The Na Mokupuni O Lawelawe QS3 flap
Aloha Council BSA, Honolulu, Hawaii USA

This flap was a prototype for a replacement of the lodge's S12 ordeal participation flap.

The S12 flap was designed by Kevin Doyle, the lodge's first chief, as the lodge's Ordeal participation flap to be made available to current members who took the time an effort to help conduct the induction of new members. It was actually the second ordeal participation flap. The first was the S2, the lodge's first black flap, but that was quickly changed changed when 1200 S2s were ordered and one chapter mistakenly issued them as regular flaps to new members. The S2 was redesignated as a regular lodge flap, available to all and the S12 became the Ordeal participation flap.

After several years of Ordeals, the lodge finally exhausted its supplies of the S12 and by then it had switched suppliers to Lion Brothers. An S12 was sent off to National Supply and prototypes were requested. The QS3 is the Lion Brothers prototype. It had several errors:

Spelling: The Lodge name is Na Mokupuni O Lawelawe, not Na Mokapuni O Lawelawe

Tilde: The line over the "a" in Na was a tilde rather than the required macron.

Sky color(s): The sky was to be radiating multi-color array of purple and lavenders. Instead a single magenta color was used.

The lodge eventually dropped the idea of an ordeal participation flap and corrections were never ordered. The samples were given to the designer for his efforts though undoubtedly others were in the files at National Supply or Lion Brothers. One of the Lion or National Supply samples is believed to have made its way to eBay in March 2005 where it sold for $560.55 - a price very close to the lodge's number!

  Updated April 2, 2005