This page displays some items I'm trying to identify. If you know what any of these items are, please drop me an e-mail at the address at the bottom of the page.There also are a large number of unidentified hat diamonds on the hatDiamonds pages. Click here to check.

 patrol medallion?

This seems to be embroidered on a BSA patrol medallion blank (Type 07). It appears to have been produced by National Supply, but it does not seem to be a catelog item. Variously identified as either new cat or badger medallion. Can anyone confirm with a catalog number?


North Pole Hike 1940
HP 2

Slightly larger than 2 inches. Any Idea What Council this might be from?

 Wagons West BSA

A 2-inch round, Any idea what council this might be from?

 Big Arrow District - 1975 Camper

A 2-inch round, Any idea what council this might be from?

 Region 9? - Wil-Mon-Cha

A 3-inch round, Any idea if this is a BSA patch?

District 2 Arrowhead

Obtained about 15 years ago from someone in Southern California. Supposedly it was
from a BSA council there, Contact Rob Kutz if you have any information.

2 P-X

Camp Patch? Honor Society? "Just found this full square neckerchief along with a generic green one. The patch is felt, but I do not know where they came from. They were with two service caps, one explorer green with a scout symbol (not explorer) and one regular brown/khaki. Guess then late 40's to early 50's" We've received some serious speculation the P and X symbol are symbols of Christ (Chi and Rho) and the neckerchief may be associated with a Camp Chaplain. Need some confirmation, though.

This was sold on eBay some years ago as a Boy Scout item. Can you identify it and what it was presented for? Do you have one to trade? Please contact me at the address below.


  Updated October 31, 2005