, Delawares.
Linquechin, to look, to behold.
Linschgan, finger.
Linxasu, melted.
Linxummen, to melt.
Lippoe, experienced; wise.
Lissin, to be so; to do so; to be so situated, to be so disposed; to act so.
Litchen, to think; to think so.
Litchewagan, thought, sentiment, opinion.
Littin, to say to each other, to say among themselves.
Littonhen, to preach in such a manner.
Liwamallsin, to mend, to grow better in health.
Liwasnosqueu, overgrown with weeds.
Liwasquall, weeds; (any kind of grass or weeds; generic. A.)
Liwi, toward.
Liwiechen, to rest.
Lo! see, behold!
Loaktschehellen, Z., it leaps, it jumps.
Loamissowe, lately; (lomisu. Z.)
Loamoe, long ago, in olden times; (not now used in this form. A.)
Lochlogannechwin, to destroy.
Logahhellan, to be discouraged, to give up.
Logahhellen, discouraged; (broken up. A.)
Logahhellewagan, discouragement.
Loganechwin, to throw down, to destroy.
Logihilleu, it falls in.
Logillachton, to tear, to destroy, to stop, to cease.
Lohikan, forefinger; (lit., the pointer. A.)
Lohumanwan, to show somebody.
Lokan, hip, thigh joint; (w'lokan; the possessive must be used. A.)
Lokat, flour; (something broken into bits; loken, flour. A.)
Lokenummen, to tear in pieces, to pull apart.
Lokhammen, bran, shorts.
Lokschummen, to cut loose; (arch., pachschummen, is to cut loose; lokschummen, to cut at the knot. A.)
Longachsiss, cousin; (error, a nephew. A.)
Lonquamwagan, a dream; (lungwamen. Z.)
Loquel! see!
Lowan, winter.
Lowanachen, north wind.
Lowaneu, northward, northerly, north; (lowanewunk, in the north; lowanne lenâpe', Z., northern Indians.)
Lowanneunk, northward.
Lowilaan, the rain is over.
Lowin, to pass by.
Lowunsuagan, Z., a name. See luwunsuagan.
Lowulen, it burns in a flame.
Luchund, he is said to have said.
Luejun, said.
Luen, to say; (to give a definite sound of any kind. A.)
Luewagan, saying; (the giving a definite sound. A.)
Lungwamen, Z., to dream.
Lunk, or, Lunkus, Z., a cousin (error, a nephew. A.)
Luppoe, wisely.
Luppoewagan, cunningness, wittiness.
Lusasin, to burn.
Lusasu, burnt.
Lussemen, to bum.
Lussin, to burn.
Luteu, it burns.
Luwunsu, called, named.
Luwunsuagan, the name; ( Kocu ktellzinsi? What is thy name? Kocu lowunsu wikimat? What is thy wife's name?)

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