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Sa! exclamation of indignation.
Sabbeleechen, sparkling, glittering.
Sabbeleu, it shines brightly; (refers to the reflection of light in the sky or water. A.)
Sachapiwak, lightning afar off.
Sachgachtoon, Z., to cook.
Sachoaguntin, to lead each other.
Sachgagunummen, to lead.
Sachkenachgen, to shake hands; (lit., to take hold of; also and usually wangundin. A.)
Sachsapan, Z., soup.
Sagachgutteje, top of a hill or mountain; (properly, "sloping upwards," applied to the upper slopes, not top of a mountain. A.)
Sagalachgat, so deep the hole.
Sajewi, at first, foremost.
Sakaweuhewi Gischuch, the month in which the deer begin to turn gray - August.
Saken, to shoot forth, to spring up.
Sakhaken, to stay out from home so long.
Sakima, chief, king.
Sakimauchheen, to make to a chief or king.
Sakitnawagan, kingdom.
Sakime, mosquito.
Sakquachsoagan, troublesome life.
Sakquamallessin, to feel troubled.
Sakquamallsin, to feel troubled.
Sakquamallsoa-an, trouble, uneasiness.
Sakquelendam, to be melancholy, to be sad.
Sakquelendamen, to be troubled in mind, to be disquieted.
Sakquelendamoagan, trouble, sorrow, disquietude.
Sakquipaan, to come in a troublesome time.
Saksak, pea vines, wild beans; (any kind of a burr, A.)
Sakuwit, mouth of a creek, mouth of a river; (more exactly sakwihillak. A.)
Salachgihillan, to be frightened, to be terrified.
Salamoagan, weeping, howling; (collective form, a number cry together. A.)
Salumbiechen, to ring the bell.
Salumbunikan, bell; (arch., A.)
Salumbuniken, to ring the bell.
Samumptan, to tie something (not in use. A.).
Samuttonen, to shut the mouth.
Saniqui, Z., to blow the nose (saniquin. A.).
Sankhikan, gun lock.
Sanquen, weasel.
Sapiu, it lightens.
Sapiwagan, lightning; (not in use. A.)
Saputti, Z, the anus.
Sasppekhasu, spotted, speckled.
Sasappelehebeu, Z., it flashes lightning.
Sasappeu, spotted, speckled.
Sasappis, lightning bug, fire fly.
Saschchuppawen, to gape, to yawn.
Sasehemen, to sow, to scatter.
Sasukhoalawan, to spit upon somebody.
Scaphackamigeu, Z, wet ground.
Schaback, Z., the box bush.
Schabuwihiheu, Z., diarrhea (lit., running through, of liquids. A.).
Sachachachgach'ne, a straight course in a river.
Schachachgageechen, straight road.
Schachachgameu, straight row.
Schachachgapewi, honest, righteous
Schachachgapewin, to be just, to be upright, to be true, to be correct.
Schachachgapewit, an upright person.
Schachachgauchsowagan, righteousness.
Schachachgek, just so.
Schachachgekhasu, striped.
Schachachgelendam, to be sure of a thing, to have one's mind made up, to be determined.
Schachachgennemen, to make straight.
Schachachgeu, straight; right, exact, correct.
Schachachgiechen, straight road.
Schachachkaptonagan, upright saying.
Schachachkaptonen, to speak the exact truth, to tell a straight story.
Schachachkatschimuin, to speak the truth.
Schachachki, certain, certainly true, surely.
Schachachkoochwen, to go straight, to follow the straight road.
Schachamek, eel; (w'schachamek, lit., it is a straight fish. A.)
Schachihilleu, it slips, it slides.
Schagaskat, grass wet with dew; (sachgaskat, green grass, or fresh young grass. A.)
Schagsut, Z.. covetous (out of use. A.)
Schahamuis. Z., a crawfish.
Schahowapewi, heartless, disheartened, desponding.
Schajahikan, seashore; (w'shajahitcan. A.)
Schajawonge, hill-side; (should have an, initial w'. A.)
Schajelinquall, eyebrows-, (error; properly, eyelid, A. )
Schakamon. food, nourishment; (anything put in the mouth, for food or otherwise. A.)
Schakhokquiwan, coat.
Schameu, Z., grease, fat (it is greasy. A.).
Schammenummen, to anoint, to grease.
Schapoalchasu, bored through, pierced through.
Schapulinsch. finger-ring; (out of use. A.)
Schashiwilawechgussin, to be put to grief.
Schauchsin, to be tired, to be weak; (to be weak,not tired. A.)
Schauchsowagan, weakness, feebleness.
Schauwalamuin, to faint from hunger.
Schauwemi, beechwood.
Schauweminschi, red beech tree.
Schauwessin, to make haste; (schauwesoagan, Z., haste,) (schatuwelendam, to be in a hurry. A.)
Schauwewi, tired, weak, weakly.
Schauwihillieu, it withers, it is weak, it faints.
Schauwinachk, weak hand.
Schauwinaxowagan, weakness, weakly look.
Schauwtteu, withered, faded.
Schauwoppihilleu, it bends.
Schauwussu, weak.
Schauwutteu, withered, faded.
Schawanachen, southerly wind.
Schawanachgook, Z., horned snake.
Schawanammek, shad (fish; chwamegischuch, Z., the month of March, or of shad).
Schawaneu, southward, southerly.
Schawanewunk, southward.
Shawano, woman.
Schawek, weak.
Schawi, immediately, directly.
Schaxin, to be avaricious; (schaxu, Z., greed.)
Schaxowagan, covetousness.
Sche! see there; lo!
Scheechganim, shelled corn coarse pounded; (chaff. Z.)
Schehelleu, it hangs; wulli schehellak, Z., it hangs there (w'eh'helleu. A.).
Schejek, string of wampum; (lit., edge or boarder, A.)
Schela! see there!
Schellachton, to hang up.
Schengiechen, it lies.
Schengiechin, to lie down.
Schepaje, this day early, this morning.
Schepella! see there!
Schesquim, bran, corn husk; (schequasquim. The hulls of the corn. A.)
Scheuchsit, weak.
Schewek, weak, tired.
Schewondikan, bag, tobacco pouch.
Schewongellikik, the lame.
Scheychellat, Z., a forerunner;scheyiaclipitstchik, those who live on the border.
Scheyjunuppek, lake; (probably dialectic: not in use. A.)
Schi, either, or.
Schibhammen, to spread out; (with an initial w', A.)
Schibhasu, spread out.
Schiechikiminschi, maple tree; (the soft maple. A.)
Schiess, Z., an uncle (always with possessive pronouns. A.)
Schigi, fine, pretty; nice (generally applied to quality rather than appearance. A.)
Schikochqueu, widow.
Schikschasiki, shavings.
Schiku, widow; (error; it means an orphan. A.)
Schimuin, Z., to flee; noschimui, I flee; uchschimo, he flees; schimoagan, flight.
Schind, spruce; (hemlock. A.)
Schindikeu, spruce forest; (hemlock woods. A.)
Schingachpin, to be somewhere unwillingly.
Schingachteyapuchk, flat rock.
Schingalan, to hate somebody.
Schingalgussowagan, the being taken.
Schingaltin, to hate each other; (schinginawa altin A.)
Schingaltowagan, enmity, hatred.
Schingaluet, enemy, adversary.
Schingaskunk, bog meadow.
Schingattam, to be unwilling, to dislike, to disapprove.
Schingelendam, to dislike, to be against one's inclination, to be tired of.
Schin'geu, level; sclzingliacki, Z., a flat country.
Schingi, unwilling, disliking, unwillingly.
Schingihakihen, to plant unwillingly.
Schingimikemossin, to work unwillingly.
Schinginamen, to hate.
Schinginawaclitin, to hate each other.
Schinginawachtowagan, enmity.
Schingiptikan, leather string, rope.
Schingochwen, to be unwilling to go.
Schingsittam, to dislike to hear.
Scbingsittawan, to dislike to hear somebody.
Scbingtscbenamen, to hate excessively, to be unable to bear.
Schipaquitehasu, crucified, outstretched.
Schipenasu, stretched, spread out, extended.
Schiphammen, to spread, to extend.
Schiphasu, spread out, extended.
Schipihilleu, stretched.
Schipinachgen, to put forth the hand.
Schipinachk, outstretched arms.
Schiquineu, fatherless, motherless; (either one or the other. A.)
Schiquitehasik, chips.
Schiquitehasid, Z., booty (schiquiniteliasik, booty obtained in war. A.)
Schita, either, or.
Schiwachpin, to be weary of staying.
Schiwamallessin, to feel grief, to feel sorrow.
Schiwamallsin, to feel grief and pain.
Schiwamallsoagan, sorrowful pain.
Schiwa'pew, Z., blue (wulih'ke, blue, at present. A.)
Schiwelendam, to be sorry, to be sad, to be melancholy, to moan.
Schiwelendamowitehewagan, repentance.
Schiwilawechc,un, to be put to grief
Schkaa'k, a pole-cat, skunk.
Schkiwan, Z., to piss.
Schohakan, glue.
Scli'quot, to abort, to miscarry, Z. (lit., beat to a pulp, alludes to the pulpy afterbirth. A.)
Schuk, but, only; (used after negat.) but,-atta, but not, not only.
Schukquan, Z., to chew; schquanda, thou chewest.
Schukund, only, but then.
Schukuney, the trail of an animal.
Schwewak, salt meat; (from schquanda, salt. A.)
Schwilawe, discouraged, disheartened.
Schwon, saltish, sour; (schwoll, Z. and A. A white man is called schwonack, from the salt ocean. .4.)
Schwonnachquaxen, European shoes.
Schwonnachquinenk, among white people.
Schowonnihilla, snipe; (shore snipe, tilt birds. A.)
Sedpok, early in the morning; at daybreak (properly, part of the night, half of the night. A.).
Sedpokuniwi, early in the moming.
Segachpapachton, to make wet.
Segachtehikan, branch, twig.
Segachtek, ardent, fervent; (segachteu, it begins to burn. A.)
Segantpechink, overhead.
Segauchsin, to live so long.
Sehe, H., hush, be quiet.
Sekentek, length; (refers to the length of a house, room, etc. A.)
Seki, so long, till.
Seksitechinan, at thy feet.
Seksitechink, at his feet.
Sesachquilawendam, to trouble.
Sesalassummoehund, frying pan; (salassett, it is cooking or frying. A.)
Sesalumboink, bell.
Sesegauwihan, to whip somebody, to scourge some one.
Sesegauwihugewaaan, scourging.
Sesseul, Z., spittle.
Shaki, as long, so long, as far, so far as, until.
Shakochwen, to go so far.
Sigachgochgissin, to bleed.
Sigapehikan, strainer.
Sihhtanin, to run at the nose.
Sihilleu, the freshet abates, the river subsides.
Sihunasu, Z., conquered (out of use. A.).
Sikey, salt (sikheunk, H., at the salt spring), (out of use; see schewewah. A.)
Sikevhasu, salted, pickled.
Sikunikan. scourgrass, rushes.
Sillikakhammen, to squeeze, to press, to beat.
Sillkitehemen, to press, to squeeze.
Simaquon, com stalk; (arch., A.)
Singawikanawon, backbone; (refers to processes of the vertebrae, from singek. A.)
Singek, outside corner of a house; (corner, point, angle, in general. A.)
Singigamika, comer of a house.
Sipachgihhilleu, it buds, sprouts out.
Sipo, river.
Sipotit, small creek; (siposis. A.)
Sipuos, wild plum; (doubtful. A.)
Siquon, spring of the year; (siequanke. Z., next spring.)
Siquonachen, spring hunt.
Siquonnatewinilleu, showers of snow and rain in the spring.
Sisawehak, oysters; (now called e'sak (pl.) referring to the shells. A. Sisi'lija, Z., the buffalo (this means an animal that butts against and breaks in pieces.
Sisinghos, iron pot; (out of use. A.)
Sisquahoasu, a plastered fire place.
Sisstimmoek, bell.
Skaphakamijeu, wet ground.
Skaphakejeu, wet ground.
Skappeu, wet; (strictly, that which is wet partly, as toward the end. A.)
Skattek, burning, ardent, fervent, zealous, hot; (see segachtek. A.)
Skattelendam, to loathe, to hate.
Skattewi, burning.
Skattsin, to be loathsome.
Skin, to make water.
Skiquall, grass.
Skulm, to keep school; (EngIish.)
Sogahellas, chain.
Sogahen, to spill.
Sogailechin, to pour out.
Sokan, hind part of a church; (lit., buttocks, arse, backside. A.)
Sokelan, it rains.
Sokeilepaltowagan, baptism. (from sogahen. A.)
Sokenepasu, baptized.
Sokpehellak, cataract.
Sookpehelieu, the water trumbles down from a precipice.
Soopsu, naked: (out of use sohsexu, at present. A.
Sopetiaxin, to be iiakect, to strip one's self.
Sophalan, to make one bare; to make somebody naked.
Soppinquen, to shut the eyes.
Spanquewaaan, wink of an eye.
Spiechgejeu, member, joint; (out of use. A.)
Squandamnen, to chew.
Squewachgitehen, to bruise one's self by accident.
Sukachoook, black snake.
Sukachqualles, negro.
Sukachsin, iron.
Sukaclisinhet, sinith.
Sukamek, black fish.
Sukanepil, black fish.
Sukelechen, it looks black.
Sukeu, black.
Sukliattaquall, black thread, black yarn.
Sukqui, spittle.
Stiksit, black.
Sungi, eat thou.
Suppinquall, tears; (from the eyes) (always with a possessive. A.)

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