Chautauqua County CSPs
Many of the early council shoulder patches (CSPs) are in demand by collectors seeking to complete name sets. The result (fortunately or unfortunately depending on your perspective) has been fakes and reproductions of tough-to-find CSPs. One of the most often copied CSPs was the Chautauqua County Council CSP. Below are six known versions, starting with the original, of this oft-copied CSP. Scans were made available for this firstCSP page by Gene Berman, one of the hobbies foremost experts on CSPs and their fakes. Thanks Gene!
Original Chautauqua Issue Issued by: Chautauqua County Council


The real thing. And the only official issue by Chautaqua County Council. It doesn't show well on the scans but the original has a finer, closer stitch smooth looking horizontal background.


First Chautauqua Reproduction Issued by: Allegheny Highlands Council


The first repro (left) is a good copy of the Chautauqua S-1. The yellow is a darker golden and the green a bit darker too. Both repros (SA-2 and SA-3) are a bit more open stitched and coarser looking.


Second Chautaqua Reproduction Issued by: Allegheny Highlands Council

The yellow is better on the SA-3 reproduction but of course the real giveaway is the plastic back. This was issued as part of a fundraiser set of CSPs issued by Allegheny Highlands Council commemorating its predecessor councils.
 Phillips Chautauqua fake Private Issue


The is the Phillips fake. A vertical stitch background gives it away.


 Chicago Chautauqua fake Private Issue


The Chicago fake (fat fdl) is obvious when compared to the real or either repro. Its fdl is much fatter. Horizontal background matches original and reproductions but the fat fdl gives it away.


Skinny Fish Chautauqua fake Private Issue


The skinny fish issue (also known as the skinny fdl or ugly fdl issue) also has a vertical background which in itself is a giveaway and the hideous fdl distinguishes it from the Phillips fake.