When I joined Scouting, the overseas cap was the standard cap. I and my buddies didn't much like it or any cap for that matter. More recently, though, I began to notice that different patches had adorned the BSA hats and that they had changed many times over the years. Besides the official uniform hat diamonds, councils, camps, and high adventure bases and national events have all issued hat diamonds. I've been joined in this reference project by Rob Kutz who has provided scans and background information on many of the diamonds found here. We're always looking for more scans, identification of some items and a compiled list of hat diamonds.

We've broken the collection up into major subject areas. Just click on the button of your choice to start the tour. Be sure and stop by the whatsit? page to see if you can assist with some identification or other information. Oh yes. We're always looking for a trade for something we don't have (and that includes many displayed on the hatDiamonds pages). Special thanks to George Cuhaj, Steven DeWick, Bob Hall, Bruce Shelly and others who have contributed additional scans and information. And Special thanks to Bob Shotwell, who has helped us identify several of the unknown patches on the Whatsit page.

We were able to confirm the identity of many of these courtesy of Bob Shotwell, who shared a collection of manufacturer's sample cards. You can see these scans here.

  Updated February 9, 2018