CSPs came into being on April 17,1970 with a memo from Alfred P. Reber, director of BSA's National Supply division, to all Scout Executives. The memo established council shoulder insignia as "official" identification on all Scouting uniforms. Attached was a sheet of cardstock with three national samples stapled to it, illustrating the 3 new shapes (in addition to the existing red and white Council Strip which was also authorized as the fourth shape). The memo included a form for notifying National Supply of the stock on hand of community strips, a template for the three additional shapes, and a price list.

Gilwell.com's designation of a CSP as a firstCSP is based on information from many sources and references, beginning with Prince Watkins' CSP guide as well as other CSP guides and collectors. We have endeavored to present the first council shoulder patch that was actually issued by a council, leaving out such items as manufacturer's samples, jamboree shoulder patches or restricted issues whose distribution was not generally available to council members. By definition, a CSP would have been issued after the April 17, 1970 BSA National Supply memorandum. Prior to that, such shoulder patches fall under some other designation such as JSP (jamboree shoulder patch) or pre-CSP (often special activity or anniversary patches). Where no CSP exists, and a JSP or special commemoration insignia does - we have included it on the pre-CSP page.

Also included are the museum set from Mt. Baker Area, the Two Rivers commemorative set, the Mayfield County movie commemorative, and the National Sample set, which started it all.

firstCSP is as accurate as it can be in presenting these CSPs, while recognizing that much information about them may already be lost. First hand information and corrections to any errors would be appreciated. Send a note to Kevin @ gilwell.com with missing information and corrections.

Thanks. Several collectors have assisted Gilwell.com with information and scans. The assistance of Mike Greene, Dave Pede, Gene Berman, Scott Hylton, and Frank Kern in the compilation is gratefully acknowledged. Dozens of others have helped us keep up to date. Mahalo nui loa to you all.

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