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E-e, H., yes (lazily).
Echgoquijeque, ye serpents.
Eemhoanis, spoon. Eenhawachtin, to pay one another, to satisfy each other.
Eenhawachtowagen, payment, reward.
Eenhen, to pay.
Eenhiken, to pay; (enhe'ken. A.)
Eesgans, Z., a needle (arch., A.)
Eet, perhaps, may be.
Egohan, H., yes, indeed!
Eh! Eh! Exclamation of approbation.
Ehachgahiket, distributer, divider.
Ehachpink, place; ehachpit, Z., his place.
Ehachpit, his place, his habitation.
Ehachpussitunk, gridiron.
Ehachquink, clothing.
Ehachquit, etc., his cloth, etc.
Ehachtubuwing, Z., a cup.
Ehalluchsit, the mighty and powerful.
Ehamhittehukuk, battery of a gun lock.
Ehangelikgik, the dead; (arch., A.)
Ehasgitamank, watermelon.
Ehelamek, ribbon.
Ehelandawink, ladder.
Ehelekhigetonk, ink.
Ehelikhique, at which time.
Ehelilamank, well, spring, fountain; (a running or flowing spring. A.)
Ehelinguatek, stove pipe.
Ehendachpuink, a table.
Ehenendhaken, to speak a parable.
Ehes, mussel; clam.
Eheschandek, window.
Eheschapamuk, Z., a bottle; (anything of glass, A.)
Ehoalan (pl. Ehoalachgik), beloved, dear.
Ehoalgussit, the beloved.
Ehoalid, my lover.
Ejaja, etc., where, wherever or whither I go, etc.
Ekajah! aye! aye! exclamation of surprise.
Ekamejek, broadness.
Ekamhasik, broad.
Ekee! ay! exclamation of surprise.
Ekesa! H., for shame!
Ekhokiike, at the end of the world.
Ekih! O my! exclamation of pain.
Ekisah! exclamation of indignant surprise.
Ekoqualis, raspberry.
Eksasamallsin. To fell less pain, to feel better.
Eksaselendam, to diminish, to de-esteem.
Eksaselendamoagan, restraint, abridgment.
Eksasi, less.
Elachpaje, this morning.
Elachtoniket, he that searcheth, seeker.
Elalogen, what to do.
Elamallsin, how to feel, to feel as.
Elangellen, to be leprous; (lit., to perish miserably. A.)
Elangomat, friend, relation; (lit., a member of one's family. A.)
Elangomellan, my friend.
Elauwit, hunter; (ehalowit. A.)
Elawachtik, so dear.
Elek, as it is, as it happens.
Elekhammajenk, our debts.
Elekhasik, as is written.
Elelemukquenk, what we are destined for.
Elemamek, everywhere; (lit., as it lies; the sense "everywhere" not now known. A.)
Elemamekhaki, all over the country; (lit., "the way the land lies." A.)
Elemi, today once, sometime today; -gendowewagan, this week; -kechokunak, in a few days; -nipink, this summer; -siquin, this spring; -lowank, this winter.
Elemiechen, along the road.
Elemiechink, by the way.
Elemokunak, one of these days.
Elemukulek, in the bend of the river.
Elemussit, he that is going away.
Elenapewian, thou Indian!
Elewunsit, as he is called, so he is named; (elewinsit. A.)
Elgigui, as, like as, in like manner, like that; so, so as, so very; as much so, as well as; (after compar.) than; -ametschimi, as often as, so often; -mcheli, as much as.
Elgigunk, as big, as wide as.
Elgigunkhaki, as big and wide as the world is; all the world round.
Elgilen, as tall as, as big as.
Elgixin, to be worthy.
Elhokquechink, at his head.
Eli, because; (in questions) then; (in compos.) as, so, what.
Eligischquik, today; (sometime during today, A.)
Elikhikqui, at this time.
Elikus, ant, pismire; (eli'ques. A.)
Elilenin, as is usual with one, as is customary.
Elinaquo, as this, as that, as the other.
Elinaquot, so, so as, also, likewise.
Elinaxit, as he appears; his appearance, figure, look.
Elinquechink, before, in presence of.
Elitehat, as he thinks.
Elitton'henk, sermon; (concerning a sermon, A.)
Eliwi, both.
Elke! H., wonderful!
Elogalintschik, messengers.
Elogamgussit, messenger.
Elsija, as I am, as I do,
Elsit, as he is minded, as he does.
Eluet, as he saith, his saying.
Eluwak, most powerful.
Eluwantowit, God above all.
Eluwi, most.
Eluwiahoalgussit, the beloved above all things; best beloved.
Eluwikschiechsit, the most holy, holiest.
Eluwilissit, the most gracious one.
Eluwitakauwussit, the best, the supremely good.
Eluwitschitanessit, the strongest.
Eluwiwulik, the very best, the supremely good.
Eluwussit, the Almighty, the most powerful, the most majestic.
Enapandikan, the hind sight of a gun.
Enda, where, whither.
Endchappin, as many as are here.
Endchekhamman, as much as one owes.
Endchen, as often as.
Endchi, as much as, as many as.
Enendhaken, to speak a parable.
Enendhakewagan, parable.
Epia, etc., where I am,
Epigachink, foundation.
Epit, he who is there; inhabitant.
Equiwi, under; beneath.
Equohellen, to depart this life, to die.
Es, yet.
Eschauwessit, side.
Eschiwi, through.
Eschochwalan, to help somebody through, to carry someone through.
Eschochwen, to go through, to drive through.
Eschoochwejupetschundchenk, it penetrates my heart.
Espan, Z., a raccoon.
Espenni, lift it up.
Esquande, door; entrance (threshold or place of entrance; not a door, A.)
Esquo, not yet.
Esquota, not yet.
Esseni, stony, flinty; (from achsin.)
Etachgilowank, last winter.
Etachginipink, last summer.
Etek, where it is.
Etschigapawin, to step between, to stand between.
Etschihillat, mediator.
Eweken, to make use of; (ewehen. A.)
Ewenikia, who I am,
Ewochgehikan, stirring ladle.

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