almost a HatPatch
These are almost hat shapes - in fact some of them are really shaped like hats!

Evergreen Area Council

Chicago Council

Kit Carson Council

Piedmont Boy Scout Camp

Dan Beard Council

Pushmataha Council

Camp Palila

Los Angeles Area Council

Foothill District

Spring Camporee


Du Page Council

"Yukon Trails 1961"


Great Smokey Mountain Council

Wood Badge Reunion


San Diego County Council

Bicentennial - Grossmont

Seaway Council
Onandaga District Chef's Camporee 1993.There is a small group of "Chefs" that do the staff cooking
at most events. They ran the spring camporee that year. You will note a
"Gone Home" circle around one of the Fleur Ds. One of the chef's died just
prior to the event. By the way each has a different colored apron. (Thanks to Bill Young for the information!)


Tuscarora Council

1923 - 1973

  Gettysburg Battlefield
with segments

1985 National Jamboree Commissary staff

Scenic Trails Council - Knowhow Camporee

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